Where the Cool Kids Hang
Roleplaying Log: Where the Cool Kids Hang
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Batgirl drops by the Titans' to seek insight and perhaps some help regarding the recent incidents in Gotham.

Other Characters Referenced: Red Robin, Nightwing, Frank Castle, Zatanna Zatara
IC Date: August 07, 2019
IC Location: Titans Hideout, Long Island
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Posted On: 15 Aug 2019 01:46
Rating & Warnings: G
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With Gotham City basically on lockdown, it takes Batgirl longer than it should to get out of the city and onto the road to Long Island. She zigzags and serpentines through traffic, only stopping about a mile out of the hideout to change into her suit. She's painted out the yellow symbol on the front of her bike pretty much the day that the anti-vigilante laws passed, and so all she has is the cape and cowl.

It's just about sunset when she turns into the parking lot and zips toward the multilevel garage that gives her some cover from anyone who might fly overhead. She pulls off her helmet, the ears of her cowl still intact.

She glances up to a corner of the ceiling, and most would be a little amused to see her wave at the ceiling before swinging out of the saddle to cross to one of the hideout entrances. Only once inside, she calls, "Anyone home?"

Inside the Titans Mall, there is no sign of the horror and violence plaguing Gotham, or even the tense situation that plagues the mind of every metahuman, vigilante, and any other hero who operates in defiance of the many new laws and regulations. No, the mall is a special place, a spiritual sanctuary where young heroes can retreat from the hardships of a world that does not understand them… and engage in food related humor, mostly.

There has been a bit of that, tonight, with the messy remnants of waffle-taco night (yes, they've found a way to combine them) still covering many of the surfaces in the food court. This was Starfire's first place to look, as she searches about the tower for some unknown objective, flying through the main concourse and then up to the a higher level. Zipping here and there, back and forth, leaving flaming contrails in the wake of her long mane of hair, she crisscrosses the place several times before finally taking the search into one place she tends tends to avoid: Robin's security office. It is not, of course, that others are not allowed inside, and indeed there is a schedule of monitor duty like always. She just finds it terribly dull!

Still, the search provides her with a reason, and so she arrives to find several of the security monitors blinking. "Oh."

"Girl of Bats!" Suddenly a traffic divider in the parking lot is talking to Barbara. "I did not know you were coming to visit. Please enter." She looks around the control panels a moment before pushing a button. "I have disabled the lasers!" Well, that's reassuring.

"Oh, hey. She's famous."

The Metropolis Kid (As he calls himself) leans past Starfire to peer curiously at the monitors. "You all know the Bat-People? Oh, right. Duh. Tim. Cool, I get to know Bat-People." Dressed in his red, blue, yellow and black bodysuit, along with his leather jacket, and gloves, he makes quite the image. His sunglasses are pushes up into his dark hair, revealing his bright blue eyes. Some blurry images in newspapers and online have dubbed the vigilante as 'Superboy', thanks to the famous imagery on his chest, and on the back of his leather jacket. It is not his preferred name, of course.

He heads out of the security room and kicks into the air, floating out into the main entrance area that Batgirl will find herself in soon enough.

No matter how dark the world is, there's something about Kory's greeting that makes her smile an almost tired smile. Then Batgirl is ducking into the hideout at the invitation, and the reassurances cause her to huff out a short laugh. "Thanks, Starfire. Heading in." Just as she steps inside, she calls over her shoulder, "ALTHENE, secure the bike."

Now she's walking down what looks like a service corridor that eventually lets her out into the mall proper. She's got her eared helmet hanging loosely from her fingers as she meanders toward the food court — she knows where to find Kory! But even as she heads in that direction, she blinks up at the sight of Superboy. She rocks back a step, and then offers him up an easy smile. "Hey. You're new."

"Yes, of course! They have always been friends of the Titans, and several have worked with us," is Kori's answer to Superboy. IE, she knew 'bat people' BEFORE it was cool (OK, Tim is kind of uncool so maybe that's backwards) but that is probably an unecessary detail. Plus she is making an effort to not dwell on Richard these days! Lalala. Murderous lasers disabled, she soon likewise sets off for the entrance, flying after Conner.

"Pardon the mess, the remnants of our prior feast have not yet been cleaned." If the Titans share anything with normal young people, it is that none of them love doing the dishes. "Although I am surprised that Silkie has not devoured the lingering food residue as of yet."

As for Barbara's observation of her flying partner? Well, she will leave him to the introductions. He seems to like telling people his name very much!

He returns the smile as he brushes his fingers back through his hair. He plucks his sunglasses from his hair and folds them, tucking them into the inner pocket on his leatherjacket. "Yep. I'm new. But don't worry, Batgirl. I'm a natural." He offers her a wide, lopsided grin. It's a mixture of charm and mischief. It's his constant vibe, and it doesn't really have an off switch.

"I'm from Gotham, you know. Born and raised. So this is kinda an honor. I feel like I should be asking for an autograph." He winks and crosses his arms over his chest, floating down and landing. "I'm the Metropolis Kid." He glances sidelong at Starfire, and then back towards Batgirl.

A blur of pink bounds down the long, open walkways of the former mall, although not quite fast enough to not be discernable by the naked eye. The oversized felis domesticus is probably a familiar sight to Batgirl, and sans any specially fitted armor as she continues to tear all the way through the food court and beyond.

Following her not a heartbeat after her passing is, well, a slight gust, which reverses upon noting company. Impulse stands there as though he'd just teleported from out of nowhere, which may as well be the case at times for how fast he moves. He's got his goggles down around his neck although otherwise in his heroing garb.

"Heya Batgirl!" he pipes, beaming. Then he holds up a finger. "One sec-"

He's gone in a blink, or maybe he hadn't moved at all, save for the fact that he suddenly has a giant pink cat in his arms, a stuffed porg plush firmly grasped in her mouth.

Batgirl hooks one hand on her hip as she smiles up almost wryly at Superboy. "You're from Gotham but you're calling yourself the Metropolis Kid?" She shakes her head before she hooks her helmet under her arm to balance out her casual pose. "Well, it's good to meet you, Metropolis." It's an awkward nickname, but she adopts it easily enough. Her own smile takes on a lopsided edge, but then it settles into something warmer when she steps up to Kory. "Let me guess, Red Robin isn't arou — ?"

Then there's a blast of air that accompanies Bart, and she's holding up her hand briefly as her red hair sweeps up around her cowl's ears. Then she blinks up at Impulse, opening her mouth to greet him only for him to zip off again. His blinking return has her laughing easily, and she steps up toward the giant kitty. She offers her ears some affectionate rubs. "Is… is that a porg you have there, Clawmy?" She gives its leg a little tug. Then she smiles at Impulse with a little wink.

Now she looks up to Starfire. "I had hoped Red Robin would be here… Gotham's going sideways."

"You are correct, He is not present," answers Starfire, dipping her head to acknowledge Barbara's deductive prowess in this regard. "Or he probably would have been the one turning off the lasers." And while not part of the Bat Family detective tradition, she does have her own guess in turn: "Does this have something to do with the strange man at the photography exhibit?"

Living with Bart, she is somewhat more adapted to the wooshing that happens on occasion, taking his various appearances around the Mall in stride (or… in float?). However, when he re-appears with pet in hand, she joins Barbara in greeting the creature, although she takes an odd further step.

She converses with the Cat! "Clawmy, I am looking for Silkie. Have you two been playing?" Does she… expect an answer? Although the fact she's not meowing (yet) is maybe comforting.

Superboy glances over at the blur that is Impulse, and he grins a bit once he reappears with the cat. He uncrosses his arms and gives him a bit of a salute. He then blinks and turns back towards Batgirl. "Uh." He seems caught off-guard when she says that to him, as if it isn't something somebody has said before. "I moved out of Gotham and settled in Metropolis before I met these guys. It…made sense at the time…"

He clears his throat and hooks his thumbs into his belts. He glances between the others as they talk about Red Robin, and he doesn't really seem to have anything to add in this regard.

The cat purrs at the attention, shoving her head against Batgirl's hand. To her inquiry, she gives the plush in her mouth a bit of a squeeze, which causes the thing to start trilling and flapping its little wings. Impulse smiles crookedly. "She likes the ones that move. So if you ever lose her in the porg room, just listen for the sound of screaming porgs."

Clawmy tilts her head at Starfire, blinking. Then she gives the porg another squeeze once it's quieted, setting it off again. The speedster grumbles and sets the cat down. "She's getting heavy. …and bigger. Maybe one day I will be able to use her as a battle mount!"

With his hands free he can now return Superboy's salute. "Gotham Kid sounds kinda funny anyway. Also, negative on Double-R, I dunno where he is half the time. Maybe he's with Zee?"

Batgirl smiles wryly to Superboy. "It's alright. I won't hold it against you. Metropolis has more Big Belly Burger locations." It's a short-lived moment of levity, because Kory's prompting draws her eyes back up to the breathtaking alien, and the other redhead nods her head. "Yes. Whoever they are orchestrated a full out attack on Gotham last night." Her throat tightens before she breezes through the targets, "Commissioner Jim Gordon, a retired DA, the owner of the new club in the Diamond District; they killed the grandfather of the art gallery owner," who was found dead before the attacks, "and the campaign manager for the Lincoln March campaign. They even attacked Wayne Tower."

She rubs slightly at the top of her hip. "We couldn't stop them all, and I'm not sure if it would have mattered. I threw one off the top of a building, and it just casually got back up and fled."

Now she looks back to Clawmy, stepping past the whole 'porg room' comment, and instead continues to rub at her ears. Impulse's insights causes her to puff out a breath. "I haven't heard from Nightwing either." She offers Kory a brief look. "GCPD and Gotham Gazette is spinning this as some kind of vigilante attack."

Clawmy's reply, or lack thereof, seems satisfactory to Starfire, who thereafter resumes speaking with her human company. "That is terrible," she tells Barbara, seriously: even if the most of the individual names beyond the senior Gordon probably ellude her, the sheer breadth and scope of the attacks is troubling enough. However, when Barbara mentions the difficulty in dealing with them, she DOES have a suggestion:

"Have you attempted vaporizing them?" What?

"Or more generally, means of attack beyond those conventionally lethal to humans. I do recall that the one at the gallery was not slowed much by the gunfire, either." And while her brow furrows noticeably at Nightwing's unknown status, she states, firmly, "I am sure he is well, and perhaps doing what he can to look into all of it."

Metropolis grins at Batgirl and nods. He glances sidelong at the big cat with the porg and mutters something under his breath about the cat weirding him out. "More of a dog person. We should get a dog." He looks back over to Batgirl and furrows his brow. "I …should check on my parents. I haven't heard anything from them about it." He frowns softly and kicks into the air. He hovers when he's nervous.

"Well, I can't speak for them, but I can say that if you need any…I don't know…freighters tossed or something…I'm your guy." He shrugs.

"Waaait, wait, wait. 'It'? So are they like, robots or zombies or other?" Because he knows the buildings in Gotham are no joke!

Impulse looks from Batgirl to Starfire and Superboy and back again. Things in Bat-town sounded pretty serious. And then Starfire suggests vaporization. The young speedster looks equal parts intrigued and horrified, amber eyes wide as one can figure he's imagining all manner of vaporizing going on. With big flashy effects and everything.

Clawmy flops down by Impulse's feet to chew on the porg, tail swishing as the others continue to converse. The speedster's suggestion is on the heels of Superboy's. "Can't trace them or something? If you need someone to look everywhere…" He's not kidding.

"You really do need to meet Frank Castle," Batgirl sighs out to Kory. "But no. We didn't. There were lots of bullets though." She rubs slightly at the edge of her forehead beneath the cowl. Then she glances back up to Metropolis Boy. He's adorable, but most of the younger Titans are. It inspires a little smile. "I bet you could find a great dog." It's a casual distraction before her head is back in the game.

"We might," she says to Superboy's offer. "That's why I'm here…" Now she looks back to Bart, and she shakes her heads lightly. "Honest to god, Impulse… I don't know. I fought one of them and I don't know what they are. But they are all the same, so I think that rules out metahuman… right? It's rare for metahumans to all share the same traits?" She's not the expert in that department.

Now she offers Bart a more genuine, if not weary smile. "They're in Gotham City, but I have no idea where. My guess is somewhere in the underground." Because that's where all the creepy things hide out. "If you're good with sewer tunnels…"

The suggested fact that she should meet (and would probably get along with) the unknown but slightly more bloodthirsty vigilante earns just a bit of a curious headtilt from Starfire. Nonetheless, recalling that humans are occasionally squeamish about turning their foes into smoking ash, and perhaps observing Bart's reaction to the same notion, she does seem to pause and consider some other options.

"If they are very difficult to disable with conventional attacks, but you still wish to preserve them for capture…" Here she glances over at Superboy as he mentions flinging freight containers around. "Perhaps tossing one would not accomplish much in the long term. But surely they could be contained in some fashion? The blades the one I fought used were sharp, but I do not think strong enough to puncture structural grade materials. Nor did he seem exceptionally strong." Granted, her scale is a little different, but still.

"Alien zombie robots." Impulse nods to himself as he seems to have decided that this is indeed what Gotham is dealing with. He considers Batgirl's note on traits before readjusting his assessment. "Alien zombie robot clones."

He rocks on his heels a bit as he undoubtedly pictures how Starfire's own encounter has gone, interspersed with flying freight— He shakes his head as though pulling a hard reset on his imagination.

"Sewers? I've got soooome experience with scoping out sewers. Totally gross, but doable."

Now Batgirl just sighs out a breath at Impulse before that sigh turns into a slight smile. "Thanks, 'Pulse. But I don't think we're dealing with clones. The one I fought I think was a woman, but…" She shivers at some of her own memories of that fight on the roof. A shiver claws its way up her spine.

Now the Bat shifts awkwardly on her feet. "I'm not sure if we're concerned about upholding the Bat Code at this moment. These things, whatever they are… immortality is a thing, right?" This is about when she wishes John was around. Constantine would at least be able to snort and scoff at her uncertainty around immortal beings.

Now she glances back up to Kory. "I think containment is the goal until we figure out what is going on." Her lips press together. "Whatever it is, someone is using an old Gotham nursery rhyme and using it to attack Lincoln March and his supporters."

"That is as much a philosophical question as a scientific one," Starfire opines, offering her particular cosmic, rather than mystic, take on it. "Even the universe we reside in has not always existed, so the concept of 'forever' is quite difficult. But certain beings live for various magnitudes of time longer than humans, and advanced science can prolong even shorter-lived species like your own."

"But if you are asking if it is alright to consider more drastic means with such a foe, you will certainly hear no argument from me. And Dick isn't here." The warrior princess from space flashes a smile.

"However, capture does seem prudent, especially if there are many such individuals." Even Tamaranean bloodthirst can be tempered by good strategic sense. Then she reflects on the layer of Gotham mystery cloaking the whole thing. "Your city…" And she does speak of it as a strange, outside thing, no matter how much time she has ultimately spent there with her various Bat-friends. "It is a unique place, with a life and character all its own. And I say that having seen many worlds. I suspect you are far better armed to make sense of it than any of us… at least those of us who have not been part of your family, as well." YO TIM! We needs you!

The resident speedster scratches his head. "What's the nursery rhyme?" he asks, thinking it odd a theme to make use of. …then again some nursery rhymes had some pretty creepy words to them, so maybe it made sense.

He looks blankly at Starfire as she delves briefly into the subject of immortality before nodding in agreement in regards to the proposition of capture. Batcodes aside, he's never been big on killing. That is not a Bart thing. Unless it is in a video game.

Although if these things are like some kind of video game baddies then they're free game, right?

Batgirl takes in a deep breath that lifts her shoulders, drawing her posture longer and leaner. "Yes. My city is unique alright." She offers Kory up a quick smile before she hooks both hands at her hips now and with her stance a bit wide, she doesn't realize she's doing that caped crusader pose. "We might be hitting that dire measure." Though her throat does a weird little tightening when she thinks about that line in the sand that so many Bats value.

Then she pivots slightly toward Bart, hands dropping away to her side once more. He's asked her to remember something, and so her memory doesn't fail her: "Beware the Court of Owls, that watches all the time, ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime. They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in bed. Speak not a whispered word of them, or they'll send a Talon for your head." She hesitates. "Pleasant, I know."

Her lips tighten again. "Think it would be alright if I stayed around to wait up for Red Robin?" Beat. "Are there any pretzels?"

Starfire listens to the rhyme curiously, her ever-wide seeming eyes still managing to express a deeper curiosity at this odd little nugget of human culture. "How very strange. And this is a rhyme you would recite to children? It does not seem well-suited to this purpose." Thank you Princess Obvious.

"Of course you are always welcome here, whether to visit or to stay as long as you would like." It isn't as if they don't have tons of extra room with all the abandoned stores. But more important than the housing of guests is their feeding, as Barbara conveniently reminds her. "Oh yes, there is no shortage of the most delicious pretzel dough! Let me go start up the machine!" Having a whole Annie's that somehow still keeps getting shipments (Batmagic?) is awful convenient, like that.

"Even if it's already been waffle-taco night, it is now… pretzel after-dinner snack night!"

The look crossing Bart's face makes it quite clear his opinion of this apparent nursery rhyme. Whoever made these thing up had to be seriously twisted. "Is this one of those kinds that parents tell their kids so they won't stay up late or something?" He's pretty sure it would have the opposite effect.

Batgirl's inquiry does soften his expression into a faint smile, which only bumps up to full status with Starfire's proclamation. The speedster nods. "Always welcome to hang out, BeeGee," he assures.

And then trips over Clawmy as he'd completely forgotten she was there.

"Think about it deep enough, and most nursery rhymes we learned are pretty dark. Ring Around the Rosies is about the black plague." Princess Obvious, meet Tidbits Gordon. "Something like that," she says to Bart.

Now she looks up at Kory at the offer of re-designating the night. "Thanks, Kory. I might even take you up on the sleepover." Besides, that might mean that Kory and Babs can raid the ice cream store and finally have that talk about Dick Grayson.

She glances back to Bart just as he trips over Clawmy, and that adds the levity she needs as she breaks into an easy smile. She walks forward to lean down and offer him a hand-up. "I'll get you a map of the sewers. But you'll need to be careful down there, Bart. There's really weird crap down there." Now she nods after Kory. "Come on. Maybe we can raid the frosting from the Cinnabon to dip our cinnamon-sugar pretzels in."

"Like killer clowns," Bart says, completely serious as he accepts the hand up. "And abandoned pet alligators. And mutants or something…" Thankfully the promise of snacks distracts him from going any further with that list of possible sewer threats.

Clawminator Destrucat Mk. II doesn't look the least bit offended at being tripped over. This must be a normal occurrence. But she does get up once the speedster's been lifted from her, taking her chewed-on porg to go and torment more plushies. Or hunt down a Silkie.

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