On Stakeout Aromas
Roleplaying Log: On Stakeout Aromas
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Kori and Dick re-unite on a rooftop after a period of the latter's absence. They discuss various topics, including one another's smells, as people do.

Other Characters Referenced: Barbara Gordon, Tim Drake, Zatanna Zatara
IC Date: August 17, 2019
IC Location: Gotham - A lurking suitable Rooftop
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Posted On: 17 Aug 2019 07:53
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Dick Grayson has been extremely busy as of late.

Between doing charity events for the Wayne Foundation and doing public speaking for the company and doubling that up with his job as a detective for the NYPD (who sometimes doubles for the GCPD) AND tripling that up with his duties as Nightwing? Dick has been exhausted lately. But that doesn't mean he can't find some time to call up and old flame…who was probably his greatest.

'Hey, Star, whatcha up to? We should meet up again. You know the rooftop'.

He gets into his gear as Nightwing and goes to such a rooftop, perhaps wondering if his favorite Tamaranean will show up? And if she does, he's seriously hoping she isn't mad at him for being off the radar. They've been off and on for a while now, so he would totally understand if she was a bit skeptical about joining him.

* * *

Rooftop meetings are quite the Bat-family tradition, she's learned. But there is a certain simplicity to it, cutting short the concern over public personas and the attention they sometimes attract, or the limitations they impose. And besides, if the Robins and Nightwings of the world enjoy their gargoyle lurking, the alien princess born free of gravity's usual tyranny enjoys nothing more than soaring unhindered through the skies above. And so Koriand'r arrives, as she often does, at the head of a comet of her own making, her hair streaming out into the distance behind her like some fiery contrail.

"Hello Richard, it has been a little while," she greets him, coming to a halt floating just a few feet in the air.

The one thing Starfire has never been any good at is hiding her feelings. So while the greeting implies something chilly or aloof, it's really something of an affectation, and a fairly poor one. Quite possibly something she learned watching bad sitcoms on TV. "Are you well? I was here in Gotham for an event a week or two ago, with Barbara-" Uh oh, the exes are trading notes! "And some strange person attacked it. Since then, from what she's told me, it's only gotten worse, and neither of us knew where you were in all of it."

The last is spoken with no shortage of clear, true emotion, all pretense apparently forgotten, "I was very worried."

* * *

Grayson looked up to see that orange comet that was Koriand'r. When she finally arrived, Nightwing seems to stand up to his full height. Of course, if Starfire wanted to fight him…he didn't really hav ea backup plan this time.

Sucks to suck, dude.

But then he looks Kory right in the eyes, and he nods for a bit. "Yeah, sorry Kory. I was a little busy with….everything. While also trying to look up info on the Court through my more billionaire playboy side of my life. So far though? Jack squat." he crosses his arms, but those last words get his attention the easiest out of everything she's said.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want to worry you. I just….got buried in my work."

* * *

Fortunately, her anger is usually even easier to see coming and harder for her to hide. And while the chilly front might have presented at least some attempt at looking distant, its obvious in the wide, softly-glowing pools of her large eyes that her concern runs far deeper than any annoyance. If anything, perhaps, that worry is the reason for it.

"I understand that you all," and she must mean the whole batling clan, "very much enjoy your skulking about, but you it upsets me when you hide even from me. And I know there is much of the under the covers work," ahem, A for effort on the idiom, there, "to be done. But I was uncertain if something might have happened to you! It is not a feeling I enjoy." She echoes his arm-folded posture latter statement, trying to be a bit firmer in expression her displeasure, even as she slowly drifts down to the rooftop.

"But I am glad you are alright."

* * *

Nightwing was not in a good spot!

"Well, if it helps you feel any better, there was about six incidents where I would've much rather been hanging with you, Barb, or any of my other friends than doing what I was doing. Grizzly stuff that. But tell you what, I'll get Tim to cover for me next time." Knowing full well that Tim wasn't exactly in the position that Dick was in to cover for him.

But even as she descends to the rooftop, he gives her a happy shrug. "But, you totally look great. Better than me, anyway. I wonder if it has to do with the conditioner you might be using." And there's Dick wit hthe jokes.

* * *

There was a time, when she first arrived on earth, that Koriand'r would have responded by explaining the difficulties of using commercial hair products and the danger of unseen chemical reactions with the photoluminescence of her hair… But by now, her lips curl into just the slightest smirk instead. "Yes, that must be it," she agrees, no less jokingly.

"But it does /not/ make me feel any better to imagine you in peril that you insist on handling alone, when you have so many friends who would gladly stand beside you. I remember when you first started wearing this," and with a step closer to him, she reaches to touch the 'wing' emblem on his chest. "And I understood that. We have our rites of passage on Tamaran, and I have faced more beyond that. You needed to prove your own worth. But even then, you had the team." And here, there's a touch of melancholy in her expressive features. "I wish you would remember that a bit more."

And then, as if just to temp him, "And the new recruits are always so /very/ impressed when you show up to help. You are a bit of a legend yourself now, hmm? So there is not so much to prove, anymore."

* * *

Nightwing inhales for a moment.

"Look, Kory, I…" then she's talking about the trials and rights of passage she went through on Tamaran. Sure, he did his same thing when he tried to escape Batman's shadow and really? Didn't work much. But he created the Titans. A team thats on its second Generation.

His action mattered.

When she touches the slightly-more-armored-than-usualy wing emblem on his chest, he seems to sigh a bit. "I'm sorry Star, but there are just some things I needed to do alone." She's stoking his ego now. Stoking his confidence. Its working. "Well…I do like to show the new recruits whats up and what level they have to be at. Even if halfo f them already have good enough leadership under Tim. Maybe I'll come in and do a combat simulation or something, show 'em the ropes." He smiles at her.

"….seriously, what conditioner are you wearing, it smells amazing."

* * *

"We all have our duties and obligations. Do not imagine I fail to understand this, Richard." There's a bit more lecturing 'princess' in her tone there, a reminder that she has a whole beleagured planet, a species for whose welfare she holds herself responsible. "But do not forget how much you accomplished leading others, and what you might do now simply by inspiring them. Batman is always lurking in the dark and casting long shadows. But that is not you, Dick," and the change just in how she speaks to him reflects the fondness in her tone, "And it never has been. You are at your best when people see you smile."

Saying this, she seems happy if she is able to win over the promise of even a guest 'lecture' or two. "That would be wonderful!" Koriand'r declares, clasping her hands together. "Especially with everything that is going on, from Gotham to all the problems with registration, I think it would do them good to hear from someone they look up to."

Then, with her green eyes sparkling, she gives a little flip of her now less-fiery hair and teases, "You are just trying to change the subject!"

* * *

Kory was probably one of the only ones who actually called him 'Richard' anymore. Even Batman called him Dick. Either way, Dick seemed to rub the back of his neck as he gets that Kory lecture that always somehow made him feel a little better inside. "…you're just saying that so I can do the dishes for you again."

Jokes. Bad timing. But jokes.

"But, thanks Kory. I mean it. And yeah, yeah…I don't like the idea of this registration business. I hope we can put a good staple in that." He shakes his head lightly. "And whaaaaat? No, not trying to change the subject. I'm being honest! Maybe I want to do something different with what I'm using for mine." he winks.

* * *

"It is true that the consumption of food at the mall," yeah, they had to ditch the T-Tower for a hideout in a shopping mall, see that pesky registration problem, "does often leave a disasterous aftermath. But Tim is excellent at the yelling, and such things are usually managed without difficulty. Silkie also helps with the leftovers." Which is probably thoroughly disgusting to everyone BUT Kori. In any case, she obviously takes the bit about the dishes somewhat overly literally, this time around.

More seriously, then, she continues about the registration problems. "I am planning to see an attorney shortly, someone who Zee has been working with and recommends. I am not as comfortable as all of you are with the secrets, and I wish very much that I could simply be who I am and not hide it. Even now there are rumors, and they are harder and harder to shake." Granted, 'supermodel' is probably taking 'hiding in plain sight' a little far.

"As for your fragrance," and here she invokes a quite intentionally more sultry expression, "I have always enjoyed it as it is… at least when you have not spent too much time on the staking outs."

* * *

"'Scuse you, my fragrance is amazing on my stakeouts. I smell like Chanelle #5." No, no Dick does not.

But the defense was at least a good try. Nevertheless, he knows about the T-Tower being ditched at the first signs of registration and the crackdown on supers, even if they were just humans. Vigilantes had to sign up too. "But good on you. I'm hoping to use my influence as Dick Grayson to help with that too. Though…I don't know how much people will listen to me, worth a shot, right?"

He shrugs. "But listen…we should get dinner sometime. Catch up. I need to see Barbara too, so maybe she can join us."

* * *

While some elements of human social interaction still elude her, Starfire is QUITE capable of returning a truly skeptical look in regards to perfume-like stakeout aromas. Ahem.

This dubiousness aside, Koriand'r nods at the suggestion of whatever other help he might offer. "Of course, the Wayne money has already been very helpful," she notes with a bit of a grin. "But I think it will take more. Take people being brave and honest and speaking out, and you are far more valuable than all the zeroes on a check, there." However, there is something that seems to give her pause here, and she points out: "There is a chance of you getting dragged into it, in any case…" They have a public history together, after all, a very believable 'playboy and model girlfriend.' Still, she seems uncomfortable with the fact. "Not that I am really certain what I will do. I would not wish to cause you trouble in your new career."

Whatever worries, she brightens at the suggestion of dinner, though Dick can hardly fail to notice an… adjustment in her demeanor as it is revised to a dinner for three. Which results in the /slightly/ more threatening tease: "Oh? How shall the two of us engage in the gossiping behind your back, if you are there?"

Yet in the end her smile brightens. "I am sure we can arrange something. Now, I will let you resume your ominous lurking. Be well, Dick." As quickly as that, she ascends into the heavens again, gradually at first, before turning and flying off in the typical orange streak, before she is soon little more than a new odd-colored star on the horizon.

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