A New Life: Part 1
Roleplaying Log: A New Life: Part 1
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Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy) is fighting Rhino. Ren Kimura decides to help.

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IC Date: August 24, 2019
IC Location: The Bronx, NYC
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Posted On: 25 Aug 2019 18:04
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New York at night. The city that never sleeps is like a… breeding pen for pigs, where pigs are a metaphor for evil, which would make Spider-Woman… the worker at the slaughterhouse who has that weird gun thing Mike Hanlon uses in the recent It movie?

Okay, so, Gwen hasn't yet perfected her brooding internal monologues. Hey, YOU try focusing on silently composing noir descriptions of New York while you're getting the poop beat out of you by a cyborg who looks like a rhino.

She maybe should have led with that. Kind of buried the lede there, Gwen.

The jokes help her suppress the mild panic involved in dodging his punches, any one of which would probably shatter her, while she leaps and swings around the rapidly deserting residential Bronx street. Spider-Woman takes the destruction of their abandoned cars as a win, because at least the people who had been in the cars had enough time to flee while Spider-Woman bounced around saying stupid things like, "So I am obviously not one to judge anyone's fursona, but I think you are really not in the proper spirit of it! I know for a fact rhinos don't rampage except in herds!" She ducks a flying fire hydrant, thwips to a wall across the street, and narrowly avoids another charge. Better to stay airborne so maybe he'll quit ramming brownstones. "So, like, why don't you go back to your supplier and come back as a more appropriate animal, like a hippo? I'll wait, promise!"

The chatter keeps the enraged cyborg focused on her, and is minimizing damage, but Spider-Woman is in kind of a pickle here. Spider-strength is great and all, but her attempts to punch or kick the robhino (or whatever his name is) have only resulted in her making herself bleed, which means she needs a new strategy, fast.

* * *

And Ren? Well, Ren's evenings had largely devolved into getting as messed up as (nu)humanly possible. Today is no different as she steps out of some pop-up club that just has too much noise happening in it for anyone to really notice what's going on outside.

Ren's green eyes widen, the Japanese-American woman's jaw dropping a bit as she sees Spider-Woman and some dude dressed like a rhino. "What the fuck…" she mouths to herself as she suddenly notices a fire-hydrant coming right at her.

"Oh Shit!" Ren moves. And oh how she moves- quickly and with great precision, well beyond a regular human could. No- she's moving more like Spider-Woman in that moment.

Except, perhaps, for the glowing pink ribbons of steelish metal that shoot from her fingertips , coiling around as she leaps in the air rather gymnastically, and cut the fire hydrant into tiny pieces. She lands, the ribbons retracting into her fingers, the hardened tip sliding back to where it was. "Jesus."

* * *

Okay, okay, think logically. Metal robot suit beats fleshy spider fists and silky webbing, so that means weaponry must be acquired, or else try to get him to tunnel into the sewers and short out his mech suit, which seems unlikely. Spider-Woman spots the woman ducking the flying hydrant (but does not notice how scattered and unfocused her own internal monologue is, nor what that implies about her thought processes lately) and ignores the former for the sake of the latter. "Hey, sorry if you were gonna claim that, but I call dibs on it!" she calls cheerily at the ducking woman as she thwips the largest piece hydrant and leaps into the air, hips twisting ahead of her shoulders, building up centrifugal force to swing the fifty pounds of metal like the world's longest sledgehammer at the robot pachyderm…

…who just raises a forearm to his face and blocks it, with the implosive sound of metal crumpling. He flings his arm back down in a sweeping gesture, seemingly undamaged, head whipping around for his enemy.

"Huh," Spider-Woman says, bemused, from a perch on a third-story window. The cyberfurry whips his head up toward her and yells, "Ha! I see you! My new suit has nightvision, pouk!"

* * *

Ren is standing there in her little black dress- tight in all the right places. A pair of heels. "Jesus." she reiterates as she looks up and watches Spider-Woman slam a piece of that now sliced hydrant into the rhino-dude to very little affect. "Oh, this is bad." she says again, taking a slow breath.

"What do I do? What do I do…" she says to herself, lifting her hands- watching… "You're a dancer. You're not a fighter." Ren's internal monologue is at least partially not quite internal. "But people might get hurt…"

"Oh, goddamnit, fine." Ren says as she lifts one leg behind her back at the knee to pull off one of her high-heels, and then the other gets the same treatment. They're placed with her purse on a car.

And then she begins dancing. Which, undoubtedly is very odd. She's clearly good at it, though- amazing at it, in fact, moving with grace and poise beyond what unaltered humans could manage.

As she dances? Her fingers again shoot out- now like missiles seeking that robot-cyborg-rhino-whatever. Bare footed, the pint-sized Asian woman's movements are those of a ballerina crossing the stage, long and nimble leaps with legs splayed, as she starts her own attack. "Oh, this is a bad idea…" She whispers to herself.

* * *

"What kind of sense does that make?" Spider-Woman yells back, incensed. "You clearly homed in on my voice! Do nightvision goggles let you see my words? I call shenanigans!" She's skittering backward along the wall as she voices these grievances, away from Ren, drawing the Rhino's attention away from the back attack even as she's trying to think. If whatever Metal Ribbon Woman is doing doesn't work, she's clearly going to have to think of a way to target the Rhino's sensors with something more damaging than webs…

It's a shame she gave back those damaging discs that Lexcorp scientist made for her back when she was still partnered with Quake…

Spider-Woman's reverie is enough to distract her from even her shrieking spider-sense for half a second too long. She dodges the manhole the Rhino threw at her, but not in time to avoid the shrapnel from the brick wall it crashed into. Jagged shards of masonry slash into her back and lower legs. She cries out in pain and starts tumbling to the ground, awkwardly, falling too fast from too short a distance for her weblines to save her. She lands heavily on her palms and chest.

* * *

The tips of Ren's ribbons are very hard, and very sharp- digging a chunk out of the Rhino's armor as one flies into his back, joined quickly by nine more.

In the center of that whirlwind of dangerously sharp ribbons Ren is dancing- moving to some internal music. The ribbons lash and churn- she's not that far from Rhino now, not within arm's reach, but close enough to be sensed as a threat undoubtedly.

There is no real pattern to where those ribbons strike again and again. Dragging razor thin cuts into the armor as they roil like the tendrils of some eldritch beast.

"Oh, shit!" Ren says as she notices Spider-Woman hit the ground hard, and Ren is soon dancing her way towards Gwen- jumping, rolling, spinning and pirouetting her way while she tries to keep the Rhino busy with her ribbons- each glowing pink-purple as it's controlled. Each moving with the kind of fluttering grace one might expect of a ribbon. Twisting, turning, lashing in time with every movement Ren makes.

* * *

Spider-Woman's breath is walloped out of her by the sidewalk - or maybe it would be more accurate to say the sidewalk in its cowardly sneak attack team up with gravity; bad form, sidewalk, that's not cricket - but she's fast, and resilient, and pushing herself into a roll to avoid the Rhino's incipient stomp. It doesn't matter. It's too late for that. The best she can do is flop onto her bleeding back and raise her hands to intercept the several tons of incipient attack, hoping her strength will let her push him back hard enough she has time to get to her feet.

The stomp never lands.

Spider-Woman looks up, dazed, to see the Rhino wheeling around. A thin, fan-like spray of black fluid is coming from a pierced hydraulic line in one of his hips. "You backstab me, woman?!" Rhino yells; Spider-Woman can empathize with that feeling of betrayal, but decides she'll let it pass on account of Rhino's misogyny. "We see how you do to my face, eh?!" he yells as he charges Ren.

* * *

Ren is paying attention, trying to get herself between Rhino and Gwen, "You leave Spider-Woman alone!" The short Asian woman shouts- a pause in her dancing- she's on point, even without shoes, her other leg in the air as both hands are drawn up from her hips and into the air. Her leg falls, Ren driving forward again most of those attacks- the razor thin ribbons finding more such valves and exposed bits of tubing. Across his face, his forehead- maybe he bleeds, too. A cut above the eyes that bleeds is always annoying.

"Backstab?! You ruined my party night! I was drinking and dancing and you're breaking shit and hurting people!!" Ren shouts, "Not cool, buzzkill."

* * *

Spider-Woman is able to get to her feet, or at least thinks she would be, but can't help thinking there's an opportunity here she's never had before: the Rhino's back is to her, and she's at an extremely low angle to him? There has to be something she can do with that! She takes careful aim and fires a thick webline between Rhino's legs, at his metallic grundle (maybe it's, like, metaphorical revenge for using the word 'woman' as an insult). He can't feel the impact, of course, but that doesn't stop Spider-Woman from waiting until one foot is raised so she can yank hard, pulling his center of balance six inches behind him. The tread on his toes is too heavy-duty to slip and knock him on his face like she'd hoped, but she does stagger and go down in a flailing of limbs that bashes up fountains of broken concrete from the sidewalk. Spider-Woman idly hopes the barefoot woman has bullet-resistant feet or something.

Okay. NOW it's time to test that theory about being able to get to her feet… Yes, it looks like her legs still work despite the flaming pain in the nerves. Good.

* * *

Ren's feet are dancer's feet. TOUGH. She's danced barefoot before, in heels, ballet is murder on the feet. A little bit of messed up concrete? Not a big deal.

Her dress isn't faring so well a bit cut up here and there- still the flashing, glowing steel ribbons continue to unwind from her arms- it's clear that the ribbons ARE her arms, and not just some kind of power gauntlet.

Ren doesn't keep still- she's dancing her best, to try and keep Rhino from crushing her- she's luckily very, very agile.

The ribbons slash through the air, hissing as they find those little weak points that only something so thin could find- sliding through joints n the armor to cut and flay away whatever they can find.

The Asian woman's diamond-hard 'finger tips' at the end of each ribbon slicing first, boring through the armor a little bit at a time, only to be followed by a long cutting edge.

It's a death of a thousand cuts- a tangle of twirling, rolling, flapping ribbons of doom that find their way into one of the leg servos- some hydraulically supported mechanism soon spilling oil out at great speed and pressure. Other ribbons slashing at the exposed face of the Cyborg- undoubtedly causing pain as he's cut to the bone… and perhaps even loses the tip of his nose. It'll grow back. Probably.

"I said get away from her!" Ren shouts again, her bravery riled up as she spins and moves with a dancer's grace in some kind of bladed ballet.

* * *

Aleksei Sytsevich is a son of Russia, inured to pain! No little shaving cuts from a silly girl will stop him, or even slow him down! He laughs at them! The only reason - THE ONLY REASON, mind you, this DEFINITELY isn't overcompensation or anything! - he isn't crushing her now is she's pierced enough of his hydraulics that he can't move!

Rhino roars his indignation in Russian from where he lies in a heap on the ground, and Spider-Woman advises on approach, "Uh, I think he's down, you can probably stop. I mean, I kind of want you to keep going, but…" She stops to consider. "No, you shouldn't," she decides, sighing. "Thanks for the help, by the way."

* * *

Ren comes to a stop, as she stops dancing the ribbons flicker a moment before turning a dull silver and falling to the ground. They're then retracting into her arms- reweaving that which was lost. "Yeah, I guess." she offers over to Spider-Woman, "Oh jeez, that looks bad." she notes of Gwen's side, "I think maybe you should see a doctor or something? Er.. Do you have like a spider cave ..um.. Web?" she wonders as her hands come back to being hands- albeit hands that each have a sharp talon on the end. "..Holy shit.. Did.. Did I do this?" she wonders, looking at him, "I don't think.. I mean how could?" The whole thing has begun to crash in on her.

"I'm just a dancer." Ren says, once more, to herself as she goes to grab her heels- her feet are a bit cut here and there, but she's used to foot pain. She slides them on, grabs her purse, and then returns towards Spider Woman, "Look, I got some emergency pads in here." Ren says, "We can at least use those as a bandage."

* * *

"Uh…" Spider-Woman doesn't want to accept help. The plan is to just quip, beat up bad guys, and move on; high stakes action, low stakes emotion. She really, really wants to just take the pads and run… and she'd even be able to dress the wounds on her legs on her own, but her back… her damn back…

"Uh, alright. Thanks, citizen," Spider-Woman agrees. "I've never done field dressing before. Is there a place we should go for this?"

* * *

"Yeah, I have an apartment not far from here, come on." Ren says to Spider-Woman- offering an arm to help the other woman walk. "COme on, he's not going any where, and I doubt we want to be here when the cops show up. Last thing I need is that."

She still unwraps one of the pads reaches down to slice a bit of her little black dress- it's already cut up, after all. And she adheres the pad to one side and uses it as a pressure bandage to wrap around Gwen's side. "Learned this in girl scouts." she explains.

And then she guides Gwen to her apartment, right around the corner.

* * *

Spider-Woman shies away from the offered arm. "Thanks, but I can walk fine." And she is walking fine, for what that's worth. She accepts the bandage without complaint, but does think it's politely unintrusive enough to ask, "So, you often carry bandages around in your purse like that?"

* * *

"It's a pad." Ren says, "You know… as in maxi? Sticks to cloth, sterile, soaks up a lot of blood. Perfect for a bandage in an emergency situation." She says, as they get to her apartment building.

One elevator ride up and an unlocked door later their in a rather spacious three bedroom affair that is clearly in good condition. She takes care of it. Of course, being in a part of town where it isn't so uncommon for thefts and such to happen, there are several locks on the door for protecting oneself inside. "Welcome home, I guess. Well. To my home anyways."

* * *

Gwen lifts her arm to try to examine the bandage for confirmation of Ren's story, but the angle is bad. She'd have to twist to see it closer, which would be a bad idea under the current, lacerated circumstances, so she takes Ren's word for it instead. She can't seem to think of any conversation to make in the elevator, and flinches oddly when welcomed home, but quickly recovers. "Nice place. I like the decor. Do you have a shoes off policy? Because mine don't come off without a lot more of my costume coming off than I want to take off in front of a stranger."

* * *

"Yeah, it's big and rent controlled. So, it's a nice place to keep, even if the neighborhood is kinda shit." Ren says, "But, I'm never going to have kids, so what do I care, right?" she wonders, "I've got beds in the guest rooms, so, you're welcome to hang out. And don't worry about the shoes."

"I'm Ren, by the way." Ren offers, as she grabs a bottle of water out of the fridge. "Water? Or you want something harder?" she asks next as she opens a cabinet that is literally packed with bottles of liquor.

* * *

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