Violent Dancing
Roleplaying Log: Violent Dancing
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Ren finally gets out to do some relaxing. Deadpool wanders through. A new friend is made.

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IC Date: August 18, 2019
IC Location: Luke's Bar, Harlem
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* * *

Sunday night isn't the most common 'party night', but Ren Kimura needed to get out. She needed to dance- and any bar would do. She's already starting her evening, sitting at the bar with a large, fruity looking drink that is undoubtedly stuffed with alcohol. The music here is chill- hip-hop style ( ) Currently, A Tribe Called Quest.

Ren still can't help but to bounce to the beat- music just moves her.

* * *

"No! No! NO! I don't care how much Ryan Reynolds wants to play me in the movie. I don't give a flyin' fluddpucker! There's only one person in the entire world that can ever play me in a Lifetime made for tv movie of my life…"

Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, is entering the bar in his full uniform. Weapons and everything. He's holding a huge 90s brick phone up to where his ear probably is considering he's fully wrapped in red and black. He doesn't even notice the music. Not yet, anyway. He's on a serious call, here!

"… Mark. Paul. Gosselaar."

Wade wanders right up to the bar and swings a huge briefcase up on top of it. He's even wearing a 'Captain America' power tie around his neck. He's so business right now.

"… Why are you laughing?! I'm serious! You didn't see him in Franklin & Bash! He was a /genius/. And almost as sexy as I am."

* * *

Daisy Johnson heads to Harlem.

* * *

Ren looks over towards Deadpool- dressed with weapons and the rest. She blinks once. Twice. Takes a long sip of her drink, and just quietly stares with green eyes. Odd on an Asian, for sure.

More odd, though, are the metal hands and forearms. There's no hiding them- wickedly sharp claws at the tip of each finger that she's quite careful about- probably why her drink has such a long straw.

"What's with the costume?" Ren wonders over towards Wade, "Are those swords real?" she asks next, eyebrows knitting together.

* * *

"… No, it's Wolverine. Like, I dunno. It's like an Angry Beaver or something. All that matters is that the actor is short and mean. Yes! Yes, Danny DeVito is perfect! Yeah, work on those and I'll call you back. I'm about to drink away my sorrows. Yes, I'm at Luke's Bar! What do you mean I haven't paid my tab in twelve issues?!"

Wade hangs up the phone and sets it on top of his briefcase. He's in the middle of loosening his tie when words are tossed in his direction.

"Costume? Oh! Yeah. This tie. I'm a Captain America fanboy. You got me." Wade holds his hands up like he's been caught red handed. "Oh these? Hells to the Yes they are. Bea and Arthur are some of the sharpest katanas this side of the Foot Clan." He sounds so proud of his weapons.

Finally, Wade notices all the weirdness going on with Ren's whole physical form and then figures the next best thing will be to get a drink. "Bartender! I'll have what she's having! With a longer straw." One Up!

* * *

Her forearms and hands seem to be like woven gauntlets- sharp eyes, though, will notice those pieces of metal move with every finger movement. Her hands and arms *are* those metallic woven gauntlets. Which is, needless to say, a bit unusual.

"Hell yeah, drink them sorrows away!" Ren says with a grin lifting her drink carefully, when she draws her fingers away she's left scratches in the glass. Quite sharp, it seems.

Ren takes another long sip- draining her large glass with a clear desire to reach 'fucked up' as quickly as possible. "I'm Ren." she offers over to Wade, "And you named your swords after Bea Arthur?" she asks next, a clear bit of amusement on her face.

* * *

"Bea Arthur is the hottest thing smoking. Damn right, I did."

Wade waits on his drink while paying semi-attention to the arms of death. "Pool. Dead." be his whole introduction of himself to the Ren. He's all about sprinkling a little James Bond on his name. It just fits well.

"Y'know, this is gonna' sound like a question straight out of an origin story but you wouldn't happen to have been kidnapped by some Canadian assholes, tortured for days until a mutant ability manifested or you died and that's why you have really cool arms but can't possibly Build-A-Bear?" There's probably a reason why he's asking this because from the sound of his voice he knows all too well about something like that happening.

* * *

"Damn straight. Bea Arthur was one hell of a woman!" Ren offers, already a bit tipsy from that drink, as she looks to the bartender. "A Manhattan." she says, ordering, as she looks back then to Wade as he asks those questions. "Pooldead?" she asks , eyebrows knitting together a touch- It's not that weird for New York City.

"Uh.. no. It's more like one of those, a young dancer on the rise witnessed a car accident and rushed to help people and was punished by fate for it sorta dealies." she answers then, "It's maybe been like.. two weeks with them. This is the first night those SHIELD dudes let me out."

* * *

"Pooldead. I kinda' like that. Remind me to add that one to my wiki page." What is he even talking about?

"Ohhhhhhhh! Crazy times. I witnessed a car accident once. Yeah, it was not pretty. The back seat still smells like tomatoes and swiss feet. It was not a good time. Word of advice, always aim for the front tire when trying to create a diversion during a car chase. The collateral damage is way worse."

Wade's drink comes as an empty glass, with a huge straw in it… and a long piece of paper that's got to be his tab.

"SHIELD? Oh hey. Me and SHIELD go way back. Yeah, I know all about them. Good people. Except for the whole government conspiracy thing. But yeah… I coulda' been an Agent of SHIELD but they said I was too sexy. They had already filled their quota with FitzSimmons. Whoever that is." Wade is definitely rolling his eyes under that mask.

* * *

"Yeah, that sounds about right." Ren offers, not entirely sure if she's dealing with a crazy person or someone who's just very, very odd. Or both. "Anyways…" she begins, as her drink comes- sipping on it. "I'm not going to pay his tab, but I will buy him a drink." she says over to the bartender. "I hate drinking alone."

"It always feels a little… I don't know. Sad. Better to go out to a bar, right? At least then your alcoholism seems social." Was it a joke? Probably.

"I don't know anyone named FitzSimmons. I met this Agent Carter lady. Seems nice, and an Agent May. Pretty serious lady. I don't think they trust me- but, they've put me up for now. Even paid my rent so I didn't lose my apartment." She sighs, "Honestly, how do people deal with this 'all of a sudden I'm different' shit?" she asks, "Like, I was just a dancer before. That's it. And now? Very few people will hire a dancer with razor sharp metal hands."

* * *

Wade is not even looking at the tab and how long it is. He just pulls it out of the glass and tosses it to the side. He's far too busy to be worried about that.

"I know the feeling. The last time I danced, I ended up having to kill a whole room full of Russian Mobsters. It was therapeutic. In a Hannibal Lector kind of way." Wistful Sigh Activated.

"I don't drink much. I can't. I owe so many tabs to so many places. Except one place. My Weasel owns it. I get free stuff there. Oh hey! Maybe if you want to dance, you can come dance there. We're not judgey! We even gave Buck speaking lines!"

Wade fumbles around in his various pouches until he comes out with a card and slides it over to Ren. Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Children. "Agent Carter, huh? Never heard of her. Is she hot? I bet she's hot. Carter's a hot name. Agent, Lynda, Jimmy…" Deadpool shudders at the hotness of all those names. "If you want, I can talk to my SHIELD buddies and tell 'em that you're not a psycho killer face and like see if they can ease up. Or! Or! You can tell them that you know me and see how fast they change their tune. I do that a lot. Change people's tunes. It's sort of my thing."

* * *

"Yeah, she is kinda hot." Ren answers, "Like in that sort of.. woman in control, would look amazing in a leather corset way." she continues, taking a long sip of her drink afterwards. "That seems like one hell of a story, my dude." she goes on as she finishes her Manhattan- leaving the cherry for the very end.

"I think they'll still be watching me. SHIELD, that is. They seem really on edge, and really interested in my… hands." she says lifting them up, "I guess it's weird to go into a cocoon and come out with metal hands, even in this day and age." she shrugs gently, swaying already from two drinks. She's a cheap date, clearly.

"I'll probably let them do their thing, and try to rebuild my life." she says, "I could probably figure something out with the whole ribbon dancing thing." she mumbles, "Oooh. I could dance at this place? Like just normal dancing, or do you have a stage? I got a heck of a burlesque act."

* * *

"Well, we have a bunch of cardboard boxes that can become a stage. Or I can see if FOX has more money in the budget to build one. We could probably make something happen. Oh! Or if you want, you could always dance on top of Dopinder's taxi. Like in Fame or Flashdance or whatever that movie was."

Wade can barely keep up with this conversation himself and he's having most of it. When his Manhattan shows up, he's trying to use the straw to drink it through the mask. It doesn't work out that well. What a waste.

"Oh, are they? They're not going to try and like bust in the windows and attack us, right? I really don't want to stab the government today. I usually save that for Mondays. When I'm feeling Garfield-y. Not Andrew, the cat."

"I've never been in a cocoon. But I remember that movie very well. Wilford Brimley was a genius in it. I model some of my best work after him. One of my heroes."

* * *

"Yeah, I guess it was a little like that, except I never got to hang out in a swimming pool." Ren replies, first on the the movie Cocoon.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they were watching me. Well, us. I'm really surprised they let me go out without a handler." Ren continues, "I figured they'd be all up in my grill, you know?"

"I'll switch to beer now." Ren says over to the bartender, "Whatever you got in a bottle." A bottle of some beer is handed over, and Ren just pops the top with her thumb- sending the cap to the bartop. "At least I don't need a bottle opener, right?" she asks over to Wade with a bit of a lopsided grin. "Hey, you want to dance?" she asks next, "I've got to move- I got the groove in me!"

She looks over to the bartender, "Hey, can I borrow your sound system. I got something perfect to dance to, but it might not be quite in theme." she says, waving at the bar around them.

She's a paying customer- and the place is next to empty. "Yeah, sure." The bartender says, as Ren passes over her phone- song already queued up. ( ) "I think you'll like this one, she offers to Wade."

* * *

"How'd you know I've got Moves Like Jagger?"

Wade finishes un-drinking his Manhattan before he hops off his bar stool and grabs his briefcase. Weird how he can't even go to the dance floor without that thing. Strange indeed.

"Yeah, they are probably using some of their super stealthy spy tech to keep an eye on you. Make sure you're not hanging out with the wrong crowd. Either that or they microchipped you or something. SHIELD is sneaky. Like a soup kitchen with no rolls."

Wade doesn't particularly want to dance but he's at least willing to make a fool of himself because that's the only thing he's actually good at. "My best friend in the whole Multiverse, his name's Wolverine, he has like sharp claw things too. It's pretty neat. I've never seen him need a bottle opener either. So that's a definite check in the Pros column!"

* * *

A Remix of Toto's Africa is just what was needed! Ren grins- she's left the bottle on the bar as she begins to spin and dance.

Dancing, clearly, brings joy to Ren- she seems wholly in her element as she moves with such fantastic grace, even while drunk. Far more grace than any standard human being could muster- movement in rhythm seems to be her natural habitat.

As she dances her hands start to glow a gentle pink-purple and then…

Her finger tips shoot free from her fingers and begin to twirl and shift like ribbons from a very deadly ribbon dancer. However, they're clearly under complete control- shifting and moving with the music, adding an almost hypnotic element to her graceful movements.

* * *

Deadpool is doing the a bad Robot. #JJCallMe

So he's in the middle of dancing poorly when ribbons shoot out of his dance partner and he immediately raises his briefcase up to protect himself.

"Holy Skadoodle!"

Wade scrambles to make sure he's got some space between himself and such tomfoolery as what is going on. Just enough space so that he can draw his katanas if need be. "I hope you haven't chosen a codename yet because it needs to be Ribbongton Steel." This is what Wade has to add to this conversation that's not really happening because dancing is supposed to be happening. But the Merc with a Mouth is not easy to shut up. "… Please tell me those things are as sharp as my cutting wit."

* * *

"What?" Ren asks, blinking as she realizes again the ribbons have arrived. "Oh!" the ribbons suddenly whip back into her fingers and hands- reweaving just as they had unwoven. There's the snap of a whip- the ribbons moving very quickly.

And there's a table cut in half as a result- it's an extremely clean cut. Those ribbons are indeed, very, very sharp. "Oh, shit!" she stares at the table, "I'll pay for that, I'm sorry!" she squeaks, "Shit! I can't even dance without these fucking things ruining my life, goddamnit!" she cries as she gives that halved table a kick.

* * *

"What in the Hellvis Presley are you talking about?! DEATH BY RIBBON IS THE GREATEST THING I'VE SEEN SINCE CHER JOINING TWITTER!"

It would seem that an insane person like Deadpool is definitely a fan of ribbons that can cut people to shreds. He's just that kind of an insane person.

"Does SHIELD know you have these? If not, don't tell them. Because they'll probably try to turn you into a secret agent or something. Which'll be BORING. And definitely not profitable. On the other hand, if you're more of the 'do things for money because money is awesome' type… I can let Weasel know and you can make some serious use of these things, Violent Dancer."

He's just going to keep trying on different Codenames until the right one fits her.

* * *

"What? Are you joking? I don't want to kill anyone." Ren says, just staring at the damage she's done with a bit of uncertainty. "How could you? Do you think that is cool?" she blinks a few times, breathing deeply. "Look. I need something harder than alcohol." she walks over and pays her tab- including extra for the table.

"I know a guy." She looks over to Wade, "You want to go down the rabbit hole tonight? I can get us into any club in the city. No questions asked." she says over to Deadpool. "I'm thinking speedballs."

* * *

"Oh my Sweet Georgia Brown. The last time I went down a rabbit hole, I ended up in New Mexico. And nobody cares about New Mexico."

Wade holds up his hands. "Tell ya' what, I can't tonight. I've got to get this very mine and not stolen off the arm of a now dead person that shouldn't have had it in the first place briefcase of sensitive information that I wasn't supposed to look at and totally did not see the blueprints for something called a 'Spider Slayer' back to its rightful owner that's paying me a ton of money to do so. But! You hold on to my card and you come by there and find me when you wanna' get crazier than Spencer Shay doing iCarly bloopers."

That was a lot. Even for Deadpool. Not the ribbon dancing. The paying for the tab. UGH! How couth! "… And stay away from that guy, Speedball. He's bad news. Trust me. I read it on the Internet. Bad things happen when Speedball's involved."

* * *

Ren's already on her phone, "Yeah, It'll be one for me. Thought I was bringing a new friend- it'll be another time." she grins over to Deadpool. "Okay. I have no idea what a spider slayer is, but you have good luck in that, Pooldead." she continues, "I'm going to have a wild night- I need one after all that I've been through. STart with the speedball, head into some LSD, and then maybe some X?" she smiles over to Deadpool, "Hey it was great meeting you." she offers with a smile, "We'll go out another night, then."

* * *

Deadpool offers another wave as he stumbles through the door. "Catch you on the Season Finale!"

And the moment Deadpool steps outside, the sounds of hired guns and dogs and maybe another Russian or two can be heard.

The chase is on!

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