Metal Mushroom
Roleplaying Log: Metal Mushroom
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Domino meets up with Rocket to discuss matters involving strange advanced weapons.

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IC Date: August 17, 2019
IC Location: Chinatown, Gotham
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Posted On: 17 Aug 2019 23:33
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As is the norm when dealing with someone like Domino the message had come out of nowhere and was kept nice and simple.

// Need a hand. Outside Chinatown station, Gotham. //

Of course 'needing a hand' is a pretty broad category and one which she doesn't bother to narrow down any. Having already been in the area it's a simple matter to grab some food and wait for what she's expecting to be a familiar silver Lancer zipping down the street. She'll flash the headlights if necessary.

Then she'll offer food. Burgers. Because that's exactly what one would expect to find in Chinatown.


Well how could he say no to a pretty face?

Rocket had shot back a simple affirmative to the message, and got his usual gear together before piling into his favorite street ride. Said silver Lancer's been given a slight touch-up of electric blue stripes that band up across the hood and over the roof like they'd been severed from a head-on collision with a color spectrum. It pulls up with a subtle purr, the raccoonoid flashing a grin through the window before the dark tinted glass slides on up. Moments later he's hopped out, adjusting his belt holsters before accepting the food offering. Because who says no to burgers? So long as they're good, anyway.

"Heya Dom. So what's the deal?" Straight to business.


Are the burgers any good? It's probably safe to trust the planet's luckiest woman that they're worth the trouble. Though before getting to that trial by fire the addition of those blue Lancer stripes is met with a "Niiiice. Lookin' sharp there, Rocket."

It's a curious thing, Domino had no idea just how much the guy would come to appreciate the stolen car! Talk about having picked the right present for the job…

Her own car is some bland looking Oldsmobile sedan, typical disposable transportation. Right now it's also a seat because she's hopping up onto the fender, though something..may not seem quite right about her… A troubled look in the eyes. She probably hasn't been getting much sleep lately. Whatever that might be about.

"When it comes to futuristic portable weaponry you're my new resident expert. Got a tip last week about some strange business going on in an abandoned corner of the Bronx. Found several unusual patterns not made by meta powers or large scale ordnance. Was wondering if you might have any ideas on the What's and Where's."


Rocket appreciates a good lookin' ride, especially if it's high performance to boot. It seems he doesn't care too much about keeping a low profile, but then when you're a bipedal alien raccoon that already makes things a little difficult.

His head cocks just a bit as he notes her unease, chewing down the huge bite of burger he'd taken as he waits to see what Lady Luck has to say. He might puff up just a bit at being considered her expert for specialized weaponry.

"The Bronx? Sounds like I needa take a trip then. Been a while since I headed out that way," he admits. "How can you tell it's not related to metas or the usual?"


"Because one of them left a parting gift."

Dom reaches through the open window to grab a black metal object shaped like a small bowl with a post jutting out of the center. This she offers to Rocket.

"From what I gather someone organized a hit team to deal with a particularly unruly meta. He had the ability to create illusions of himself, drove the DPS bonkers but not the sort of trick that leaves marks in cement. When we got to the place each room had their own scars. In one something had melted the structure. In another one of the walls was blown out, turned into a pile of dust. The third had this gizmo and several dozen jagged metal shards embedded into everything. Then out in the hall a sharpshooter landed the kill, looked like some serious armor penetration capabilities."

If Rocket takes a look at the 'bowl' Domino will pull up some pictures on her phone next, providing some evidence to back up her claims if nothing else.

"Multiple attackers, multiple outlandish weapons, zero leads."


Rocket frowns at the thing that Domino brings out, setting what's left of his burger aside so he can take the bowl-like object in both his clawed if not slightly greasy hands. He turns it over as he gives it a good look from all angles, sniffing at it, tapping at it and looking for any panel seams. His eyes shift from the object to the woman's phone as she brings up the pictures to go with the descriptions of the damage she'd witnessed.

"Hmm." High-power weapons, definitely. He had to get a better look at things or see if he could take apart or analyze this bit she'd brought along. "Who was the unfortunate target?"


"His name was 'Hermit.' Kept to himself, no known affiliations. When the DPS rolled into town he made it his mission to give them trouble whenever possible. Word is he was quite good at it, too. The Department barely had any information on the guy. From what I've heard they had stopped trying to track him about a week before he turned up missing. Then he got turned inside out by that AP shot. Nothing left but a giant stain. Seems twelve shades of suspicious to me," Domino flatly suggests while rubbing the bridge of her nose.

"The trick is to find the shooters. I think that'll be easier by tracking down where the hardware came from. Short of someone having raided Satan's toychest I'm drawing nothing but blanks."


"Fitting moniker," the Guardian mutters, even as he continues to poke at the object. "Toss me the coordinates of that site? I wanna poke around it. Whoever took out your guy was serious though, but you didn't need me'ta tell ya that."

He pauses to go grab his burger for another giant bite before walking over to his car to grab something from inside, some type of scanner by the looks of it. Giving it a couple of whacks until it blinks to life, he stoops down to set the bowl-thing on the ground so he can make some adjustments to the tuners and switches before he holds it over the thing to see if it'll give him any residual read-outs that might ping familiar on his database.


"I always did appreciate a theme," Neena agrees with a thin smirk. As for the coordinates she inclines her head with a "Yeah, no prob. It's a derelict housing project, cookie-cutter skeletons as far as the eye can see. I can get you to the right building."

That's in her phone, too. Handy! She sends those over then reaches back for a burger while Rocket gets out the fancier (and somewhat problematic) tech solutions.

Scanning the fragment will reveal that, at least as far as this device is concerned, all of the components and elements in its creation were sourced on this planet. Even then none of the materials used are particularly exotic.

What can be determined is that at least half of the object is completely missing. The 'stem' in the center acted more like a piston rod which would have launched a specific charge up into the air similar to a Bouncing Bettie. Despite this the bottom of the casing shows a couple of helical grooves which proves that it had been fired out of something with a rifled barrel. They're subtle, easy to miss with the unaided eye, but they're there.

"I don't suppose you'd know of anyone else I could tap on the shoulder about this? Not that I don't have faith in your ability."


He nods as he hears his phone ping from the received message, not bothering to check it as he waits to see what his scanner will spit out. "Huh. So what I can tell from this bit at least, it was manufactured locally- like, on Terra local, at least so far as materials go. Which says nothing about the tech or schematics behind it but if someone's making fancy weapons here then that's likely bad news."

He tucks the scanner under an arm so he can pick up the bowl-like object again, tracing the fine lines. "I dunno how reliable SHIELD is at the moment but if they ain't already on this in some way, the ones you can trust have decent resources. Although they're kind of lacking in the space-knowledge department I think, or they wouldn't have come askin' us for help."


SHIELD. Domino just about flinches when she hears the word. Nevermind that she's already tapped two other metas on the shoulder who are already involved with the Division for help!

"That's always an option," she dismissively replies while mentally thinking 'yah no, not gonna happen.'

"Well, if they're made on this dirtball then I won't have to schedule some zero-G training. That helps. I like keeping things simple. But that does raise another concern. I can understand -one- fancy new breakthrough, but several? Did somebody compile a 'best of' album of concepts and prototypes then finish them off?" She pauses with a slight frown. "I don't like this."

STILL..doesn't like this.


Even Rocket has to laugh at that. "Yeah, I know how ya feel." He's got mixed feelings about S.H.I.E.L.D. himself, but he knows there are at least some agents he can trust, fewer still he even calls friends.

"Could be that someone from offworld's giving someone else some super-destructo weapons manufacturing tips. Which is even more reason to not like what's going on." Maybe someone with a bounty on their head. That'd make finding out who's behind things even more worthwhile. …never mind that Rocket's probably got enough of his own- it's never stopped him from going after a potential payday.

He waves the bowl thing around. "Mind if I keep this? I wanna run a few searches through our ship to see if anything similar pops up. If anything does then we'll have a better idea of who we'd be dealing with."


Hmmh. Helping hands from above. That would make sense, and making the builds with materials already found on-site would make it more difficult to trace back to such astral origins. Though that could also involve Dom somehow ending up in space which is something she's not real keen on. At least she has a proper contact for that field.

Being asked if Rocket can keep the casing causes the albino to hesitate for a moment. It's the biggest physical piece of evidence which they have, be honest with herself, she didn't have much of a use for it. Except maybe to beat someone over the head with if she thinks they're holding out on her. It might be real handy in that kind of role.

"So long as you keep me in the loop, go for it. Just keep in mind that now I've given you a car -and- the strange metal mushroom thingus. One of these days I'm gonna ask for something back," she suggests with a sly grin.

Because -Rocket- has -firepower.- Big, badass sorts of firepower. Don't think she's forgotten!


Powering down the scanner, he takes both that and the metal mushroom bowl thing back to his car. He's got a hamburger to finish, after all.

If they end up needing to take a space trip, it won't be anything new for him. Plus he loved seeing the reactions of space newbs. So long as they didn't get sick in his ship.

"I mean, I was gonna give it back. But yeah, 'course I'll let you know if I find out anything." The point about her gifting makes Rocket grin. "Hey, I know I'm irresistible. If you wanna go on a date all ya gotta do is ask," he says, giving her a wink. Is he serious? He is totally serious.


A -date?- Domino rolls with the good natured amusement and gives a lopsided smile back while making a point to not think about the particulars of how anything beyond dinner and a movie would work with someone like Rocket. "I'll keep that in mind."

Is it wrong that this all seems -normal- to her these days? Flirting with an alien raccoon now? After a brief but traumatizing jaunt through NightmareWorld it's surprisingly refreshing to kick back and talk shop with a similar minded soul. Rocket's proving to be more than good on the trigger. And behind the wheel. Assuming he has the tech to reach the pedals with.

"That's all I've got for tonight, Ringtail. Appreciate the help."


He shrugs, but whether Domino's sincere about that or not, he doesn't take it personal. There are few enough Terrans he can say he genuinely likes, and fewer that are willing to let loose when it comes to ignoring rules and finer points of the law. Not to say that he won't still hold out for some hope of a date. He still doesn't understand why Terran women like to play hard to get. Because that is totally what it is and not at all because he's a raccoon.

"Alrighty. I'll give you a call if anything comes up," Rocket promises. "And thanks for the food."

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