Cat Plate
Roleplaying Log: Cat Plate
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Trish tries her hand at being a vigilante. It goes okay. Jessica helps and realizes it's Trish, despite the disguise.

Other Characters Referenced: Batman, Daredevil (and his alter ego Matt Murdock), Foggy Nelson (alluded to)
IC Date: August 14, 2019
IC Location: Hell's Kitchen
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Posted On: 16 Aug 2019 03:27
Rating & Warnings: PG13 for swearing.
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* * *

Hell's Kitchen is, as usual, it's normal self. And what a perfect place for a budding superhero to practice their newfound superheroing? At least that's the thought of a particular person new to the scene. She hasn't had an official name as yet. There have been some names muttered, but none that have stuck. She started out with just a paper plate with eye and mouth holes and cat ears, and now it seems she's upgraded to also having a catsuit, cat tail included, on top of what she was already wearing. One thing is for sure, she's really embracing the cat theme.

This new would be hero, Trish Walker, walks the streets, having snuck into her sister's office, while Jessica was out, to hide her other belongings while she makes her way around the streets, searching for crime to stop.

She doesn't have to venture very far this night, as she approaches a shop owner closing up, being bothered by three men. "Hey boys." She calls out, tapping her toes lightly. "Why don'tcha leave the poor fella alone and bother someone else for a change?"

* * *

Easy to do. The office was empty.

Jessica Jones was at AA.

For awhile she stopped going, but now she's doubled down on it. Bits and pieces of her life have gone off the rails to the point where she feels like she's off the rails. And she looks as ratty and as sour as ever as she makes her brisk, no-nonsense way down 45th Street, hands in her pockets.

The first thing she thinks when she sees this thing unfolding before her? Is that someone's filming. Wedgie-inducing cat suit, plus tail, plus paper plate cat mask tells her that someone's freaking filming. She takes a moment to look for cameras she never does find, waiting for someone to leap out and tell her the punchline of the world's worst joke, or perhaps tell her to clear off because they're filming a brand new comedy series about superheroes, or some shit.

* * *

It's not as if this particular cat suited lady doesn't have the money, or the contacts, to make such a film. However, for all it's worth, Trish is actually rather sincere in her pursuit of, well, she'd call it justice. Yes, she's become a vigilante like the best of them. Okay, not quite like the best of them. Not yet. But she's trying! She's only just started. She knows enough to have her hair done up in a bun, however. No free flowing hair for them to grab!

The men three men look at each other, then at her, then back at each other. It's mere seconds before they start laughing. "Sweetheart, give us break and leave us alone. We don't wanna hurt ya." one of them calls out to her.

Trish frowns, not that it can be seen past the mask, as she places her hands on her hips. "Well, that settles it. If you're not going be nice to me, I'm not going to be nice to you." She does a little leap and lands close to them. It's not as impressive a leap as what Jessica's able to do, but it's still out of the ordinary for the normal person. "It's time for this kitty to take you three down a peg."

The men turn to her, two of them with knives out. The store owner uses the distraction to flee for safety.

* * *

"Fuck," Jessica mutters.

She doesn't leap. She takes two strides forward and tries to grab the wrist of one of the knife-men. She attempts to crush it, realizing that it's a real knife, even as she tries to catch the eye of the other one. "You really don't wanna do that," she tells him firmly.

People always believe Jessica is naturally violent, but the truth is she usually tries to use the least amount of violence it takes to solve a problem. She can't stop the fast one with words, but if she can stop the slow one, great.

Her opinions of the cat-lady's moves are left to mystery for the time being.

* * *

"Oh hey, J…Miss, I uh…" Trish was about to say she had it, when the other one with the knife takes a swing at her. Obviously Jessica's not the one to go after for the moment, and he's not heeding her words. She's quick to move. Almost too quick. Before he even realizes what happened, she ducked, punched him in the stomach, and swept a legs behind his two to bring him down onto his back, dropping the knife as he does so.

The knife in the hand in the man held by Jessica is crushed easily enough by her strength. The man's eyes go wide. "What the hell…"

The third man, who was apparently the brains of the outfit, backs up against the door of the store and starts to reach around his back for something.

* * *

Jessica doesn't have a big head about it or anything. But one thing working in Trish's favor is she's used to being recognized. She's a known quantity, especially in the Kitchen. Outside it, less so, but here? It's not a big thing.

Also, she's got other things to worry about.

"Watch out, fucker's going for a weapon," she warns Trish, even as she tries to leap behind him and shove him forward so he can't get it out properly right away. Of course, when Jess shoves someone forward they tend to hit walls, and heads, pretty hard.

And sure, maybe he was going for his phone, but she rather doubts it.

* * *

Stepping on the back of the man she just fell, a grunt emitting from him, Trish hops down in front of the third man. She raises her hand with three fingers up. "I'm going to count down to three. Either you run away from me and my," she glances back at Jessica who still has a hold on the one man's wrist, "Seemingly strong friend there, or knock you out and let the police take care of you, hmm?" She lowers her fingers and counts aloud.

"Uh…Well…" The man looks between Trish and Jessica, almost unsure of what to do next. "Ya see uh…" Unfortunately for him, Trish got to three and pulled a Krav Maga maneuver on him.

She manages to knock the gun away and get him far enough away from the door to get behind him and put him in a choke hold. The enhanced speed and strength comes in handy against regular thugs like this. Soon enough, he's passed out and she lets go of him, straightening herself up.

"How about your fella there?" She gives a nod to the man Jessica still has a hold on.

* * *

"You didn't want to hear what he had to say?" Jess asks mildly.

She realizes she hauled the guy with him. Whoops. She drops his now dislocated arm. "Stop fucking robbing people, dude," she tells him, and then thumps him behind the ear like he's a child to knock him out.

And then she turns, puts her hands in her pockets, and starts walking away.

"You don't wanna stick around for the cops to find these asshats. Not in post-Reg New York. Also you might wanna work on your theme. That schtick got taken by some chick up in Gotham. Catlady or something. Also, your technique sucks. Might want to work on that if you want to do this gig for more than a week."

Friendly as ever, it seems.

* * *

"Probably wasn't worth listening to." Trish shrugs. "I mean, does anything people like that have to say really amount to anything of substance?" This is definitely the 'Trish Talk' part of her speaking "As long as they get what's coming to them, that's all that matters, right?"

She glances at the last guy, shaking her head. She hops and skips a little bit to catch up properly with Jessica.

"I um…I wasn't planning on being there for the police. Not my thing." She responds softly. "I'm not trying to imitate anybody I just…I guess I like cats? I was thinking of going by the name of like…Cat Justice? Or…Cat Attack? Hellcat?" She shrugs again and raises her hands, letting them flop again to her side. "It's a work in progress." She pauses and tilts her head. "And what do you mean my technique sucks? I mean, thanks for the help. I appreciate it. It's not like I don't know how to fight." Okay, she knows basics, but she doesn't properly know how to take on more than one person.

"Okay, I mean, I guess I'm no Batman or Daredevil or like…I don't know, other superheroes." She offers solemnly. "But I'm only just starting out!"

* * *

"Hellcat's not bad."

A pause. "No, your fighting technique was fine," she says. "That's not my beef."

She waves a hand behind her. "You did that whole 'hey boys' thing. Made a grand entrance, called out to them, let them laugh at you, and then started fighting. That's ego bullshit and the one with the gun could have put one between your eyes before you got to the end of your sentence. You're lucky they did laugh, but if they'd been any smarter they'd have just killed you. You're skilled, and that's great, but you're out here without back-up. No matter how strong or skilled you are, there's always someone stronger or more skilled, and some of them can really fuck you up. If you've gotta be out without back up, and that's unavoidable sometimes, you hit hard, you hit fast, you give them no time to react. Batman's a douche, but Daredevil? Daredevil doesn't let them see him coming until he's put two on the ground. He works by being where they don't expect. He doesn't draw attention to himself."

She also waves her fingers up and down the outfit. "And unless that stripper gear you're wearing is made of Kevlar…and it sure looks like shiny spandex to me…"

She takes out a cigarette and lights it. "You're wearing something that hampers your movement while providing no protection. You're not going to tell me you get full kick range on that shit. And forget how goofy the mask looks. Unless you have a healing factor I don't know about, if you're going to run around in a costume then at least take advantage of how it lets you wear a helmet."

* * *

"Yeah? Hellcat?" That's one that Trish will definitely have to keep in her back pocket.

She sighs. "Okay, okay. You have a point about them being called out." Even if Jessica doesn't know who she's talking to, she still has a way of calling Trish out on the stupid things she does. It seems to be a habit they've gotten into for each other over the years. "I didn't know that one of them had a gun, but," she frumps and scratches behind her ear. "I guess that shouldn't matter. I guess I've got a bit to learn." Or a lot to learn, rather.

"This?" She looks at her outfit. "No. It doesn't really allow for as much movement as I'd like, to be honest." She agrees. "And it's definitely not made of Kevlar." She stretches a bit of it, snaps it back, and snorts. "It does look more like stripper gear, doesn't it? It's a catsuit, not that it matters. I got it from a costume shop. Mostly spandex I think? I don't really know."

* * *

Jessica offers a slight smile around her cigarette. "It's ok. I think Daredevil got his first suit mostly off Amazon. It wasn't Kevlar either, but it definitely let him have some freedom of movement, and offered at least a little protection to his knees and elbows. And everyone's gotta start somewhere. Just…I don't want you to get killed out here."

She takes a drag on the cigarette and says, "There aren't enough people who give a shit as it is, Trish."

* * *

"No kidding, huh? The way you talk, sounds like you know Daredevil personally. You ever actually met him, Daredevil?" Yes, Trish knows the answer. Yes, she knows Jessica with answer in the affirmative. But she's acting right now! Or attempting to. Of course, she forgot all about putting on a fake voice. The fact that they're sisters, however, and basically know each other in and out, it's not surprising that Jessica would have recognized her voice.

She nods. "It's true, not enough people do…" She stops, not just talking, but walking too. "T..Trish? No, I'm..uh…Cat…Plate…Paper Cat…Cat…Cat Kicker….Hellcat…Cat…oh frumple catkins." She rips off her mask, almost tearing it. "How did you know it was me?" She asks, catching up with Jessica.

* * *

Jess hasn't done a lot of smiling lately, and now she has to press her lips to keep from doing it now. She tips a finger towards herself. "Detective."

Then, towards Trish:

"Voice. Speech cadence. And you have a famous one, so change it up. Hair. Eyes. Walk. Toe tapping. Fighting style; I've seen you practice. Romantic notions."

She waves a hand in a circular motion to indicate the suit and the mask alike. "All of…that."

Doe brown eyes sparkle with even more muted amusement. "Forget Hellcat. You should definitely go with Cat Plate. It's definitely sure to strike fear into…someone's…heart."

* * *

Groaning as she rubs a hand down her face, as if out of embarrassment, Trish sighs heavily. "I didn't have a chance at fooling you, did I?" She pokes the side of her head. "Get it together, woman. What were you thinking." She shakes her head and frowns. "Okay. So, change my voice, that's a big one, yeah?" Makes sense. If you've heard her on the radio enough, just her voice is probably enough to give her away if you're paying enough attention.

She swats Jessica's shoulder, but grins a little bit. "Oh yeah, Cat Plate. I bet that'll strike fear into all the hearts I cross the path of." She rolls her eyes. "Let me get that embroidered into this here catsuit and just let everyone know who I am."

* * *

Jessica lets out a solid laugh at that one. "Sure. Do it in bright yellow, that'll help." They have definitely passed the realm of serious advice-giving now. She says, "What were you doing anyway? Just…patrolling?"

Even Jess has done the patrolling thing, so she doesn't have any criticism there, at least. And if the way she does it is different from the masked set, the principle remains the same.

"Also, time to introduce you to another tradition: post hero-shit chow. You want noodles, pizza, or a sandwich?"

* * *

"Yellow…" It may have been a joke, but that implanted an idea into Trish's mind and it just won't let her go. Yellow might just be her style. She blinks and shakes her head. That's a thought for another time. "Uh, yeah. Patrolling. It's uh, well, my first time seriously patrolling. I've gotten in a scuffle or two." With men who seem to have been trained in the military and have something to boost them. But that's not something she's going to let Jess know. She'll keep that as her own superhero secret.

"Wait, is eating seriously an actually part of this? Like…a post show thing?" She perks up. "Oh god, I'm actually really hungry. I didn't even realize it!" She pauses to think. "I'm torn between noodles and pizza."

* * *

Probably wise if Trish doesn't want a Jess-barges-in tap dance leaving footprints all over her first case. "Sure. Replacing calories. Stress relief. Pizza's closer, so that's what we're doing."

She let Trish narrow it down, at least. "But first, we're stopping by the office. You're going to have to get real clothes back on. We're not eating anything while you're wearing that. I have some clothes there you can borrow. They're not Jimmy Woo-woos or whatever, but they'll do."

* * *

"Pizza!" That's definitely the right choice. "It's actually been ages since I've had pizza. You know, most of the time when I'm meeting people for work or whatever? We're always going to restaurants that never have a good pizza. Plus, it's weird for one person to order a pizza. And I'm not going to be that one person." Trish rambles on.

"OH RIGHT! Clothes." She giggles a little and clears her throat. "About that. It's good we're going back to your office. I may have uh, stored my things there while you were out, so I didn't have to carry them around with me. But I've left myself a change of clothes."

* * *

Jessica rolls her eyes expansively. "Sure, of course you did. Can't launch a superhero career without breaking right into my shit. Well, that's fine. It's tradition. I'll give you a spare key when you get there though. Because I had a nice long streak where nobody was doing that, and I was fine with it."

But she really doesn't sound that upset about it. She just says: "This is New York. If they don't like pizza that's their fucking problem.'

* * *

"I've never taken you to any of those fancy restaurants, have I?" Because of reasons. "Don't get me wrong, there are some delicious places out there, but sometimes it's small portions and no pizza. It's a real shame." Trish shakes her head and clicks her tongue. "I'll pay for any damage I may have caused to your office, I promise." If anything, she's good for the money. "Although a key would be nice." She smiles.

"Oh! So, talking about your office. Or the building anyway, and the others in it." She smiles. "Looks like I'm going to have the lovely friend of yours, Matt Murdock, and his law partner, as my new lawyers. They're a wonderful pair."

* * *

"They are," Jessica agrees, nodding with approval. And hiding the fact that she knew, cause Matt sniff-searched the place.

A pause as she turns onto the correct street to reach the building she shares with that self-same pair. And comments:

"You're gonna do fine, you know."

And wonder of wonders, she seems to believe it, too.

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