What Tomorrow Brings
Roleplaying Log: What Tomorrow Brings
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Emma Frost has a new acquisition.

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IC Date: August 12, 2019
IC Location: Takahashi Enterprises, Metropolis
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Posted On: 22 Aug 2019 03:53
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There was a conversation locked away in a board room, about the need to expand the communications capacity of Frost International’s offerings. Which meant a three hour conversation about building it internally or acquiring the right company.

The following quarter several candidates were at the next meeting, and one floated to the top as the most promising choice.

But then they had the audacity to decline a generous offer.

It was an unfortunate choice.


Takahashi Enterprises stock has plummeted as it finds its suppliers are often pushing up their prices or unable to meet Takahashi’s order demands.

They considered closing the Metropolis branch, but… then another offer was made.

Frost International’s legal team submitted a lot of expense reports including numerous commutes to Delaware and Tokyo.


The memo went out, first at Frost and then at Takahashi, announcing the finalization of the acquisition of the latter by the former. It was not well received.

But, at the very least, one person is getting a promotion.

It may or may not be a relief to Akari when she gets the news that she’s to lead the transition as the new VP of R&D in Metropolis.


It’s the last day before the acquisition is final, and there has been a tremendous hullabaloo.

Emma Frost, savior of the Takahashi remnant (at least as far as Frost International press is likely to be concerned), is coming to visit the Metropolis location before heading on to Tokyo to finalize her company’s latest purchase.

Einosuke Takahashi was not pleased two years ago and that hasn't changed in the time since Frost International wanted to take over the company.

The only difference now is that his daughter, Akari is heading up the meeting which is part of the finalization in Metropolis. Reluctantly. Very much so. And like her father, she's not exactly pleased with the situation. As they might have had their differences, it was not supposed to come to this.

The conference room in which this meeting is taking place is on the top floors of the building, ensuring that not just anyone can interrupt. And barring that, it'll be a long walk for anyone possessed of such thoughts. Attired in a simple black suit, the soon to be VP appears to be as polished as expected of anyone bearing the family name. For now, she's more interested in the cityscape rather than pace in the room proper. Both allow for collecting one's thoughts. Or in this case, demeanor.

It is a terribly long walk so far as Emma Frost is concerned as she makes her way up with her CFO and COO in tow. It’s not often that all three attend a meeting anywhere and, when they do, it is corporate policy for them to all take separate travel arrangements. It keeps the executive leadership from being all wiped out at once in case of unfortunate happenings.

But, eventually, they all arrive. The two men in their crisp bespoke suits, one in ash with a navy shirt and one in slate with a shirt that has a subtle white on white stripe.

And then there’s Emma Frost, the pleasantly proportioned shark herself, in a modest white brocade dress, knee length with elbow length sleeves and a wide brass-buckled belt wrapped in the same fabric. Her heels are presently the most scandalous thing about her: white stiletto shoes so tall that they push her height to nearly six feet, and that hold her feet in by way of three tiny gold straps.

She lets the COO do the talking on the way up as she takes in the sights with a shrewd eye.

As much as it could be a walk - from the elevators to the meeting room, thankfully in Metropolis there are also elevators. Speedy and in some ways more efficient than what other cities have widely available, there’s no surprise why Takahashi chose this city to expand into for their US venture. Nevertheless, there will be someone tied to the family still present in the day to day operations. Whether they like it or not.

It’s not quite known how Akari feels about the situation. Really, truly feels. It’s family. It’s also an obligation. One that she frankly tried to stave off as long as possible. Pressing her fingers more firmly into the well-made material of her suit jacket, she does wonder what is taking the Frost party so long to arrive. There should have been notification if there were any delays.

..Maybe the elevator became stuck. Well, one could hope.

Alas for poor Akari, it is not the elevator that causes the delay. Rather, it is Emma’s slow and deliberate walk as she’s shown in with her fellow executives. She may not have her name on the side of the building, yet, but she certainly comes in with the aires that it is.

Someone offers to get them something to drink. Her colleagues inquire after coffee. She asks after water with lemon.

And then Richard Lark, Frost’s COO, begins to make the introductions. He’s not a stranger, as he’s the one who—with the CFO—has handled most of the arrangements to complete the sale that Takahashi stockholders demanded after the offer was made public.

“Miss Takahashi,” he begins with all respect and manners on display. “It is my pleasure to finally introduce to you our CEO, Miss Emma Frost.” Alright, most of his manners on display. The small dig, however, seems to be mostly contained. “Miss Frost, this is Miss Akari Takahashi.”

This has been an introduction strangely delayed in coming.

Emma allows her thoughts to race ahead of her, taking stock of the other woman with an expression of open appraisal… and her mind is already setting itself to the scanning of Akari’s surface thoughts. Not quite known how she feels about it? Well, a telepath can easily fix that.

The blonde ignores her COO and stretches a hand out that might feel perhaps a little on the too-thin side. “Miss Takahashi.”

There are some things which Akari would be better off knowing. That Emma Frost is already taking survey of the company is nothing that should surprise the most savvy of business people. Even those who are currently employed know that things change in an acquisition. And sometimes not for the best.

While the presence of Richard Lark is met with some measure of cool recognition, Akari's gaze flickers from him to the much taller blonde woman who is the CEO of Frost and for all intents and purposes - her family's company. A lot of it is familial pride. It was her father's hard work that built this company, after all. Irony is that she feels rather attached to the name now, that it's being sold. Has been sold. No, the correct word should be taken over.

But she's a very cool and collected woman who extends her hand in kind for a handshake that does, at the last minute, find herself wondering about this new CEO and her health. Thin hand. Yet, she appears to be fine.

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Frost."

“The pleasure is all mine, Miss Takahashi.”

Some of those sentiments that swirl in Akari’s thoughts are ones that Emma can appreciate. Others, less so. But the blonde’s thoughts and appreciations are schooled behind an eminently polite smile despite the hostility of the takeover, even as she firmly shakes the other woman’s hand.

“Once the dust settles from tomorrow,” Frost continues, “I would very much like for you to join me in Manhattan for a few days. Your rise in leadership needs to be met with drinks and introductions.”

Her rise in leadership that comes at the cost of her scionship. The implication is entirely purposeful.

“I would very much like to know how best we can move forward from here, and provide as much stability as possible during the transition.”

Tomorrow. While a weighty word, Akari still manages to take the entire situation in stride. She maintains her handshake - firm, but not too much so as the rest of the week’s upcoming … activities are made known.

Does she have to? Supposedly. It wouldn’t do to flat out say no. What may not be terribly clear is that she’s not the most social of butterflies. When it comes to work.

“Are there any dossiers on those people that will be in attendance?” Akari could, at least, do some of her homework ahead of time regarding these seemingly powerful movers and shakers.

Emma reclaims her hand and settles it back over her clutch purse. “We can do a dinner with the Frost International board later in the month.” She looks over to the COO, quietly making the suggestion an edict. “For that, yes. Miss Beaumont, please make a note to prepare those documents for Miss Takahashi.” The woman behind the blonde—a willowy woman with a dark asymmetrical bob and an equally geometric skirt suit—murmurs a swift word of agreement and immediately begins tapping away on her tablet. “There’s a charity gala coming up that you might want to attend. That, less so with the known guest list. But it’s good for you to really get an eye for the market to whom we cater. The brand is built on luxury. Indulgences now and again are rather par for the course for an executive at your level.”

Frost says all of these things with a matter of fact sort of tone, and her gaze betrays nothing that would expect resistance.

She breathes in, and then asks, “Of course, I am very interested in what—if anything—you foresee the challenges to be in overcoming the differences in corporate culture. There will be some turnover, but despite rumours… I really would rather minimize it.”

Her shoulders shrug, as her own thoughts worm in deeper into Akari’s and hunt for any known nests of resistance within the staff that might need early terminations. Any genuine challenge to her complete domination will need to be dealt with swiftly. To remove all infection, for grumbling can become a wild cancer if left to fester, before it can spread.

“After all, I’ve no doubt at all that we can turn around that bad spot of luck and bring back to shine the innovations and thoughtfulness that birthed it. And you, as a leader in those innovations, will be the toast of the globe.”

Thank goodness for little miracles.

Akari won’t have to enter a sea of unknown people without some modicum of knowledge about them. She will, however, have to go. There’s something about the woman, in her simple but finely cut suit that speaks to her position without flaunting. Much like her… not quite disdain for formal events, but rather it’s really a lot of people speaking to be seen and not much substance. Maybe she can figuratively twist someone’s arm to attend with her to stave off what’s bound to be something boring. Most parties are, she’s seen.

As to the clientele that is a part of Frost Enterprises? “So, you mean that people want, to make a mild suggestion, gold plated phones over what is actually practical and useful, Miss Frost?” What a significant waste of resources, if so.

“Takahashi Enterprises has been known for actual application of technology and what can be done with any possible advances.” That may actually ruffle a few of her feathers to be relegated to such a thing. And it might be the first hurdle. And the second. “The employees will not be a problem. However, it also may be said that some of the more scientific of our number will need assurances that they will not be hindered by bureaucratic issues.”

“I think,” Emma says, after a moment’s pause and upwards curl of her lips to indicate gratitude as she’s handed her cup of water, “that you’ll find our environment decidedly unproblematic in that regard.” She sips from it, finds it suitable, and then continues.

“I said luxury, Ms. Takahashi. And that can mean many things. It can mean quality materials or elegant design, and being an excellent judge of both. I know that Ms. Beaumont didn’t send my dossier before this meeting—” Was one actually necessary? “—but I am from Massachusetts before Manhattan, not New Jersey.” That most certainly does carry a note of disdain with it, but not for Akari herself.

She sips from her glass, and then her head tilts gently to one side. “Anyway, I look forward to plotting out a course for future harmony and profit.”

That’s about the time that Richard Lark steps in to interrupt, taking advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself. “Miss Beaumont, if you could set the table please? Miss Takahashi, I’ve prepared several documents for your review so that you can see what will be contained in the press releases and the first wave of internal memos. Your father signed off on everything yesterday morning, including the final agreement to head up the transition of the Asian branches for six months.”

An olive branch.

Emma smiles, although there is no sweetness in it. “Consider me a resource as we navigate all of this. What we need most from you for the next month is a cool head and a reasonable voice. We avoid panic, we maintain productivity, and we’ll retain the right talent.”

That slender hand sweeps towards the table, even as her assistant lays out the thick folders and fires up the large screen display to begin working through the business of the day so that they can get Akari up to speed quickly. As the displaced heir, she will receive all of the first briefings today, followed later in the week by those of the Metropolis branch who will be staying in top tier leadership.

“Shall we sit, Miss Takahashi?” Frost asks, taking ownership of the room even though it’s not formal for another day.

Color Akari Takahashi a bit dubious. Unproblematic? Every company is known for having issues of varying sorts - some big and some small enough to be insignificant to most people. The mention of luxury is met without further comment. Even though the mention of Massachusetts rather than New Jersey actually receives the slightest tilts of her head. There’s something there with that reference, but she’ll file it for later.

With Richard’s interruption, her eyes flicker towards the other man with a slight step before inclining her head to the information related to the ‘asian branches’. At least her father managed to keep some measure of respect for a few months. It still stings a little but what’s done is done. She’s coming to accept matters as they are.

“And after six months?” It’s the natural query to the statement made by Emma Frost. One that she may not get an immediate answer to as they set into business matters. Reasonable and level headed, she is. Planning out the future of her father’s company or what’s left of it is something she does without a second thought. She had been trained for it. Reluctant once upon a time, Akari is no longer that woman out of necessity.

Emma Frost is already on her way, not deigning to wait as Akari takes her time. Despite the impression left by her thinness, she is pushing the meeting forward in a timing to her preference and she sets her cup down quietly. Richard Lark and John Tobias, COO and CFO respectively, settle into chairs behind folders with the needed papers for today with Lark beside the empty spot for Akari and Tobias beside Frost. Lark opens up his own folder, and then opens Akari’s. He pulls out the first sheet for her and sets it on top.

She opens up her own folder, glances over the staggered cut pages and their polished appearance, before folding her hands atop them and looking up at Akari squarely with all of the self-possession and assurance of a queen upon her throne.

“Well,” Emma replies to the woman four years her senior, “after six months, naturally, we assess our progress and see what must be done. But we start here, with what we suspect to be true with regards to our opportunities and challenges, what are hopes are, and our opening moves to move forward with a position of strength. A united front, after all, will serve us all best.” Is that a note of a threat? Surely not. Either way, the blonde moves forward after a beat filled with a dangerous sort of smile. It’s brief, however, as she continues forward at her brisk clip. “So, now that we’ve got all of that settled—” It very clearly isn’t. “—we have a lot of ground to cover in the next eight hours. I have somewhere to be once we’re done here.”

Her hand then unfurls towards the seat across the conference table from her, indicating that empty seat. What comes next is polished in tone and meter, but very clearly no longer a request. It is a demand from the woman who wraps her iron fist in velvet and who has built a career on being routinely underestimated.

“Let us begin.”


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