Princess Kara and friends.
Roleplaying Log: Princess Kara and friends.
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Brann and Kara meet up again, while Karen throws down some real drama.

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IC Date: August 18, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis
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More and more these days, a particular tailor's shop has been seeing the business of a certain redheaded fellow. Said redhead keeps getting the tailor to make him specialized clothing, clothing that will not easily catch on fire. For all intents and purposes, the clothing is fire proof. It's an unusual request for someone who isn't a firefighter.

Stepping out of the tailor shop, the redhead, Brann Driver, puts his hands in the pockets of his new jacket. The jacket itself, a sports jacket, is worn over a simple white shirt, pants matching the jacket, with dark socks and shoes. He smiles, glancing down at his pockets. Those paying particular attention might notice, every now and then, little flames spurting out from the edges of the pockets.

* * *

Flying down to the ground nearby Brann, comes Kara. She's dressed in a full blue glittery gown, that shows off a square neckline, some gossamer sleeves, and trail. Kara currently has her blonde hair done into one single braid that she has draped down one of her shoulders. Yes, that's right, she looks like a costumed Princess Elsa and she stands a little shakily on some crystal heels. She does a little forward stepping, then backwards stepping, and with a quick grin she says, "Brann! You have got to thank your sister for me. I mean, this is great."

And she's holding up one foot, then the other, "Just got them. The costume shop -finally- got the shoes in, and gave me a discount on them because of how they screwed up. I was so angry, and they even forgave me for breaking their counter. So, great, gonna yelp star them 5 times."

* * *

To say that the woman flying over head was eagle-eyed was underselling it to an incredible degree. There isn't much going on at the moment, but Karen has a knack for finding, well, -something.- For example, today, she is a good two hundred feet in the air at the moment she spies these tiny, tiny flames licking out from the pockets of a random person.

She wouldn't have noticed it if it weren't for how 'fast' and minuscule a thing she can see, of course. Being able to hear the planet is one thing, but being able to see the molecular makeup of a person's shirt from the lower stratusphere is nigh enough all-important.

It is this that she checks, of course- and noting its strange composition, she cannot help but arrive, even as her erstwhile counterpart is already on the scene… In a different costume? October isn't -that- far away, she muses, even as she lands at a reasonable speed. Not too threatening.

The blonde form of Power Girl is altogether imposing on its own, even if she isn't approaching at Mach Yes. "I don't normally stop random people on the street, but can you tell me why your pockets are on fi-" She pauses, then, noticing that Kara is talking about breaking someone's counter. She can't help but overhear that conversation now that she's paying attention to Brann.

"You wanna run that by me again?" she asks, now directing an incredulous look at Elsagirl.

* * *

"Woah!" Brann blinks and almost steps backward into a person. "Oh! Kara! Hey." The New Yorker in Metropolis is still not quite used to flying people. "Yeah, I'll be sure t'tell my sister that her lessons came in handy." He grins. "You really like Elsa, don'tcha?" He chuckles. "I mean, ain't nothin' wrong with that. I've definitely watched Frozen a fair few times." Mostly because of his siblings.

He glances at the shoes. "They're nice. Good thing they got the right shoes for ya this time, huh?"

He blinks again at Karen's arrival. It's not his imagination, right? She wasn't just there? "Why my pockets are on..what?" He glances down. "OH!" He slowly takes his hands out of his pockets to show his hands, which are currently aflame. "This is probably why." He blows on each hand and the flames go out.

* * *

"Well, yeah, duh. She's like the mightest Earth princess. And she sings!" Kara mentions, with a roll of her eyes, saying 'like duh' with them. And then she smiles some more, "Well, it was really nice. And I do, I'm just practicing for Halloween, which is coming up real-" A pause as Karen shows up.

Kara looks disgruntled suddenly, and raises up a hand and makes it move like someone is talking, whilst Karen is interrogating Brann before she puts her hand on her head and plays with her hair a little bit as Karen turns to talk to her, hiding the fact she was making that hand motion from the other taller bustier blonde. "By Rao, lady, you sure like to shove your nose into -other peoples'- business. Don't you? So what if his hands are on fire? Huh? It's a free world, isn't it?"

And then she gets the scrutinizing stare, "What?! I got new shoes, they are heels, it fits the costume, helloooooooo. Have you ever seen Frozen? No." And she huffs a little bit, folding her arms under her chest, and kind of lifting a little, you know, to compete, failing at it, but still. "Sorry, Brann. -My- good friend, Brann, but this lady she is the -worst-, always criticizing everyone. So, don't mind her, she's just rude."

* * *

Karen nods along with Brann's explanation. She's nicer than she probably looks- and is definitely nicer than Kara's making her out to be. "You have control over that? Your clothes are flame retardant, so I'm guessing you're either planning on using it, or you might need some help. I can probably help you find somebody-"

Then, Kara starts talking. The look of pure condescension that she gets from Power Girl is… Intense. Though Karen is used to people trying to compete, a fold of her own arms- coupled with -no- lifting motion- puts that competition to an end. There really just isn't a match for Power Girl in that regard. "Yeah. Free country, world, whatever you're assuming it is, but people's hands being on fire isn't an every day occurence. Even for Metropolis." There's another pause, then, as she lets it sink in.

"And you still haven't run that through a second time, the part about how you broke the counter at a costume shop, and intimidated them into giving you a discount and not pressing charges." She might be making a few assumptions- but her gut is telling her that Kara might not understand- or that she does, and doesn't -care.- Which is worse.

* * *

"She's a pretty, dare I say, cool princess." Yes, Brann means cool as in interesting and cool as in her ability. He's just that lame that he'd use that as a joke. "Personally though, I really liked Olaf. I think he's probably my favourite character of the movie. He's just goofy and loved life, you know?" He then glances between Kara and Karen, frowning.

"Yeah, I've got control over the fire, Miss." He says to Karen. "Just…this is the first time I've had access to specialized clothing that doesn't outright burn." He explains. "So I'm uh…maybe I'm just a little over enthusiastic. I wasn't usin' my noggin." He explains. "It's okay, Kara." He offers the familiar girl a smile. "I understand where Miss…" He glances to Karen, realizing he doesn't actually know who she is. "I can understand where she's coming from."

"Really, though, ma'am, there's nothing to worry about. I got control of it all. See?" He holds up a fist and starts raising each finger. As he does so, the fingers light on fire. "And then, well," he snaps his fingers on his other hand and the fire on his fingers goes out. "Easy peasy lemon squeezy."

He clears his throat. "But look, I really didn't mean to draw attention to my fire ways none. I just wasn't thinking." Which is typical for him, really. "As I said, I'm just really excited about my new clothing is all!"

* * *

"Um, I did -not- intimidate them." Kara shakes her head, 'The owner was super duper after I broke the counter. It wasn't my fault, I mean, steel? Really? Who makes a steel counter and expects it to last?" A little shrug of her shoulders, "Besides they owed me." Kara mentions more easily as she shows off her crystal heels to Karen, with a smile, "Aren't they pretty? I feel so much like Elsa it's great."

And then she lets her arms come to her sides, and pats down her gown a little, "This thing is so great. I've got glitter based makeup that I'm going to put on for the full thing. And I can sculpt an ice staff or something to walk around with. Just have to freeze it a few times during the day. Halloween, that's like the end of this month, right?"

Still not paying enough attention to Earth culture. Laughing though, at Brann's joke, "Yeah, she's cool! I get it. I'm totally stealing that one." Looking to Karen she grins up at that taller blonde, "See what you are doing, Miss Wedgie? Huh? You are making Brann apologize for just being a normal guy. Fire hands, come on? That's like… basically normal." Turning her attention, Kara says, "I bet all the ladies think you are hot, though, huh? Or, guys." A little shrug as she smiles, "Jokes are easy."

* * *

Karen's nonplussed expression deepends the more oblivious Kara seems to be, and there is just something -about- the exchange that almost seems deeply personal to the taller blonde. Her arms drop out of their imperious crossing, and there is this small twitch to her right hand. A combatant- properly experienced- would be able to tell what's coming. Kara in cosplay might not be on the right foot, or in the right mindset, to see it.

That is because, quite frankly, the resulting slap is like lightning. Karen knows- somewhat preternaturally, how hard to hit the younger version of herself. She knows how strong she is, and definitely how much she can take. Distressingly, if she connects, there will be a palpable shockwave that results. Karen is aiming to leave a mark, specifically on Kara- the force isn't quite great enough to take even an off-guard Kryptonian off of her feet… But it's definitely enough that it's going to hurt.

"Grow up." she begins, her tone darker- a barely hidden fury seemingly incongruous to the situation bubbling beneath the surface of her words. Clark would have been softer. Karen isn't afraid to get a little angry. Or… A lot angry. "You walked into their business, and smashed it up. They were -afraid- of you. They didn't have the right shoes so you threw a tantrum, like a spurned -baby-. You come to this planet and start waltzing through everything like some sort of alien valley girl, leveraging the strength you didn't even have on Krypton. You should be better than this. You're -far- too old to still be -this- much of a child."

* * *

"Kara, it's honestly fine." Brann shakes his head. "But I do appreciate it." He's never actually had someone defend his fire ability before. Especially not to this extent. It's usually him who has to justify it. It's almost nice to have someone else say that it's okay.

"Look, I don't make a habit o' bein' on fire. I'll say that much." He explains. "I'm just getting used to having clothin' that doesn't automatically burn when there's fire." He says to Karen. "I just…it's just so exciting!" He said that before, didn't he? "But really, it's all under control!"

When Karen moves to slap Kara, he instinctively steps back and clenches his fists, which do set on fire again. "Woah, flying ladies, let's just calm down, yeah?" He raises his hands to make a patting motion along with his words to calm down, only to realize that they're on fire. He sighs and turns the fire off.

* * *

"Seriously, you aren't strange or bizarre. Or anything. You weren't doing anything wrong, AND you are taking precautions with cloth-" The crack across her face is really the part that surprises Kara. It hits, hard, and her head turns. There's mack trucks that would be envious of that slap causing so much movement. Hell, there's super strong powerful beings that wish they could move Kara so much, but the shockwave that results causes a few people around them to stagger backwards. Wind, created, from Kara's cheek being hit by the hand.

Her eyes blink, and she gets furious, then, stops, and then gets angry, and then stops, and then clenches her fists, and then stops. She is stunned, and shocked, and angry all at once. "You don't … have the -right- to lecture me!" Kara's eyes begin to well up a little, getting moisture along the bottoms of them, "My parents, died -that day-. I had to -watch-. And you want me … to … what, get over it?! I damaged some stupid counter?! So what?! I paid for the gown! I paaaaid for the shoes, with your people's stupid money."

She sniffles some and looks to Brann, to see if he's okay from the shockwave, and then holds a hand up to her cheek. She sniffles again, and looks over at Karen with watery eyes, "You are lucky you know Kal. Else, miss No name, I would ram you into the moon and knock you back to whereever inconsiderate, stupid, horrible people like you come from. I would fly myself to deep space, if I -ever- were to grow up to be like you."

Moving over in the direction of Brann she looks like some kind of injured animal, a little scrunched up, looking in the direction of Karen but not directly at her, shoulders pulled in a little. Not so much afraid, as, she's not used to being hurt, and that slap -hurt- and now she's keeping herself a smaller target that's not letting her eyes off of Power Girl.

* * *

Poor Brann is watching an interpersonal conflict between two people that could throw the whole of Metropolis at each other if the situation really required it. That much is awkward enough- that a slap is delivered at -all- is enough to make someone cringe (and several do along the sidewalk) but doubling down on that, Kara begins to -cry.-

Karen, for her part, isn't letting it alone. This, of course, leaves Brann to explain himself as the third wheel in this situation, which is altogether unfortunate because there are several things Karen wants to say about him- namely that he's okay and doesn't need to keep explaining himself.

"More than anyone, -I- have the right to lecture -you.-" There is a pause. She is pointing now- harder, emotionally, than Kara, she is not tearing up… But this is overly intense. "My name is Kara Zor-L, of the house of L of Krypton. If you think -you've- lost everything, you don't even know the -half- of it. You need to grow up, you need to start acting like your actions have consequences, and especially like the power you have now isn't anything other than luck, because if you don't, you -won't- be strong enough to stop yourself from losing -everything- again. Buck up. Learn. Be -better.-" There's a pecularity to the last name- it's pronounced the same, but also… Not. It's a strange thing.

By now, she's practically looming over Kara. It's more that the difference in stature is even more aggressively highlighted by Kara's physical 'shrinking', but at the same time, the difference was already pretty stark in a number of ways.

* * *

Having stumbled back a little, Brann wonders what, exactly, he's gotten in the middle of. His first instinct is to come to the aid of the Kara he knows. Especially as she holds a hand up to her cheek and begins to cry. "Hey, hey. Let's have a look at that cheek, ya? Make sure it don't need no fixin' up?" His accent really comes through right now as his brotherly instincts come through.

"And then, I mean…look, I know this ain't none of my business. This ain't my fight. But y'all definitely seem to have some sorta bad blood between ya." He tries to maneuver himself between the two women. It's probably not the smartest of ideas, considering either of them could probably crumple him into a ball, but he does so anyway.

He looks from one to the other and holds his hands out between them. "Karas…" Because it's not strange at all that these two flying strong ladies apparently have the same name. Not at all! "Look, we are smack dab in the middle of Metropolis. Whatever problem you guys have with each other? You either gotta sit down and talk about it," Which honestly is something he has trouble with himself, "or you may wanna consider duking it out somewhere people ain't gonna be caused in the shockwave of your slaps, ya know?"

* * *

As Brann wants Kara to show off her cheek, she does so, the redness that was nearly instantly visible has gone away. And her skin is as fresh as it was. She looks over to Brann, and then looks back to Karen, "No… no, no. Noooooo. That's not … no, it's not, possible. No. Nope, nope, no." Kara is shaking her head and she steps back, and is shaking her head, "You can't be, I'm, Kara Zor-El, of the House of El, the last child of Krypton. Y-you, you can't be. Not real, no, not real." And there's some kind of internal conflict going on inside of the smaller woman. The braided blonde instead of the shorter haired blonde.

Her mind is zipping through a thousand million options, as fast as Kryptonian can think, and she's looking over Karen, possibly attempting to analyze if she could be a clone. That's not possible, they are different physically, in -many- ways, at least, in visible ways. But it is enough to be discounted, "You aren't a clone. Of, me, you… no, wait, no. Couldn't of been a universal split, when I … I was lost for a while in space, and … maybe I hit an anamoly … are you the … no, you can't be, though equally a nightmare."

There's a longer moment, and she stares at Karen, investigatively, more than anything else. Millions of more options happeningg inside of Kara's mind, circling and circling the one that seems to be the only possible outcome, but Kara doesn't voice it. "You then, you… you can't be -me-, I… you, you are so old." A few more blinks and she steps back, "I, I'm not going to look like -you- in the future or anything right? There's clearly enough variance in the … temporal? No, dimensional? factors that you and I look different. We, talk different, we probably have other differences."

Breathing a little bit heavier, Kara is looking back to Brann, and then steps backwards to take a seat. On whatever is nearest, and she's stepping through a little wall that blocks off her from the little cafe, and then stumbles onto a chair. Which, of course, doesn't break, since she weighs less than one half of Karen's protrusions. "Here, I… I need something … a mocha flap with some of that cream whip under the little plastic dome."

* * *

There are a -lot- of differences, physiologically. Personality-wise, it's also definitely clear-cut. Karen is older. Wiser, maybe. Definitely more experience. She has more of a lot of things.

"You're not the last child of -this- Krypton, let alone any others. There -will- be more. Some of them won't be friendly." she states, not moving from that spot. She doesn't feel like she has to run over Brann. Kara can hear her just fine from a few feet away. Her arms cross again. That's -definitely- not fair for her to do. Kara's estimation of the difference in weights might be a little hyperbolic- but… Not -very- hyperbolic, if we're being honest. "You're -going- to need to take responsibility. You're -going- to need to get over it, if only because from here on out, what happened to Krypton isn't even -abnormal.-"

Karen lets that sink in for a short while, before continuing. "You're not responsible for why I'm here. I don't exist because of you, but I'll be -damned- if I'll let you stomp around like some infant. Dry your tears. Grow a real spine. Learn some fucking -control- or at least get out of the way, and don't you dare wear a symbol if you don't even know what it's supposed to mean."

That is punctuated by another accusatory point. Afterwards, Karen starts to lift into the sky. Unless she's stopped, she'll make her exit, after delivering- well, what she figures is a hell of a lecture.

* * *

After seeing that Kara's cheek is fine, and realizing that a physical fight isn't actually going to happen, Brann lowers his his arms and sighs. "Well, least this ain't comin' to blows." Whatever 'this' is. He's still not completely sure what just happened. "Look, ladies, I just…is everything gonna be, you know, if not okay, at least…" He pauses to think. "We all good for now?"

As Karen starts to leave, he calls up to her, "Thanks for being understanding about my fire hands?" After what he just heard, even if he didn't understand it all, he figures if the fire were more of an issue, he probably would have gotten a chewing out as well.

Taking a seat next to Kara, he raises an eyebrow. "So uh, mind if I ask what in the Yankee Stadium that was all about?"

* * *

To Brann, Kara nods her head a few… slow times. And she looks to Karen, and her eyes look up at her, and she gets a little shocked look on her face, "Wait, what? There's… Kryptonians? More? Really?!" Her eyes look up, "My mom? Dad? If some of them were rescued, or saved, then… it's possible. Right?!" She calls up, and isn't very hopeful that Karen will answer her. Quite frankly, whatever was true for this tall, large chested Kara, was not going to necessarily be true for the smart, cute Kara.

Taking in a deep breath, she smiles a little bit, and looks over to Brann, "They could be alive. My parents, could be alive!" She speaks more excitedly, and grins happily, smiling so much her eyes are barely open, "They… they might of been spared."

Then there's a recognition that she's being asked a question, and she laughs lightly, giggling a bit, "Oh, sorry. Um. I think that person is a, uh, temporally abnormal version of me. Or, in other terms, a different dimension's Kara. And somehow, she got here. Dimensional breaching isn't exactly new technology, so I'm sure there was some kind of breach, either intentional or accidental. But it doesn't matter. I mean, I guess it's always been possible, but…"

Leaning back she kicks her feet forward up and down a little under the table, careful not to hit the table and stretches her hands out behind her as she pivots, half-leaning back, and closes her eyes some. "This means, I… I migth be able to… get home." Sitting up again, she leans forward, putting her elbows on the table, "Well, not exactly home. Not back to Krypton, that's in pieces, I mean. Create a home, with my people." She sighs out, smiling, "This is the -best- news I've had all day. All week, all my life!"

* * *

"Your parents are…were…are dead? I mean…I'm sorry, I didn't…" Did he know? Brann isn't sure. He's familiar with names like Superman, Supergirl, and the like, but he doesn't know who they are, really, or what their stories are. Not in detail. "And Krypton is?" He can guess where they're from, but beyond that, he doesn't really know.

"Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. 'Temporally abnormal'? 'Dimensional breaching'?" He rubs his face a bit, shaking his head. "This is all sorta beyond me. Tell me you're not entirely human? I could probably handle that. Super powered? That I can tell. And that ain't new. But I don't understand none of that extra dimensions stuffs."

Rubbing the side of his head, he says, "So, let me get this straight…she was you, except not you. A you from some other…place?" He's trying, real hard. Honestly.

* * *

"Yeah, but, maybe not!" Kara states, and looks over at Brann, getting a little frantic with energy, and unable to sit very still. "If they survived, they'd of had to of been on something else. A ship, or rescued by someone, or something. That could go either way, right? But, it's something, it's hope, it's there." Her eyes are wide, and she's chewing on her ip a little bit, "Oh! Krypton, was, not is, my planet. I'm from Krypton. Kryptonian, you know, alien. Ooogah boogah." She Wiggles her hands and sticks her thumbs to her ears like someone might do a moose impression.

"Oh, right, Earth isn't -there- yet. Ummmmm, just you know. Think about it like, there's Earth, right? So, there's a second earth, a third one, just a little off, invisible from us, doesn't interact with us, and it's part of the multi-verse theory. Certain things happened that caused rifts, or splits in the universal progression. In some, I'm sure, there isn't even an Earth at all." And a shrug, "Sometimes I imagine, those Dimensions, collapse, or whatever, but anyhow." And then she points at her nose, and grins big, "You -get it-. Yeah, she is me, well, not me. I mean, she's much too tall to be cute, right? And she's mean, I'm super nice! But, yeah, something in our pasts diverged and she became miss grumpy wedgie and I became sugary sweet." And then she's up, so fast, she's moving faster than the eyes can really track, but standing there now, she's smiling. "I gotta go. I bet my girlfriend's boss has something to help us figure out where these Kryptonians are, or maybe we can send a signal, or -something-." Apparently completely ignoring the whole 'not friendly' portion of Karen's warning. "Nice to see you again Brann."

Off she rockets, Princess Elsa, into the sky. Up up and away.

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