Ruby vs the Forces of Evil
Roleplaying Log: Ruby vs the Forces of Evil
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Ruby in the forest! Ruby in the magic-eating forest! This isn't a good idea, just sayin'.

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IC Date: August 18, 2019
IC Location: Xavier's Mansion
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Heck of a time for a winter. One should not need a sweater or a hoodie in …what month is it anyway? August? Yeesh, it's way too cold, this is silly. But here it is anyway, the woods are just plain creepy.

Ruby finds herself, for good reasons or bad, wandering a trail. Perhaps she came for a moment of peace, perhaps for a lesson, practice. But the instant, the very INSTANT she stepped out of the sun, she knew. Magic would be bad right now, and something is listening.

You'd think that it was just paranoia, but nobody is in the forest. No deer, no birds, not even a moving insect. Nothing. There's no snow yet but that's just because of the lack of moisture in the air, it's COLD!

And something is watching.

The news said that there was something going on. For once in its life, the news was right.


It was kinda a shame, but she still felt…unnerved. Practice was good for her, but something didn't feel right. Hugging her book to her chest, the young girl actually moves forwards through the space and shivering.

Perhaps she wasn't going to manage a good break after work after her shift af the cafe after all…but she did wish the uniform didn't come with a skirt instead of pants now!


The forest is stupid quiet, so when there's a rustle it stands out. Something off to the left moves, and it's just quiet enough to be frightening.

'What's she doing here?' the wolf thinks, looking at her through the branches. 'This isn't any place for anyone!' So when the wolf's muzzle peeks out through the brush, eyes questing and nose sniffing, it's big, red, and probably not what Ruby wants to see right now.

Too bad, because the attack comes from the other side, as the shadows shift and grow, and then start leaning in her direction. And the cold gets colder.


Danger. Something was wrong. There was a flicker of light from behind Ruby's eyes as the platinum-blonde girl reached out to try and sense just what might be putting her so at ease….then there was a wolf to her side and she jumps, giving a startled squeek. What the hell? She hadn't expected to run into a wolf out here…

Perhaps it was a little naieve, but she'd never even -seen- a wolf in anything other than books before. Growing up in the walls of a cult tended to limit one's exposure.


If Ruby thinks that THAT is startling, what happens next is likely to really freak her out. Because the wolf leaps out, seeing the incoming threat, and then suddenly there's a GIRL there instead!

"Git down, run aweh!" the girl yells, her accent strong and her arms waving. She tries to grab at Ruby's right hand, she's a tiny thing with no curves, red hair so short it looks like a military cut…and a panicked, worried expression on her face. "RUN!"

Well, that was clear at least. Where the wolf went is hard to tell, and you'd think that kind of thing would be fairly obvious.

Pulling on her hand, the kid seems pretty adamant though. Run?


"What in the actual f-…?" Ruby blinks, jumping backwards before tilting her head to the side. Her spellbook falls from her arms for a moment, tumbling down into the dirt before her arm is gripped and she starts to be dragged away "Whoa wait…what?!" she begins, blinking towards the girl and then her book being left behind.


The girl is stronger than she looks, but she doesn't have that good a grip. "Yer in danger, dinnae jis stand thaur, run!" She looks behind Ruby, her eyes widening, and then points.

"Look thin if ye must, damnit!" She gives one more tug, then lets go and backs away herself. Her eyes aren't screwing around, something behind Ruby is making her sweat and it's serious.

As the shadows smile, then leap for Ruby's book like dropped candy. They like the taste of this, whatever it is. That looks, smells yummy. Must eat it, must take it all…


Of course, Ruby turns around and her eyes fall on the shadows, blinking in confusion and horror before she extends her hand and gasps a single word. The book? It vanishes in a flurry of bright violet lights and reappears into her hands.

Instinct be damned, the other hand? Her fingers come alight with a glowing flame before she hurls it towards the 'things'.

Fireballs in a forest? Well…Ruby was a little frightened.


Like putting water on an oil fire, the fireball actually makes things so much worse. The girl reaches to tug again, wishing she'd just run before…

Before it's too late, and the shadows dive into the ground, having just absorbed the fireball as if it were food. Then they reach up out from under Ruby's feet, grabbing at her. JUST her, they're not after the redheaded girl. Tendrils of darkness, fear and cold. So much fear, so bitter a cold.

And the tiny redhead whimpers, pulling harder. "COME OAN!" Then…she's gone, and a wolf is there, big enough to ride, pulling at Ruby's hand. Same colour hair, somehow. But just slightly less eloquent. I mean, that accent was rough.


Magical girls in skirts and hungrily grasping tendrils? There were jests and references on could make, but they would be lost on Ruby! Right now however, the girl kicks out at the shadowry grasper trying to encircle her limbs before she's dragged backwards by the wolf. There would be more questions later about what the hell was going on, but between the two options? Rahne seemed to be the safer one!

Thrown atop the wolf, she grasps tightly to the furred creature.


And run. Don't stop, don't wait, run. They're too far inside the forest, it can still catch us. Rahne doesn't know if Ruby is aware how much danger she's in and doesn't care, she just takes off like a rocket the moment that Ruby's weight is on her back, and small fingers dig into her fur for purchase.

Perhaps a bit too fast? She slows when she feels those fingers losing touch, then looks back at what's following them.

Her eyes widen, and she redoubles her speed, the trees whipping past. As the entire forest goes black behind them, HUNGRY for magickal food stolen from it.

Not a sound, not a whisper from the darkness, but it eats the entire woods and reaches for Ruby, not even noticing the wolfling. Or not caring, in its lust for her deep, yummy…

And a tendril reaches out, barely caressing Ruby's foot. Sending her to her own personal hell.

Literally yards from the sunlight, and her body tumbles into the shadow's edge, her left arm and her head peeking out into the sun.

And Ruby finds herself in the worst place she can imagine.


As the wolf skids to a stop, missing a certain valuable cargo. To turn and grab, drag, as the child goes through the darkness that was her past. The cult, the beginning and the end. And small hands pull on small hands, toward safety.


Ruby didn't know, how could she really? Perhaps the shadows were somewhere in some of the books out there, but she was certainly better off! When that tendril sweeps over her leg and her vision clouds, the glowing violet light of her magic behind her eyes flares almost defencively. The girl's powers were literally drawn from the life and chaos incarnate, something the entity clearly craved.

Somewhere in her own mind? She's lost to the screaming void of terror, and outwardly she's simply left whimpering on the verge of unconciousness.


Thankfully, oh so very thankfully, someone knows what to do. A gift in a way, though it came to her through horror of her own, and Ruby's body shortly joins her face, in the sun.

The shadows hiss, the first sound they've made. Too much light. And suddenly they're gone. Entirely, the woods are nothing but trees and grass. Without animals, and still chill.

Ruby's body is cold, so Rahne quickly pulls her further into the sun, further away, by grabbing the shoulders of her outfit. She's tiny, but fitness from years of running have made her strong.

So it's not long before Ruby can see, and the sky is blue. There's some redheaded kid barely in her vision. Odd.


Thankfully, Ruby didn't weigh all that much. Drawing her back into the light, away from the void and the shadows that had imprisoned her. When she finally wakes to the world and the sight of the redhead, the young witch actually scrambles abck a bit with s shriek and a gasp before her perception of reality catches up with her.

There was no cold chains, no creeping horror or magical tortures, only sunlight and the other girl above her. She blinks, her hand goes to her head and she looks around wildly. "What happened?"

The girl holds out a hand, but doesn't move closer. She's wearing a black skinsuit and not much else, and a sad look on her freckled face. "Dinnae go closer…" she says, her accent immediately recognizeable as Scottish, or Irish, or some such ish.

She sits, kneels really, and lowers her hand. "Ye got it mad. Aye dinnae think et's safe tae go back en. Please don't."

Well, duh.


It took her a moment, but she makes to sit up properly after a moment and smooth down her skirt. "What -was- that thing?" she questions, tilting her head to the side and giving a shudder before she takes the hand to help her stand. "And who in the world are you?" There's a pause,a light flush of her cheeks and she clears her throat. "I mean…thanks."


What to answer first, the girl's face says. She sits quietly, hands in her lap. No threat, no danger, tiny, timid. Stronger than she looks, and sometimes a wolf? Or was that part of the nightmare?

"Aam nobody important. Rain, 's all. An' ah dunnae ken what it is. Ah dornt think anyain does." Her gaze travels to the forest, and she looks at it with timid eyes.

Then back. "Why were ye thaur?"


"Did you…did you turn into a wolf?" Well, that wasn't the normalest way to start a conversation, but it had been a strange day. 'Rain'? She could only assume that was the girl's name, but it was her question that had the blonde witch glancing back towards the forest with a moment of consideration. "I was going out there to practice and study a little without anyone seeing me."


The girl pronounces it again, this time with a bit of a trill. "Rahne," it sounds almost the same. Rain, it's close enough apparently, she smiles at the attempt. "Uh…" she pauses at the question, clearly losing the smile, clearly uncertain how to answer.

Then she drops her gaze to her folded hands, in her sad and tiny lap, and says, "Ah be a werewolf." Quiet, but there's no other sounds to hide the words of shame.

She doesn't look up. Just waits for judgement.


"Huh. A werewolf." There was curiousity about it, but certainly no judgement. She'd seen weirder after all, and well…

"I'm Ruby," she offers in return, giving a nervous little laugh. "The witch." Clearly not in the traditional image, but what was the real difference between a 'Witch' and a sorceress anyway? "Why were you out there Rahne? I mean, I'm glad you were, but were you chasing that thing?"


The redheaded girl looks up. Not instantly, but when she realizes there'll be no attack, no yelling. No guns or being shot this time. No broken heart. And as Ruby talks, she slowly tilts her head to the left, listening.

So when she's asked a question, and a fair one, she sighs. Then she talks, though she's loathe to chatter.

"Et doesnae seem tae see me so well en wolf form. Et's like ah'm nae givin' off any food thoughts. Et leest Ah hink that's what's happenin'. A'm patrollin', jist in case anyain wanders in. Someain micht gie in trouble! Ur ye a real witch? Ah thooght witches waur evil."

Translation from Rahne to English available on request.

At least she's stopped, though she does start to rise to her feet. Now that she's fairly certain she's not in trouble. You know, for helping.


"I mean…how many witches are there out there that you know?" she questions lightly, crossing her arms over her chest and blinking. "I mean, I haven't met many more people like me…" She tilts her head to the side. "I mean…" she trails off with a little chuckle, "I left the broom and pointed hat at home."

Slowly, she tries to climb up to her feet, looking down towards her muddied form before looking up at the woman. "So…how do we stop this thing?"


Rahne peers at Ruby. She looks at the shadow, then back to Ruby. She opens her mouth, then closes it and runs her fingers over her own stubbly-haired head, looking for all the world like an eleven year old who's trying to figure out how to explain something to an adult.

"We…dinnae," she says, finally. We don't.

And the shadows hiss, daring you to try. Perhaps it'd be best to ask an adult. And not the child who saved one from the woods.


Well…crap. "That can't be right. There's gotta be a ward, or a banishment or something…" she trails off with a thoughtful expression. After all, the young girl was probably going to try and paw through her limited library later. Still, there's a glare towards the shadows and a shake of her head that has those tails bobbing. "We'll find a way. Somewhere."

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