Roleplaying Log: Dreamsinger
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Rahne casts dream magic at the darkness. The darkness is not particularly amused.

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IC Date: August 20, 2019
IC Location: A dream, and a shadow
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Posted On: 21 Aug 2019 04:04
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Rahne is never certain that she'll make it back. From her other form…or from this dream. This is nothing normal and there's so much power about. Be a shadow yourself, let nothing be part of your being. Be just the wolf, not the girl at all. Forget her; she was the dream.

It's enough, as she drifts off to sleep. And the wolf bounds through a dream forest with her breath catching. It's exhilarating, it always is; so much power, beauty and speed. So fast. She almost forgets her goal.

This is the time when I lose and drown, she thinks. This is the shift where I lose myself. Subsumed fully in the wolf, normally Rahne claws her way out with mental fingernails torn, when she goes this deep. Lost in the darkness, only a mental pinprick of light where she isn't the wolf, seen through dark canine eyes. Tearing herself out through the wolf's throat, Rahne howls in the dream, and breathlessly they merge and accept each other once more.

The shadows are fun, when you use the right bait.

Chased across a dark moor in Scotland. Alone, your own friends, family, chasing you. You can smell the guns, the pitchforks and the fire. Suddenly pain blossoms in your abdomen, you stumble. A bullet from the people who should be protecting you; you're so young, so scared. They're coming close now, you can't get away.

Rahne leaves this memory behind, dropping it as she shifts. Then moves again.


The chase is on!

The shadows are creatures of the night, of the darkness, they are typically predator not prey. Now they chase a similar sort of creature, a wolf that's not. A young woman that's more.

To the shadow's senses there's strength to be found within Rahne Sinclair and her wolf, and yet and undercurrent of fear. It's that weak-link that draws it out and when the woman and wolf appear the shadows do as well.

The memory with the gun is a good one. A strong one. The shadows are almost certain they have Rahne this time, but when she shifts and leaves that memory behind the darkness sharpens. Rage fills up the bleakness that can be found in both the forest and upon this particular dreamscape, and nearby the boiling darkness begins to form into something solid.

A shape.

It's almost wolf like, but leaner, less furry and its eyes glow a sickly green.

Its gaze turns to Rahne then, when the woman shifts, and with a crinkle of its muzzle it launches itself after the reddish-wolf.

If she wants a chase the shadows will oblige her, and so, there's the faintest of whispers upon the cold air -

'Run, girl, run.'


Wolf-shadow chased by shadow-wolf through a dreamscape of nightmares. It almost seems poetic, if it wasn't a darkness worthy of death. Wolfsbane is the wolf's name, she knows of Rahne but isn't her, not exactly. But the one thing that she does know is how to run.

She's run against real wolves. Moonglow, The Whiner, Cascade. Old friends. Fast, fast-fast! She doesn't remember it now, instead she uses her body and leaps through a closing window of darkness, pelting through a forest, gaining JUST enough distance…

And Rahne rolls on the mossy floor. Mission in her mind, she rolls and leaps, to do something that a wolf form can't do. Up a tree, she gives herself enough time for another drop, another seed. Bait. "Yer bums oot the windae," she says, grinning. You haven't got a chance, pure Scot. And a memory.

Can't change back, a monster forever. Too close to real, the fact that it IS her reality is the true horror. She literally twitches as she drops this one, gritting her teeth. Always be a monster, always alone, the hands, claws. Monster, monster…

She switches back to wolf, leaving that behind. Not me, nothing to do with me. Ha! I'm not her! Wolfsbane, not the girl! Ye'll hae nothing o' me…

And she's running so fast that the wind whips away any signs of moisture from her face. Fur makes it run like nothing, and she's happy, as the shadow wolf hies at her heels.


'Monster monster monster'.

The darkness chants.

'Always always always.'

'Born a monster. Die a monster.'

Much like the shadow-wolf that chases after Rahne (and her wolf) those words likewise do the same.

They try to find a chink in the wolf's furry armor. To try to get the wolf and the human hidden within to stop, to falter, to trip so that it can pull them into their hold. Into the darkness.

And while the two run the dreamscape shifts with each footfall as the shadows exert their power upon this plane - a forest during the day, a forest during before snow begins to fall.

Thick flakes that will blanket the ground in inches far more quickly than not. As the flakes touch the ground there's the softest of hiss.

The shadow-wolf pauses in its run when that snow starts and with a muzzle lifted to the sky it howls. That sing-song call is filled with discordant notes; sharps and flats intermingled in a terrible melody. And with that call to the darkness two more shapes solidify.

Now three shadow-wolves turn their green-eyed gaze to the coppery wolf. All three bare their teeth in a wolfish grin, an unfriendly expression and with short sharp barks they leap after the lone wolf. Two will come from the side, while the other stays behind. A trick that Rahne's wolf might possibly understand; they're herding her.

Elsewhere in the shadows a woman kneels upon the ground, her shoulders slumped with exhaustion. Her eyes are closed, but upon hearing those howls Danielle Moonstar's head comes up and her eyes open.



She hasn't time to howl in return. It's a shame; she hasn't had time to sing to the sky with other wolves in so long, the last pack left this area a year ago. The thought stumbles her the way the chase hadn't. A song, her weakness, though it be a wolf's.

Oh, my family. My friends.

Pain blossoms in her and she snaps back, then she's running again. The wolves move her with more ease. She shouldn't have let herself be distracted. But she's seen what happens to those who stand and fight.

Run, girl, run.

Damnit though, it's so obvious. She tries to duck left, there's a snapping and snarling wolf there. Back into the path that's clearly being left open for her. She pants in exertion, trying to get ahead. Left yourself open, not a game anymore is it, Scotch girl?

Just like at home, it's never really a game anymore. Forgot how to play. Or just…hid it deep….PAY ATTENTION!

When the third wolf appears ahead it's almost a relief. Dream muscles still run out in time, and her real body whimpers, hidden behind a sofa in a dark house.

And the trap is closing on her, like shadows of steel.


The rules of this game aren't light-hearted. It's all about playing for keeps.

All of it, which skirts whether one stays free, or finds themselves enslaved.

Lives or dies.

Only the shadows have forgotten one thing. The ace in their midsts, Moonstar and while she can't control this place she can subtly affect it.

As such, while Rahne finds herself being herded into a bonafide trap, a new pathway appears. It's different than the rest, where there's snow it has a grassy dirt trail. Where there's pools of shadows, it has light.

The breeze that wafts from that slice of apparent spring is also familiar. Dani. Dani is definitely that way all Rahne has to do is step upon that path and run.

That's all.

And when that path is taken the difference between the shadows and this place is almost magical. Spring is here and new life can be found. It can be seen in the flower and tree and the blue sky above.

It's all around and eventually the path leads to a small clearing within the woods. That's where Dani can be found and already her eyes look in the direction of that dirt path. Her clothes look worn at this point, as does her expression, and upon her lap sits a sword covered in glittering hoarfrost. Winter can be smelled from that blade.

"Rahne." She croaks out quietly, "What're you doing here?" There isn't censure in her voice, more like exhausted resignation. She understands why even if she doesn't like it.


I'm not, she tries to say. The wolf opens her mouth to speak, and it's a beautiful comedy as she pauses, then visibly fails at wording. Muzzle, right.

Human, Rahne kneels in front of Danielle. Alive, alive. She's alive. "Ah'm nae here, not really," she says softly, not wanting to bring the shadows. She glances back to see if they're still chasing. That was so close, I'd…I'd do it again. God above, that was actually a lot of fun. Shouldn't be fun. Sin, don't..don't. Not now.

"Es a dream, ah'm nae here. And ah am, et be confusin'. They be all gatherin'. Naemuch longer, Dani."

Oh laird, she looks so weak. So tired.

Rahne reaches up to the taller woman, to simply touch. Her dream hands aren't fully there, are they?

"Can ye hold out?"


The shadow-wolves stop at that light path. The stop and they snarl.

Light hurts shadows and it's no different for them. Angrily the three wolves pace back and forth, eyeing the path that momentarily blocks them from their prey.

It gives time for Rahne and Moonstar to talk and the Cheyenne woman looks upon her friend.

Almost Dani shares that here on this particular plane dreams can be real. Are real, but those words don't pass her lips.

Instead she accepts the comfort Rahne offers her in that touch. Unwrapping a hand from the hilt of the sword Moonstar grabs her friend's hand and squeezes.

It's not much longer and with a nod the woman agrees.

It won't be much longer, will it? No. It won't.

The question of whether she can hold out is given some consideration.

"Yes." The black-haired woman says.

However, the bond between the two tells another story.


"I'll be ok."

She won't be.

"Like you said I just have to hold out until the others arrive."

But she won't be able to.

There are more things to be said, Moonstar knows this, but exhaustion robs her of the strength to say anything else.



Rahne's face shows teeth, a smile. As good a smile as she's ever offered to a teacher, to a friend who just wanted to help. It's a good smile, she's perfected it over a long time of lying to people who didn't understand.

Geology grades slipping, smile. Promise to do better. Going to the museum, tons of people. Smile, I'll be fine.

Neither of them believe it either.

"Aye, me too," she says, but in her case it's something else. "But thaur be a thing, an' et be worth bein' here for. You gotta listen, et be important. Okay?"

Oh, lord, give me strength. Breathe. Keep your eyes on her, give her this.

"Th' house talks tae me now, et tol' me somethen. When ah'm awake, et breathes. En thaur be a hole under th' stairs whaur et's more alive, an' et's waitin'."

"Y'see, nobody knows about et unless they be young, an' when ye get old ye forget. Ah hid en thaur, long time ago. Ah forgot too, ah be older than ah look y'know." She grins a little, goes on. What is this? Does it matter?

"Et be pure murky thaur, dark, but that be part ay th' spell. If ye can see inside ye break it, an' th' magic willnae wark anymair, sae nobody lights a candle when they hide. Et's magic, it keeps ye safe. sae only kids need it sae much, adults ur supposed tae be stronger than 'at. But there's a trick, an' magic isnae free. Th' house tol' me."

Oh god, it's not even a lie. She knows too well. But the story is spinning itself now.

"Et stops bein' important when ye forget, but thaur be a bargain en it. But tha' be th' problem. Ah be too old now, ah forget wha' ah gave up."

"But th' house called et innocence. B'fore et moved on tae anothair story."

Then she pauses, and adds, "Thes one's about cakes though an' doesnae make much sense though…", straight-faced and wondering if she's managed to at least….do…anything?

Oh Dani, take this from me. It's my only spell I know. Take my strength.


Neither of them believe it, no.

Both have grown up to know when one another lie to each other, but both know that sometimes you have to play the part.

You have to pretend you believe what you yourself is saying, or the other is. You have to ignore the lie that's said. Isn't that where the two of them are now?

For Dani, she definitely is. She voices the lies she has to, to protect Rahne from the truth. That she likely won't make it out of the shadow alive. The odds are stacked against Danielle Moonstar.

Does that stop her from listening to her friend, however? No, not at all. So, when Rahne starts to speak the Cheyenne focuses her complete attention upon Rahne.

And she listens.

She hears the words the Scottish woman speaks and with each sentences something within Moonstar brightens.

The sense of Dani within their bond becomes more defined. The expression of exhaustion upon her features lessens to some degree and by the time the story is finished Moonstar finds herself sitting a little straighter.

She's now more in the moment versus not.

It causes her head to come up and her gaze to shift slightly as she senses those shadow-wolves pawing at the sunlight trail. They may fear the sunlight but it won't stop them forever.

Her attention returns to the red-headed woman and Dani smiles an expression that's something more natural. "You always tell the best stories, Furtop."


Now comes the part she hates, "You're going to have to go back. Before the shadows break into this hidden spot of mine. We can't let them get you."


"Ah know." She does, this one isnae a lie. Rahne saves the story about the cake for next time, but she knows that it'll wait. Besides, she doesn't know how to bake anyway.

"Ah be wakin' up aready," she offers, showing her hands. The way they seem a little bit not-there, she noticed it earlier. Knew what it meant. But a dream needs an ending, and she's not even likely to remember. Wolf dreams were always hard.

And she's a wolf again, letting it come to that. The red furred head tilts back, and she sends forth a song. Power, the one power she's had time to cultivate. Because in all the time, she's worked on one thing that she's never shared til now, and it's something shining.

Her voice is beautiful.

And the wolf caresses the sky, singing her friend's face for all to hear. How it warms when Danielle Moonstar sees her, and how much she cares. How Danielle's bow strikes true, how she flies with wings of valor. How she runs so fast, it outpaces even wolves (slow ones). How she can catch a fish with her hands, and doesn't need silly fire to eat it. All the things, and more. So much more.

Fading into the night, she seems to almost be shadow before she's gone. But the song lasts much longer, a wolf's howl that humans were never meant to understand.

Gone. Safe, but the space she left is warm.

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