It Came From The Speed Force!
Roleplaying Log: It Came From The Speed Force!
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What happens when the Speed Force decides to open up in the middle of Metropolis and let whatever's been disturbing it… out?

Lots of bad things. To punch. If you can catch them.

Also, no matter what anyone says, this is not Barry Allen's fault. Not entirely, anyway.

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IC Date: August 29, 2019
IC Location: City Center - Metropolis
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Posted On: 30 Aug 2019 11:38
Rating & Warnings: PG
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NPC & GM Credits: Barry Allen
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Metropolis Nights. Almost as bad as Baywatch Nights. Well, okay, let's not go that far. To be honest, it's not even really night. It's more of an early evening kind of thing. The weather is calm. Things are pretty relaxed. There aren't any psychotic villains of death, murder and destruction holding the city hostage at this particular moment. It's one of those evenings that allow for the citizens of Metropolis to be out and about and making all kinds of noise.

It's safe to say that it is a pretty busy evening.

There is absolutely, positively, not a thing amiss in the middle of one of the busiest streets in the history of Metropolis. There's definitely not a thing going on with the soft crackle of lightning and the weird shudder of the actual, physical reality of the city that happens every few nanoseconds. Barely noticeable. Really.

Except for the part where very small gaps in the physical space of reality are ripped wider and wider each nanomoment that they exist… before they close.

Yup. Nothing weird going on at all. It's going to be a good, calm, uneventful evening.

* * *

Miles away in a completely different state, Manchester, Alabama to be specific…

It's an odd feeling. Maybe it's just his imagination. Honestly, Bart isn't sure what to make of it, other than that something just abruptly grabs his attention in the strangest sense. He tilts his head as he straightens up from a smoking sheet of paper and a pencil that's in desperate need of a fresh sharpening.

"…Maaax?" he calls out hesitantly, right before he recalls that the man is out with his daughter for some kind of conference thing or another. Amber eyes fall upon the whiteboard on the fridge with the usual rundown of things to do and under what circumstances should Max Krandall a.k.a. Max Mercury be contacted. Bart Allen frowns. Then grins. And then he's just altogether no longer in the kitchen of the Krandall residence in Manchester, or even Alabama.

But there's an untrackable electric blur of red and white making a beeline for Metropolis. How does he know it's in Metropolis? It's like that cartoon toucan for the cereal commercial telling people to follow their nose- except it's not his nose that Impulse follows.

…it'll come to him eventually.

* * *

It was supposed to be a quiet evening where Quake could enjoy some dinner. Most of her evenings lately have been quiet where she could enjoy some dinner. Then something weird had to go and happen and throw a wrench into the works.

On the upside it makes for an interesting opportunity. While the lightshow is going on she's standing a healthy distance back, ducking behind a parked vehicle for cover while taking a video recording of one of these curious lightning storms with her phone. Because why not, right? The last time she did this she snagged a couple of superheroes doing their thing as well as some strange power-mimicking robot..things… Metropolis is a pretty strange city, you never know what's going to spring up next. She'd be silly to not get some footage!

One hand keeps the phone steady against the hood while the other finishes the last of a burrito. Should calling the power company or something..? Eh, someone else'll take care of it.

* * *


So far, so good: the liquid rainbows streaming from Karolina's fingertips and swirling over the club floor haven't drawn a single glare. New York might've turned out to be a pit of misguided xeno/genophobia, and Gotham is, apparently, evil given corporeal form and property taxes, but at least there's one sane East Coast city for a girl who's just trying to figure out where on Earth she belongs after a year-plus among the stars.


"O-oh— "

There was an alley here, earlier. Karolina's sure of it. She's positive, because the alley had a mural of Superman ladling meat sauce over twelve plates at once, and Karolina couldn't help but think to herself:

'isn't that kinda crass? it seems so soulless…'

She's had ample time to learn how to respond to 'crass' and 'soulless'. 'Quivering unreality', on the other hand…?

"How does— how does this even…?" she whispers. The hem of a white dress with straps criss-crossing her back flits around her legs with each new tremor rippling through the world while a few bare, brazenly colorful streaks waft from her skin and hair.

* * *

All Brann wanted was nice night out, some dinner, some time to relax. He never got to have anythkng like that at home in New York. Nope. But here in Metropolis? He gets to have leisurely night almost whenever he wants, not to mention a giant payroll he got. But that's not in the schedule for tonight, is it?

When he reaches the intersection with the light show, he stops. "What in the blue fire is going on?" He whispers to himself. He holds one hand out in front of him, setting it aflame. He wants to be prepared for anything. "What is it?" He wonders. "This world is going to strange places." He murmurs.

* * *

Crackle of lightning. Thunderous clap. And suddenly a giant hole is ripped right down the middle of the street that has been the most affected by this strange storm. There, in the center, the world seems to open up like it has been ripped and torn by the lightning itself. The energy lingers around the forcibly opened… well, it has to be a portal of some kind, right? Looking into it shows something decidedly NOT of this Earth. And not anything that most anyone can make out.

Unless, of course, you're of a particular conduit ilk.

Something wrapped in red runs right out of the opening, at a speed that probably shouldn't be visible but perhaps the lightning trailing behind it can be noticed enough for things to make some sense. Granted, the blur doesn't stay blurring for long as it smacks right into one of the parked cars and goes sailing end over end into the wall of an alley, cracking the bricks of the building and then hits the ground with way too much of a grinding halt.

If anybody happens to be around the location that the body has fallen, it will become obvious from the costume alone that this body belongs to The Flash. A Flash that is knocked the eff out and bleeding from what part of his face that can be seen beneath his cowl.

Not even a half-second after The Flash's horrible arrival, something… else comes through the hole that has been ripped open. It's huge, first of all and it looks more like a tornado made out of red and yellow lightning than much of anything else. Somehow, though, it seems to have limbs. And it looks as though the lightning itself is… running? There's a vague shape reminiscent of the 'Flash' types that may be known around the world to the way the lightning is shaped but it doesn't seem to feature any sort of face or visible features. Instead, it looks as though the lightning tornado is living on its own accord. As the lightning flings off its, do we even call it a body?, and shoots off in a flurry of directions… the hole in the reality closes behind it.

Yeah, uh, this is going to be something of an issue. Somebody do something!

* * *

One day, in some universe, somewhere, somehow… A Kryptonian will actually show up -before- something bad happens. It's almost as if they have some sort of pass the buck game- the first one to respond to the sound of something happening before it has actually -happened- is so likely to take that responsibility all of the time that they wait until the -last- second.

This is why, despite that she really was enjoying whatever-it-was she was doing before, the magnificent shape of Power Girl arrives on the scene in the same second that the Flash's body is deposited unceremoniously onto the ground by, assumedly, the Speed Force- not that that concept is particularly widely known.

Still, Karen is not exactly a "speedster" as it were. She isn't quite fast enough to beat the Lightning Tornado to the scene… But she's not lagging particularly far behind. Strolling forward, as if things happening in regular time were going to matter to the manifestation of Very Fast Weather. Hell, she even talks to it.

"I'm hedging my bets on the idea that you're not sentient, but in case you are, I'd much rather you left the Flash here, and went back to wherever you came. You may deliver ominous messages as need be, but this isn't Disney's Hercules, we don't have space for a before-its-time CG Titan."

* * *

Just like that, understanding snaps into place. It's more like an extra loaded zap of static, and Impulse jerks his head up at the sensation. It's not exactly something he's felt very often, but the connection is so specific that it's impossible to mistake it for anything else. Another speedster, in trouble somewhere. No, not just somewhere because he knows, as that's where he's headed.

The landscape blurs around him like a projection with a broken fast-forward, and soon enough he's tearing through the city streets, weaving around traffic and pedestrians alike. He doesn't see the familiar red costumed figure come out of the rip in reality, but he sees him ricochet and fly. His eyes widen behind the yellow tint of his goggles. "Wally-?" he blurts, a sound lost to the wind.

That's when something else emerges, and for a split-split second he's torn as to which to go after. No, that should be a no-brainer. The blur of red and white veers sharply in the direction that the Flash had gone tumbling, a more coherent shape of a human figure coming into focus as Impulse steps out of his mad dash. The name of his cousin's on his lips but never makes it any further than that as he looks at the bloodied figure. Confusion settles across his features, which he quickly shakes away with his head as he steps over.

"Hey..! Hey, are you…?" Ugh. Out cold. Great.

* * *


So comes the sound of one Daisy Johnson getting blown over backwards despite the cover as the rift snaps open and disgorges a rather battered Flash. It isn't the car she's hiding behind that gets hit but there's enough speed and power in the eruption to knock her down all the same!

She manages to record the tail end of that red figure slamming into an alley where bricks and dust are raining out onto the street. It's more difficult to get a proper shot now, mainly due to how her hands are shaking. Hands..and arms.

"Does anyone else feel that..?" Nevermind that no one else is probably within earshot of her at the time.

Speed and energy create vibrations. Vibrations which are feeling like tiny electric shocks up and down her arms, gauntlets and all. Then comes the red and yellow tornado thing and the feeling intensifies.

Quake tucks the phone away and comes back up to a crouch behind the parked car, watching this tornado go bouncing all over the area. It's moving -so- freaking fast! But it's leaving a very unique frequency in its wake…

Could she maybe 'catch' whatever that is..?

And some other lady is talking about Hercules and some other thing. The hero response time in this city is just -incredible!- Another speedster darts in as well, increasing the feeling of those vibrations. Could this actually work or is she going to tear herself apart by trying?

"Hey, does anyone know what's going on here?" she calls out should anyone hear her and respond.

* * *

Karolina snaps from the (relatively) micro-disturbance when the macro one commences ejecting lightning— people?

She doesn't have time to abortively lift her hand and shout until after The Flash knocks himself out, but by God she does it, because running into a building deserves sympathy at any speed.

And there's more lightning still a bolt of which comes within inches of striking her before dissipating against a shimmering field of colors. As one field vanishes a beat later, the air around Karolina begins to shimmer while prismatic tie-dye flushes across her skin. Her hair - already hip-length, easily - seems to lengthen as she takes flight, until there's a scintillating ribbon fluttering from the young woman's scalp.

"No!" Karolina offers while flying directly towards the crackling tornado.

The 'no' doesn't stop her from putting on the brakes once she's within a dozen, a dozen and a half feet of the electric funnel, thrusting both palms forward, and catalyzing the sparkles building around her into a glittering bubble large enough to contain herself, the disturbance, and anything around them in the hopes of sparing Metropolis from some of that stray lightning.

* * *

Flashes! Flashes upon flashes! Lightening! And running lightening. Brann practically spins in place as he's passed by. He shakes his head and holds his arms out to balance himself, one of his hands still lit on fire. Once his balance is restored, he looks around. "What in the fiery gates of fire's goin' on?" He calls out to the people by the collapsed speedster and the whirlwind of action.

He raises up one hand, which is indeed on fire and shouts, "Does anyone need help? That dude seems unconcious." While he seems to be paying attention to the unconscious man, he does keep an eye on the whirling force. It's spooky scary!

* * *

It kind of has a head? Kind of? It's weird because it turns to look in the direction of the Power Girl but only crackles with more lightning. The lightning throughout its entire body seems to be growing more red and less any of the other colors of the Speed Force Lightning Spectrum. Those with good eyes or dope observation skills can probably make out at least one bolt of lightning in almost every color. It's all just swirling and striking in and on itself. Whatever its lack of verbiage, it does seem to understand English. Because whatever Power Girl is saying is causing the lightning to, let's face it, get angry.

Impulse gets to see that the Flash is alive but barely. He's not going to be waking up any time soon. It looks like he's both beaten the heck up and also tired as all heck. He's going to be out for a while. Less than a while of a normal human but probably longer than most speedsters are supposed to be out. The alley way gets a shower of golden lightning headed in its direction because the Lightning Tornado doesn't like other speedsters near the speedster it was chasing.

That Lightning Tornado that's just kind of standing in the spot where the Speed Force opened up finds itself shaking a bit. After making its presence known all around the area with some speed spinning, it has taken it upon itself to absorb… speed… from whatever's moving around nearby. If there are any innocents running away and screaming in terror (there are) or any vehicles that may be trying to slam on their breaks because of all this shenanigans (there are) the speed gets yanked from them and fed into the lightning tornado… that's growing. It may be presenting and operating on a very specific frequency by now. One that might actually be catch-able by those that can deal with such incredible vibrations.

The Lightning Tornado's growth becomes stunted… by the light? There's a prismatic display of being in the sky with diamonds that happens all around the area. The area which becomes closed off to the city around it. The light that, essentially, cuts off the speed absorption that the Lightning Tornado was attempting to use to make itself bigger, stronger… faster. That head that's not a head but also is turns towards the shimmering hairstyle and crackles furiously. An explosion of lightning of all colors strikes hard at the light dome in an attempt to fight light with lightning. NOT TODAY, LIGHT GIRL. NOT. TODAY.

Fire?! FIRE?! The Lightning in the Tornado arcs in the direction of the flames as if seeking to extinguish them… WITH SPEED FORCE ELECTRICITY. Fire can only be perceived as a threat. Especially when there is a light dome bubble of BRIGHT DOOM surrounding them all. The Lightning Tornado shall has no choice but to protect itself!

What, are you shocked?

* * *

It's not Wally, unless he's swapped out suits. There are so many questions spinning around Impulse's mind but he can't get them answered with this Flash in his current state, and one can't forget the big freakish lightning beast. Not that it'll allow anyone to forget it, with all the energy it's hurling about.

The younger speedster gasps at the sudden flare of light and hurries to try gathering up the injured one because they can not stay here! Even then it might be a very near thing as the golden lightning is right at his heels. Maybe it's a good thing the Flash is out cold because he's not going to have a very comfortable landing as Impulse is knocked off his own feet and sent tumbling over by Daisy's car-cover.

"Owww…" he groans, pushing himself up. Okay, maybe this calls for an actual plan. Turning his head, he squints at the explosion of light and the colored flashes of energy coming from the living tornado itself. Colors? He's not exactly very well versed in the finer points of the Speed Force to know if there's supposed to be some sort of significance, but he realizes that it is something to do with the Speed Force, so that's…something, right?

Getting to his feet, albeit somewhat unsteadily, Impulse stares at the Lightning Tornado thing. "There's…someone there…?" He looks over towards Brann at the man's shouting. "-did you know you're on fire?" Focus. "Can you help keep an eye on him?" he asks, indicating fallen unconscious speedster that's already been acknowledged. Because Bart has a feeling he'll have to help with whatever that big thing is, there.

* * *

Oh holy crap that man's hand is on fire. His hand is on fire and he doesn't seem to care. Quake's amazing powers of deduction concludes that his hand is on fire by choice rather than happenstance and so it's probably nothing to worry about since he's asking if anyone -else- needs help. (How does one render aid while their hand is set ablaze..?)

There's another lady zipping into the scene with what appears to be some REALLY long hair. a sheet, or something… Whatever, she's going to tackle matters head-on so good for her!

This isn't the first time that Daisy's been in a peculiar situation while surrounded by people a whole lot more powerful than she is, but hey! It's good practice! Try your hand(s) at the big leagues! Which is exactly what she does as both arms come toward the Lightning Tornado and an Immense Concentration Face falls upon raccoon-blackened eyes.

And Impulse comes to land near where she's hiding. "Okay, that looked -really- painful. Are you okay?"

Cripes that Tornado thing is hard to look at directly. But Daisy doesn't need to see in order to feel, durnit. A second yelp is soon to follow as she tries to connect with that peculiar frequency. It's curiously like sticking one's fingers into an outlet! Mucho ouchy. Rather than push or pull she tries to contain, to take all of that crazy erratic energy and cram it into one giant ball which she can hopefully start to compress further…

It hurts. It hurts a whole lot. It feels like her arms are going to rip out of their sockets and go flying off into the distance. It's like trying to catch two missiles after they've been launched in opposite directions. Whatever that thing is it is made of energy which does NOT want to be contained.

The low rumbling in the ground and the rattling of windows is probably nothing to be concerned about.

* * *

Karolina's moving around near the cyclone of speed. Near enough.

Her eyes get searchlight big. The undulating ribbon of her hair and the radiant shield around their little corner of Metropolis intensify through breathless, plastic moments while sharp edges fade towards a coronal haze. Bright whorls lazily sway forth from the softening borders of dome and 'do alike with lilac, chartreause, rose, and more visibly pulsating along their lengths. The glowing woman's limbs tremble in a physical echo of the raw determination required to hold supernatural hunger at bay— an effort that might, to a casual observer, seem to be getting easier, the longer she spends pitted against the terrible forces of motion unleashed. Moment by moment, she stabilizes,

until there's no trembling at all,

and the syrupy light show has crystalized.

She can still think the awful word that comes to mind, and that helps— but when the Tornado directs a multicolored protest of its own against the brilliant diamond caging it…?

She can't scream.

She can't retreat.

She can't even fall from the agonizing tableau she finds herself in as lightning clashes with light— clashes with her hardened resolve and sends fire crackling through her nerves.

Karolina can hang,

and she can hang on… but she can't do it forever. Cracks shimmer along the dazzling dome's surface and little by little, the world beyond it begins to slow: a bird here; a tree limb there; a car engine, a piece of litter…

* * *

Oh. Apparently the tornado thing seems interested in Brann. That's not disconcerting whatsoever. He gets into a stance to support himself. He gives Impulse a nod. "Yeah, my hand tends to do that. So does my other hand." He holds both hands up, showing them on fire. "Sometimes my head, too." As if on cue, his head sets on fire.

He turns his attention, as much as possible, to the tornado. "Maybe this'll slow ya down a little bit, huh?" He shoots fire from both his hands toward the tornado. Thick beams of fire shoot from his hands, directly into the torando and whatever they may find in the centre. He hopes he's doing the right thing.

* * *

Karen is not a babysitter. She hopes. Because, seemingly, the only people that have also arrived are Barry- who is unconscious, probably deserved it- Impulse, who Power Girl is only aware is too young, and Karolina who… Seems to know what she's doing? But then she put herself in the bubble -with- the thing. That… Doesn't seem well-advised. In fact, despite that Karen could intercept all of these measures, fire included… She doesn't.

For a moment, she is looking at the tornado rather intensely. It seems… Like there is someone inside it? Perhaps even controlling it?

Regardless, that is what Karen sees, and that is when she takes action. Power Girl bursts forward, pushing off of the ground and taking flight. The acceleration is instantaneous and mildly destructive. The presence of Karolina's bubble means that Metropolis isn't just spared the lightning- but indeed the power of friction. There is much that Kryptonians do to dampen that effect, but there is only -so- much that she can do. For example, were the bubble not present, the fact that Karen Starr accelerates from a standstill to many times the speed of sound would have threatened windows and the uninitiated, both bodily and in terms of sanity. Comprehending her moving that quickly is nigh impossible for anyone that isn't already in-the-know.

What is she doing with all of that speed? Well, you have to direct it. The tornado-thing had been roaring and proving its malevolence so far. This means that, in terms of door prizes, the mass and directed strength of a being capable of rearranging the layout of the tectonic plates is… Probably one of the 'worst' to get. The Speed Force Tornado's welcome to Metropolis is a blue-gloved fist delivered at Mach Yes backed by some of the most powerful muscles in existence.

It doesn't help that she was able to see through the tornado- and that fist is aimed right at the face of someone who should be raising his spritely but not-yet-worldly daughter.

* * *

Ragdoll Flash! Coming soon to a Merchandising Table Near You. Or, y'know, the ground. Because that's what's happening to The Flash right about now. It's okay, though, he's out cold. He won't remember any of this. Probably. Maybe?

That Golden Lightning expands and seeks out both The Flash and Impulse. The bolts themselves are directed at Impulse in an effort to try and zap the younger speedster into oblivion while more of the golden lightning that's attached to the Lightning Tornado swirl and stretch in the direction of The Flash, seeking to grab at his body for optimum absorption purposes. The

At least now the reason this thing is here might be a bit more clear.

Quake's attention to frequency detail seems to be working. Albeit slowly. The Lightning Tornado's intensity almost seems to be draining the more it gets compressed. The crackling and the wild energy displacement gets crunched and smashed back towards the center of the Lightning Tornado. Occasionally, after a big push or two, a gap in the lightning allows the silhouette of a man to be seen for a brief less-than-of-a-less-than second. The lighting fights against the compression, weakly, but also attempts to wrap around whatever (or whomever) is inside. Protective. Almost too protective.

The lightning being used to strike down Karolina's Metropolis Defense Shield of Brightness weakens from the effort put forth by the Quake. That seems to be making the intensity and the power of the Lightning Tornado falter and wither every third or fourth lightning bolt. Slowly it is being broken down and Karolina's light may find itself getting the upper hand in this energy based arm wrestling match. The lightning itself almost seems to scream in anger and agony as it tries to crackle harder and louder against the light bubble keeping it from gaining power from the outside movements. It even starts to flicker in and out at times.

As those beaming streams of fire are sent in the direction of the weakening Lightning Tornado, it almost seems to be timed with the way the lightning gets broken up by the pressure being put upon it. The gaps open as the flames soar towards it and pockets of fire strike at the masculine shape within. Each hit causes the Lightning Tornado itself to stagger and causes a brief flicker in the collective lightning.


Blue Gloved Fist of Kryptonian Doom smacks right into the Lightning Tornado. The strength and power of Yes behind it more than a Daniel Bryan chant. The entire Lightning Tornado is thrown off its kilter and knocked backwards, the lightning trailing and shrinking towards the center that becomes more and more obvious as it sails back towards the section of the light dome that is behind it. The collision may be painful for those that were connected to the lightning during the point of Powerful Impact due to the fact that the Speed Force absorbs and harnesses velocity at an instantaneous rate and the displacement of which comes out in the form of an explosion that sends a shockwave of extraordinary proportions outwards at a magnitude that might cause more damage than before. That all kind of depends on how well Karolina can hold her Bubble Dome together.

As for the being, the person, inside the Lightning Tornado, he slumps to the ground having been overloaded and spent of the Speed Force energy all at the same time. There's a pained groan from him as he tries to focus his eyes and get his bearings. Slowly. Painfully. Agonizingly. "Ugh… wh— wha?" He's fading. Fast.

Speed Force Users all around the Everywhere may be able to feel the rippling effects of such a Ground Zero Event. It's all Connected, man…

* * *

To Daisy, Impulse gives her a thumbs up, even if his next few steps are a little unconvincing. Looks like he nor out-cold-Flash are out of the woods yet. He can see the lightning that seems to seek both of them out specifically, and with one of them down, it looks like he'll have to try playing decoy.

That's what preoccupies the younger speedster as he keeps on the move, trying to draw off the golden lightning while avoiding being hit by it completely. Well, Max always said he always put more effort into making himself a target.

At least with the few others that have been drawn to the disturbance, the living being of energy isn't without some opposition. Impulse sees it all as he moves, caught in glimpses and glances as he pivots with a deadly dance partner. The lady with the odd handwear, the guy with the fire hands. The…light lady? With a magic barrier, cool! And then the lady in the cape moves in, but she's no one he recognizes of the Supers. But she moves pretty fast that she must be related. And once he's able to actually see the being within the tornado that he'd sensed earlier, he can't help but feel kind of sorry for what comes next.

It's a feeling that passes pretty quickly, only because it's in that moment replaced by the awful backlash of everything that results from the immediate dispersion of energies.

And he feels it, right in the Speed Force, like an ice pick into the brain. It's probably a good thing that Impulse hadn't been traveling at speed in that moment, although all the same he goes crashing to his knees as the world goes momentarily white.

* * *

It's..working..! Slowly..workiiiing..! Quake is really putting her heart into the efforts to compress that energy into a tidy little ball and it's taking a toll, starting as some bleeding from the nose. She's even yelling at the Lightning Tornado along the way; It's like having tried to bench press way too much only to realize that now you've started there's only one way left to go.

The effort seems to mesh well with what the others are doing, including some other force bubble thing and a bunch of fire -now coming from that one guy's HEAD.- For a few very lengthy seconds Daisy is fighting alongside some of the biggest power this planet has to offer.

And then it all detonates. Some of that biggest power sends a right hook into the mass of energy and not only interrupts it all but -completely overloads Quake.- Now it's like trying to hang onto two opposing nuclear warheads while they're exploding! The car she had been hiding behind immediately crumples like it's nothing more than an empty soda can trying to support the weight of an anvil. Meanwhile the Faux Brotherhoodite is slingshot backwards down the street with those fancy high tech gauntlets fried through and through.

Looks like it's time to pay ol' Lex Luthor another visit…

* * *

You stop counting, after a while. You have to stop counting, after a while. That's going to be Karolina's take away from this experience, not the pain. A valuable lesson about the perils of stolen motion makes for a much better memory than—


Thanks to Quake, it's weakening— he— they— are— weakening, the Lightning Tornado is. It screams— it's struck, it staggers, it shrinks—

"aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" explodes from Karolina's lungs as the tremors return to her limbs with interest. Countless beads of sweat locked across her skin, scattering the light show trapped beneath her skin into a field of bright pinpricks drip and pour, all at once.

The barrier sharpens; the frozen, lava lamp swirl of colors begins to dance once more, just in time for a fresh wave of force to buffet it, filling the air with thunder and sparks.

The barrier holds— held. It held, and now it's crumbling right along with its maker. Fortunately for her, Karolina manags to steer herself into a skidding landing near the boy with the hair and the ice pick in his brain rather than just— well, fall. The distinction's minimal - there are bruises and gashes all over the blonde's arm and back, still - but managing to not hit her head means that when she sees Impulse clutching his head and kneeling—

"H— hey— hey— !" Karolina exclaims, hauling herself into a lurching grab for Impulse's shoulders. "H-hey…" There's some instinctual leaning, but mostly, she squeezes and tries to catch his eye. "Are you— are you al— " After a pasty swallow, she sags towards the speedster and slides her arms around his shoulders in her best attempt at a hug. She pants, "Just… j-just— I can't DO anything about…"

— at least she can do something other than lie there and groan.

At least she's warm, a little, even as the light bleeds from her skin.

"… but I… augh, I… I got you anyway…"

* * *

Suddenly everything goes head over heel. All of Brann's fire goes out and he's tumbling backwards, crumpled into himself. "Ooohhhh." He moans. "That was not a good thing." He wheezes. He looks up from where he was blasted to, only to see that there's no more tornado. To say he's confused to put it mildly. A few months ago he was living a relatively normal life back in New York, now he's…what? Shot fire at a tornado that exploded and apparently had someone inside? And also met super people? His life is far from normal now, to say the leas.

Wheezing some more, he pushes himself up and looks around. "Is any…" He coughs. He doesn't finish the sentence, but he does wonder what all damage this has caused, not just to objects but to people too.

* * *

The contrast between the others and the Kryptonian is relatively clear. The others are straining and hurting- some head over heels, at least one bleeding. Karen, for her part, is not exactly unscathed. However, she's been doing this since she was in her late teens- and she's… More years than she'll admit older than that. There is pain, for sure- Karen's arm is tingling and she's somewhat singed overall, but as if it were some sort of -duty- for her to be so, Power Girl is standing firm and strong even after the explosion.

Part of her wants to pause. Bart goes down, to a degree. Barry's down. The latter, she used to idolize- but that was a different world. Each of them are spared momentary glances, lingering only long enough for her to be sure that they're not damaged internally or dying. She has to be the hero- she has to take some level of 'control' of the situation. Why is Clark not here to be, well, Clark? Responsibility isn't something she's entirely used to.

She has more medical knowledge than most- but she's hardly anything even approaching a doctor… But someone has to look at the guy. Someone has to at least -try- and stabilize him. "I'm going to keep you alive, but you're going to have to tell me what just happened- or else."

Intimidating a person who's -definitely- injured? Not out of Power Girl's repertoire. Doing so using the red glow of heat vision? Probably all the more effective. She's not actually going to hurt the man, though- not in a meaningful way, at least. She's actually here to repair. X-ray vision, heat vision… It's hopefully enough to keep the man alive.

Definitely not enough to keep him from fading into the speed force, but until he starts disappearing, she figures she can do -something.-

* * *

The Speed Force Disturbance rocks through the entire Multiverse, one can assume and the results that happen upon The Flash's body are akin to sending a bolt of Speed Force energy into his body. It jerks him and sits him upright, his eyes opening as if he'd just died on the table and been revived via medical technology. He gasps and fights through the pain to look around at where and how and… "Oh no." At least, he's okay? Maybe?

Meanwhile, the poor human that's sprawled out doesn't look like he's going to be coming to any time soon. He's managed to pass out from everything that's happened. He's down for the count and there's not much else that needs to be done. Except, y'know, the collateral damage from everything that has just went down.

However, before he actually lost consciousness, there was a moment in which Power Girl would get the chance to see the fear, the /utter/ fear that was in his eyes. Not from her. But more from what did this to him. Or what made him the way he is. Or the way he was. Any X-ray vision into his body will show that he's pretty normal but the Speedsters in the area might be able to feel that there's still something amiss about him. Something Speed Force-y. But they are rather uh, occupied at the moment. With surveying everything bad that has happened before he woke up or fighting the Speed Force pain all up in his skull.

Anyway, before the man passed out, there was enough energy in his body to say one thing. To explain. Or else. Even in his weakened state he didn't want to be else'd. So even as his eyes fluttered to a close, he offered in a soft, pained whisper, as plain as day…

"… Zoom."

* * *

..Soooo… This is not good. Daisy's just about had her senses knocked out of her ears, her fancy tech has departed from this world, a bunch of smaller wounds are starting to present themselves as bloody lines across her skin, and it's entirely possible that there's a fracture or three lingering somewhere underneath everything else.

In addition to these problems she's currently a rising star on a couple of larger profile wanted lists so swinging by the nearest hospital is kinda out of the question.

She may have over-extended her abilities tonight. Juuust a little bit.

Once able to pry herself free of debris and get back to her feet the best option left seems to be that of a timely retreat. The others have got this!

Surely they've got this.

* * *

Grife, it hurts and that's about all he registers for a handful of seconds, which is still too long for a speedster and of course feels even longer. But then Impulse feels someone nearby, someone solid, the hands grasping at his shoulders, the voice speaking to him, he assumes. As though he'd just remembered to breathe, he gasps before taking in a few ragged breaths, squeezing his eyes shut as the searing whiteness finally starts to fade at the edges.

Between the two of them leaning against each other they seem to keep themselves upright, like a poorly pitched tent. Is it over? It must be, but his thoughts circle, unable or unready to leap that hurdle to break the circuit. The pain subsides, if still a throbbing echo in his head, but he recovers enough that he's regained awareness of his surroundings, and most importantly the ability to tell up from down. Vaguely he hears the voices of some of the others that had been present, a relief in itself to know they're okay too. He doesn't know who this girl is but he recognizes her as the shiny light lady, still shining somehow, although she looks a little more worse for wear than he does. His arms come up and around her to return the hug, because she'd helped be there for him and hugs make everything better. She can lean on him now.


* * *

"You're welcome," Karolina mumbles between gasps for air.

"Are you— like— is your brain good, now?" she wonders as her her eyelids fall.

"What even just…?" Her head deliberately lifts for a look around. After settling on the Flash for a tick, she lets it drop with a shallow sigh.

"Is— is he gonna be…? That's, like— that's like A Guy, right?"

* * *

Slowly pulling himself up to a stand, Brann winces and hobbles over to the little group. "Is…" Deep breath. "Is everyone okay?" He pauses to look at the passed out person. "I mean, except for uh…" He clears his throat. "That person…" Deep breath again, wince. He rubs the back of his neck and looks around.

"So um…does uh…" He sighs. "Can anyone explain to me what just happened there?" He asks hesitantly.

* * *

Seeing as she needn't save the man's life, Power Girl will accept information as trade for punching. That is acceptable. In addition, she's not anywhere near oblivious enough to think that this man was acting of his own volition- at the very least, he was not acting alone. When he identifies the name of his attacker, she offers this sigh.


Now's the time where she'd normally contact the Flash, and make sure he's aware. You know, back home, where her world's Barry, Wally, and so-on were… Present. And conscious. Idly, she turns and just looks over at where Barry is lying on the floor. There is another sigh.


* * *

Sirens. Lots of sirens. A lot of stuff just went down out here so there's a bunch of emergency personnel headed in this direction.

Barry manages to pull himself up to his feet and staggers over to where the others are situated. He doesn't actually show if he's heard the name or not but he's limping solidly and gives a glance to everyone as he heads slowly in the direction of the fallen unwitting soldier. "Is everyone okay? Anyone need a hospital?" He can Speedster them to the nearest one. Even while in pain.

There's a slight pause in his look when his eyes fall on Impulse but this is not the time. Not really.

Barry stops besides Power Girl and looks down at the man. "Oh Herman." Barry sighs an almost familiar sigh. As if he knew the guy or something. "I'm gonna' do a sweep. See if anyone needs medical attention." He's still not a hundred percent but whatever. Bigger things here. "… then maybe I can figure out what the heck is going on." is perhaps offered to Power Girl and everyone else in earshot. He's got a lot to catch up on.

* * *

"Yeah. Brain's good," Impulse assures. Good as it'll be for now. He's still not sure what had just happened, but the reverberations or whatever it had caused through the Speed Force had to be serious. Speed Force empathy sucks. "Wonder if Max felt that," he murmurs under his breath.

He looks back towards the Flash, brightening a bit upon seeing him actually upright. "Ohgoodyou'renotdead!" is expelled in the same breath as a sigh in relief. To Brann he nods. "I'm not sure what happened though…"

Checking on Karoline to see if she can sit by herself or stand with him, Impulse finally looks over to where Power Girl and the former lightning creature are. Really, supporting light-show girl is all that's keeping him from zipping over to figure out which Flash this is, although perhaps that's also keeping him from toppling over again.

But then the other speedster is up and saving him the trouble, and when he looks at Impulse, Impulse stares back up at him. Curious. Confused. By the time he's inhaling in preparation to barrage him with questions, the Flash has gone off to speak with the caped lady, leaving Bart a little disappointed, but he supposes there'll be time soon enough.

* * *

"Okay, good, because there was a second there where I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't have, like, jostled you? Until it was over? Because it, you know, it kind of looked like a head…"

Karolina's next breath after trailing off is rife with shivers. Her limbs slip from Impulse, bit by bit, until they're limp on the asphault and she's sitting back on her heels.

* * *

"I should…I should go." Brann winces. He sighs. He should have just run when he saw all this happening. Why'd he have to get involved? He needs to be getting the attention of a special group, but getting hurt by some weird tornado controlled by a person. He sighs.

He looks around. "Okay. I need to get out of here. It's uh…it's been interesting?" He looks around. "Apartment…" He looks around and points. "That way." He starts to hobble in the general direction of where he's staying.

* * *

As the emergency peoples show up and things start getting taken care of on that end, Flash lingers so that he can help and catch up with the other Speedster and also make sure that the others like Karolina and Power Girl get any help they may need. They also get a sincere Thank You and an Apology from The Flash.

Impulse gets a more personal invitation to 'Go For A Run With Him'.

There's one final crackle of Speed Force energy that flashes through the area. In the middle of all this. One last time… in Reverse.

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