A Light in the Ruins
Roleplaying Log: A Light in the Ruins
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Deep within the rubble of the Triskelion lies a glimmer of electronic life…

Other Characters Referenced: Phil Coulson
IC Date: August 01, 2019
IC Location: The Triskelion ruins, NYC
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Posted On: 22 Aug 2019 03:10
Rating & Warnings: PG
NPC & GM Credits: Agent Carter on emits
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The ruins of the Triskelion.

The dust has settled quite a bit and people have gotten used to the fact that this part of Midtown is simply off limits. Sidewalks have been created, scaffolding and large temporary wooden barriers constructed to shield the public from what is effectively just a crater in the ground.

That is not to say that it is unguarded. It looks like any normal construction site, however there are guards near entrances, inside there are scanners and more guards as well as people working day and night to excavate what they can from the rubble. The Triskelion was a base of operations for SHIELD in New York, therefore it had quite a lot of research, information and other classified projects that they do not wish to leave lying about. Anything that can be recovered will be.

Agents and Scientists work rotating shifts in order to identify and tag anything of use as well as keep an eye out for anyone attempting to steal some of those very same things. It is not quite as populated as it was back when the Triskelion first fell, however the recovery is still diligent.


This is an awkward one for Daisy. Her involvement here tonight is almost guaranteed to be noticed and she doesn't have much in the way of backup. There's a Brotherhood teleporter nearby in order to get her out in a hurry but only once she's found what they're here for, and that in itself is a peculiar thing.

Someone's laptop is still receiving power somewhere within these ruins. As more of the debris is getting cleared away the device was finally able to get its signal out once again, searching for a network which is no longer there. It could be one of the last intact remnants of the 'old SHIELD.'

It also got Quake's attention in a big way, enough to risk coming out here in person to try and steal it. This is one of those situations where hacking simply would not do.

The best idea she has for how to approach the situation is something that the Division itself had taught her: Act like you belong. It wasn't all that long ago that she -did- belong here. News of her betrayal may not have gotten around all that far, she had always been a little fish at the Triskelion. For all these people are likely to know she's just another low-level tech brought in to examine something. Just play it cool and follow the signal, maybe no one'll get hurt.


Some people like having a break from the tedium of the office. Ulysses rather enjoyed having three cubicle walls around him when he could. More so ever since his trip back from Alaska. Hrrgh. Alaska. It had only been a mild blessing that it wasn't in the middle of it's cold, dark seasons.

If the hacker looks unhappy being out here, it's because he is. While one can't see the frown he wears with the dust mask over his mouth, there's still the furrowed brow and the wrinkled nose as he pokes distastefully at rubble with a stick.

"…how is anyone supposed to find anything in this?" he asks no one in particular. He takes a few uneasy steps along the uneven piles of debris, adjusting the strap of the shoulder tote he's brought along, wishing he'd been able to bring some iced coffee or something as well. "Oh!"

He stoops down and nudges a few bits and chunks to the side to pull out a handle and…two-thirds of what might have been his old coffee mug, his expression falling once again as he observes its state. With a sigh, he tosses it over his shoulder.


As Daisy makes her way toward the site, simply flashing a badge is enough to get her close enough. However, as she makes her way in, things start to get far more buttoned up. She'll need more than just a smile and confident attitude to get past the barriers themselves.

As Ulysses plucks up parts of his old coffee mug, there's a ping. "Agent Arngrim?" Another scientist gestures at him toward one of the tables where extricated parts have been strewn out to figure out if they are worth saving. Someone behind a computer points at a monitor. "I'm starting to get a few pings toward where I think the old lab was. Can you check out to see if there's anything there or if it's just a bounce back?"


If this were an actual Brotherhood operation there would already be fatalities. Quake would really love to avoid adding to those numbers. These are the people she used to work alongside. Would -still- be working alongside if not for making an impulsive decision the day that this building had fallen. If there's any hope of the Division taking her back in once this is done then she's going to have to be really..really careful.

Fighting is a last resort. The thing about digging through ruins, however? They have a chance of being unstable.

It takes a moment for the metahuman to 'connect' with the rubble. Tons and tons of rubble. Various metals interlacing massive reinforced concrete slabs. Lots of dense materials, good stuff for transmitting vibrations.

Getting the ground to tremble is almost easy now. She tries to be subtle about it, a delicate touch at first. Pebbles start to bounce and click about. Dust gradually filters into the air. Then the bigger pieces start to shift, a low and steady rumbling like the awakening of a massive beast.

All she needs is for these other people to evacuate the area. Make it seem like a natural settling of contents, as it were. -Totally- not some meta chick causing trouble. Honest!


Ulysses had started to poke a little more at the rubble at his feet, wondering if maybe finding his mug meant his desk might have been somewhere around here. Oooor it could have just been hurled clear to the other side of the building as everything imploded.

He's saved further dismal speculation as someone calls for him. Getting up, he dusts himself off out of habit as he strolls on over towards the tables. "Oh yeah, sure. I'll have a look."

At least that had been the plan before things started to shudder beneath his feet.

"What is…what…why is it doing that..?" he asks no one specifically as his gaze falls towards the debris-strewn ground. "-did someone touch anything they weren't supposed to?! Oh no I hope it's not because I pulled out a mug…"


The ground starts to shake, jostle and bounce. It feels exactly like the beginnings of an earthquake. They are rare in New York City, however not unheard of - especially with Quake is in residence in the city. And when the rubble the Agents are standing on is packed but not completely steady, that means it is far more likely to be something shifting underneath the pile that was integral. Perhaps something like a coffee mug.

As Ulysses starts to make his way toward the specific place the rest of the Agents start to find their balance.

"Evacuate!" The Senior Agent calls out to those on the pile. "Everyone to check point B! Check Point B everyone!"


It works! All under the guise of a load-bearing coffee mug. It's a weird thing but—

While everyone is in the process of evacuating Quake notices someone -very- familiar looking. Is—is that Ulysses??

Oh, crap.

Don't get Daisy wrong, Uly has been an excellent fellow hacker to work alongside but that guy sooo does not have a Poker-face. If he notices her this will get way more difficult. Amidst the panic she spins about on her heels, back toward him and head ducked low, almost willing the other agent to look anywhere other than where she's standing.

It's also to gather the nerve for what comes next.

The signal to that lonesome buried peripheral is being tracked by her phone. She'll be running against the flow of evacuating workers. This window won't be open for long.

"Go, get out of here!" she directs someone else hurrying past before she presses further into the ruins. The sooner this is done the sooner she can leave!


"Um, it's…it's not stopping…" observes Captain Obvious as he stumbles his way to the table, dropping his poking stick in favor of grabbing the nearest table edge for whatever support it might offer. Which he realizes may be pointless if everything under them collapses.

// Pleasedon'tcollapsepleasedon'tcollapsepleasedon'tcollapse // is the undercurrent mantra to his trying to do the responsible agent thing as he looks around to pass the word to other agents. Not that anyone needs direction to evacuate, right? "What he said, check point- uh.. B. B yeah- that's… Well just follow people that way," he suggests, waving an arm in a general direction as he tries to remember for himself where the stupid check points were. It's so easy to get turned around when you're wandering a big old pile of rubble that used to be your workplace. There weren't any walls to hint that you were heading the wrong way.

Although speaking of evacuating, maybe he should go too, except wait, what about all this stuff? "Do we just leave the thing?" Is he supposed to pull a back-up or something? He can't work like this people! Grumbling something about him getting himself killed one of these days, he pulls out a cable from his shoulder bag and plugs it into the computer before tapping feverishly at the keyboard to capture a quick image of where things were left off before he disengages and starts to clumsily make his way down the rubble.

Wait, that person's going the wrong way. "Miss? Hey miss..! I think- hey..!" Did she not hear him? Curse the city and its knack for warping acoustics! Ulysses staggers this way and that in a rough beeline after her. "That's…not…check point..B..!"


The crush of people is panicked but rather orderly. Agents of SHIELD are well trained to keep their head under pressure. As most of those on the pile start to evacuate and Daisy makes her way in, another guard makes a similar inquiry to Daisy.

"Miss, stop right there! You are going the wrong way. Are you authorized to be here?"


Dammit! There's always one, isn't there… "Of course I am," Daisy replies as nonchalantly as she can possibly muster. "Otherwise I wouldn't be here."

This isn't going to work, is it.

Rookie agent. Knows her way around any electronic device. Barely knows any hand to hand techniques. Still doesn't know which end of an ICER to point toward the other guy. In the months since the Trisket fell she had been given other manners of training. She had gotten power-focusing gauntlets to keep from destroying herself.

Now she's using them to shove the one guard away from her, seemingly punted by an invisible force of air.

There'll be time to apologize later. He doesn't need to get hurt… He just needs to get -out of her way.- Now the element of surprise is gone. Now's the time to rush for the device and nuts to everything else. Now's the time…

…for Ulysses to come running over.

There'll be a moment for eye contact to be made where she stands perfectly still while staring at the former colleague. Awkward as the two had been they were able to accomplish a lot in a little amount of time back in the day. Ulysses is someone Daisy can appreciate. Heck, she liked having him around. Which is why it's so difficult for her to do what comes next.

No apology nor warning is forthcoming. If either of them hesitate just a -little too long- it could completely blow her cover. Thus, Daisy does what she thinks she has to do and Ulysses is about to be sent flying. Further than the guard. Far and -away from her.- The landing won't be comfortable but she has to keep him away!


Oh good, security's got it. Or not. He didn't…he did not just see that right now, did he?

Ulysses stops a good ways from where the other two are, although now it's one less because the guard's gone…elsewhere. He'd seen it happen and he still isn't sure what exactly did happen. His mouth opens as his brain tries to load up some authorative-sounding warning as he reaches under his blazer, wondering if saying 'Please don't make me shoot you' will have the same effect.

But then the woman turns, and their eyes lock. He knows her. It's been months, but he hasn't forgotten her face, even with the brief conflict of a lack of familiar surroundings to properly sync things up, although to be fair, all the familiar surroundings are underfoot.

It's like a million things run through his mind in that moment. He'd had that meeting with Coulson. He has a rough idea of what all's going on off-record, the dangerous undertakings of Daisy Johnson. So if she's here, then it's Important, but if she's playing sides then her cover can't be blown.

His mouth closes just before he can do something stupid like blurt out her name, but his expression goes between shock and realization to possible understanding that just as well can all be translated to 'Oh crap.'

It all happens in an instant, all the air gets knocked out of him somehow and the ground is no longer where it's supposed to be because he's not on the ground but flying — I'm not supposed to fly — nope, scratch that, falling now, falling, ohnofalling do they teach how to land from something like this in training?!!? He doesn't know what he's hit but he knows he's landed, and no, it's not comfortable at all. Pain…pain's a good thing, yes? Maybe? Because that's all he registers at the moment.


The guard goes toppling, ass over teakettle even as he brings his ICER up to bear. He manages to squeeze the trigger once, the shot echoing over the rocks and the barriers. Landing in a pile of limbs, he starts to try and extricate himself, but it's slow. Bringing his hand to his radio, he starts to try and sound the alarm.

Lucky for him, the ring of the shot is enough to bring more attention to his plight. "Lights!" One guard calls. "Keep evacuating!" Calls another.

Suddenly, the streets and the parts of the pile illuminate. Daisy's window to make less noise is quickly closing.

Toward Ulysses, the first guard attempts to puff out at him, "A-are you alright?" It's quiet, he may be too far to hear it.


The shot from the ICER is startling but somehow not as gripping of a situation as Daisy realizing that she had just sucker-quaked Ulysses. This is going to require a lot of apologizing over a very secure connection later… Once he's in the air it's all down to physics as to how rough of a landing he's going to get but she can't help but watch every instant of it, the action becoming a proper memory.

Coulson had tried to prepare her for this. It was a crash course. He had given her the option to duck out, no harm no foul. Yet she chose to stay, to keep pursuing this madness. Now another ally is caught in the crossfire.

Worry about it later. No really, -worry about it later and get your butt moving!-

The signal's close. Still a little buried but she had expected that much. The rebar underfoot makes for good focal points, she can 'grab onto' those with her power then try to pry the rubble apart. Almost there!

Please don't let this all end up on the evening news… SHIELD wouldn't do that, right?

"Rrrrgh..c'mon you stupid thing!"


There's a groan from Ulysses' direction, which could be a positive in that it's a response at all. Thankfully he's landed on his back, probably more bruised than broken, so he hopes. He still feels like his whole body had gotten punched, and he can feel it protest as he tries to move, imagining a Ulysses-shaped crater around him.

Out of the corner of his eye he sees lights flaring to life here and there at the shouts to activate them. Another grunt, an attempt to sit up that fails as he decides maybe he'll just lie here for a moment longer. He can hear things getting a little more tense, his eyes snapping open again at the sounds of shots ringing out.

"Daisy if you get caught after all this, I swear…" he mutters under his breath. That's uh. Encouragement. Yes.


There's shouting now.

As Daisy moves the rubble, the ground shakes again, this time in a more localized manner. Chunks of ground start to pull upward, the rebar doing its job to both hold some of the large pieces together as well as work as a fulcrum for Daisy to use her powers. With a loud groan, the piece is lifted and then set to the side, leaving something of a crater in its wake. Beneath it, a laptop. The screen is cracked, parts of it black and others bleeding color and strange symbols. The keyboard is missing multiple keys, but the important thing is that it seems to have its hard drive still intact.

Ulysses will possibly note this is close to where he was sent as there was some sort of activity there. Or, he may see the guard slowly crawling his way toward the hacker. "Agent Arngrim, are you alright? Agent Arngrim??"


Now that is a poor, sorry state for any piece of technology to wind up in… It's amazing that the device runs at all! A testament to the build quality of SHIELD's hardware, perhaps. This one is going to need some TLC before its secrets are revealed, but the important part is that Quake has the darned thing. She's almost afraid to move it. Definitely afraid to close the screen. If there's any wires connected to it those will be quickly pulled.

Then her attention goes to the rest of the Triskelion Crater. This place is about to be swarming with some very ticked off agents.

"Okay, I got it!"

A momentary flicker of light comes and goes with the passing of the teleporter mutant, appearing down in the wreckage just long enough to catch Quake by the shoulder then port them somewhere a lot more quiet and a lot more safe.

Unfortunately for Daisy this is only one half of the battle won. Soon it'll be time to reach out to the other hacker in a much less violent manner. There is still much work to be done.


It's the sound of movement near him that draws Ulysses' attention to the guard first before he actually sees him. It's only when the guard gets closer and more blurry that the hacker notices his glasses must have went flying in another direction. He coughs as he tries this 'getting up' thing again, shifting his elbows back.

"Ugh, ow, ow…" As tempting as it is to just flop back down again, he forces himself to keep trying to get to some semblance of an upright position. He manages to roll slightly onto his side, propped up by an arm. "I'm…in one piece." That's a valid answer, right?

He can't hear anymore shouts or shots so he can only hope that Daisy's made it. At the moment he doesn't even know how far back he'd been knocked, but later he'd be able to work out the overlap of the earlier reported activity and whatever Daisy's objective might have been.


The other guards are quick into the pile. From the shot to Daisy's quick teleportation out was practically only moments. They start to investigate, locking down any place they can see. The rumbling has stopped. As they approach the cratered area left by Quake, some stumble on the tiny rocks lifted free, but the rest of the pile makes no further movement.

Into their earpiece, on of the guards announces: "Triskelion to Renwick, we've had a break in. Not sure what the goal was, however they managed to make the site evacuate. We're starting our investigation now. They're nowhere to be seen at the moment."

The guard slowly gets up and reaches out a hand toward Ulysses to help him up should he wish it. "I have a feeling the two of us will be asked quite a few questions."


Oh, he does not want to think about how this will go. But maybe they'll give him a break for being a bit broken. Okay, nothing seems to be broken, which is a definite plus, but he still aches all over. Gratefully he accepts the hand up, knowing he needs it. Ulysses gets no more than a few pats in the attempt to dust himself off as he realizes he's pretty much covered in it. Also, his everything hurts.

"Couldn't you have a better feeling about something more pleasant," he sighs, not looking forward to the questioning, but it all boils down to standard protocol.

He needs a raise.

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