Gift Horse
Roleplaying Log: Gift Horse
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Daisy meets with her Gauntlet benefactor after some overuse.

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IC Date: September 01, 2019
IC Location: LexCorp
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Posted On: 02 Sep 2019 04:48
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It wasn't long at all since the last strange occurrence in Metropolis. Something about lightning bolts and some guy hidden inside of a tornado and things moving very quickly. One of the things which happened to move very quickly had been Daisy after a super-duper-punch sent out a power shockwave which triggered all sorts of unpleasant and unexpected effects.

Her physical injuries had been tended to by a fellow metahuman not too long after. Having connections can really make a difference!

However, there is the matter of the LexCorp engineered gauntlets having taken in way more than they had been designed for. While not physically shattered the tech and shielding devices had been ripped apart by largely unseen forces. Now they're stylish and very expensive paperweights.

When Daisy schedules another meeting with Lex Luthor she tries to keep it casual. 'Hardware issue' is all she would have said. Having a chance to meet the Big Cheese in person after his gift to her had been completely trashed, well..she's looking a little sheepish while the two broken devices are pulled out of a courier bag and set forth for him to inspect.

"Sssooooo… I don't think anyone had been expecting what happened back there, though..they probably saved my life." Or at least spared her arms from spontaneously disintegrating.

* * *

"Then they did their job."

Lex doesn't seem even the slightest bit upset. In fact, if there's a chance to detect anything in his tone it would be a bit of relief. He is, after all, not wanting to lose any of his potential people in the crazy world that only seems to be getting crazier by the moment. He's going to need all the soldiers he can get for any potential wars that break out.

"I heard about what happened. It's a good thing you were there. I'll bet you saved a lot of lives." Lex pokes at the gauntlets with a finger as if making sure there's no leftover electricity coursing through them or something. He just wants to be sure before he starts taking them apart.

"These are done for. I'm going to have to build you a whole new pair." He pushes away from the table and reaches for a briefcase that is stashed on a shelf and sets it on the table next to the fried gauntlets. "… I plan ahead."

* * *

It still surprises Daisy every time she hears what Lex has to say. That his concern for her own well being and the safety of others seems wholly genuine and without any strings attached. Of course part of this leaves her feeling suspicious, there are no free lunches, but so long as it seems to be working out in her favor then why throw shade around? Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, as it were.

When he mentions that she probably saved a bunch of people she looks particularly caught off guard. "Wow, uh..maybe..? Most of the bystanders got out of there real fast. I feel more like I held the lightning dude still long enough for someone else to punch him."

Which is totally a legit strategy.

The gauntlets are well and dead without any residual current running through them. Some of the material is discolored from heat but nothing seems cracked. Almost more like it had been left in the microwave too long or something.

Being told that he'd have to make a new pair is met with a slow nod, one where for a brief moment she's looking like a child who had just put a dent on the new family car. The look is gone as soon as he hauls out a briefcase.

"Are you -serious?- How many of these things do you have made up?" Is there a hallway where all of the different iterations are lined up on display? That seems like something a superhero might do…

* * *

"Let's just say that I'd never want you to be in harm's way without a means to protect yourself or others. You do what you have to do and let me worry about helping you do that."

Lex Luthor speaks with a tone that's as caring as a parental figure might speak to a teenager that did just dent the family car. "The important thing is that you're okay and that the gauntlets seem to be doing what we need them to do. Which can only mean that the people of Metropolis will be able to sleep for another night thanks to your efforts. Efforts that I'm sure did not go unnoticed."

He spins the briefcase around and pushes it across the table for Daisy to open and gawk at. Another pair, similar to the previous set in style and design. Although, these seem to be a tad bit more insulated. Almost as if they were designed to work in a more electricity based environment or something. Who knows.

"You held lightning? Interesting." Lex's wheels are turning again. Always.

* * *

"I appreciate that," Daisy sort of mutters in response. The way her life has been it's become something of a necessity!

Does Lex ever get upset? Like, really? He seems unshakeable. Prepared. Maybe..even ahead of the curve, as the newest version seems like it's designed to help deal with the very element which she had tangled with only -days- ago. Did he watch what happened back there? Did he somehow work such upgrades into this next set so quickly afterward?

It isn't until his question that she attempts to respond but it comes with a false start, one of the new gloves already in hand as her mouth opens then closes right after. "Sort of..?" she once again deflects.

"The lightning was coming from something that was moving really quickly. -Really- quickly. That speed put out vibrations, on a level completely different from everything around it. I tried to focus on those waves and compress them back into what was creating them and somehow that messed with the lightning as well. I don't..feel that I could stop a lightning strike," she lamely adds in while shaking her head.

* * *

"Not yet, anyway."

Lex looks up from the old gauntlets with a bit of a grin that already says he's designing a way to make that happen in his head. Right now, though, he's focused on making sure that things are going to continue to work well for the Daisy.

"I'm starting to wonder if you should have more than just these gauntlets, though. As powerful as you are, perhaps you should be more protected. On a more bodily scale." Lex is musing aloud at this moment. As if he's trying to figure out the best way to keep his weapon alive.

"Vibrational Frequency Manipulation. Hm." Looks like he's adding this to his list of Things That Daisy Can Do that's written in his head. "I'll come up with a way to fine tune that. Make it easier on you the next time you encounter something like that."

* * *

Not -yet?- Does Lex honestly think that Daisy is going to have the ability to 'catch' lightning? With the right tech no doubt, but all of the tech is still playing off of what she already has on tap.

Then he's talking about ..what, "Like full body armor..? That's, uh..-wow,-" she repeats with the same dumbstruck expression as earlier. "I'm not really picturing myself as a shock trooper or something here, wouldn't body armor imply that you'd be actively looking for a fight?"

Not that there isn't a distinct possibility that it would help her! Though the other side of that coin is that she might wind up hurting more people because of it. She'd rather the Brotherhood not shift her onto the front lines, so to say.

She tries to move past this with a good natured "There you are, back to bein' the man with the plan. I'll try not to break these ones," is promised while trying them on for fit. Which is, of course, perfect.

* * *

"Maybe not armor. Armor's heavy. Well, not all armor is heavy but I don't think you're an armored hero type. You're going to need something sleeker, smoother. Something that you can move around in but also helps you feel every single vibration in an area. Something that helps feed you what you need to save the day."

Maybe Lex has already given this some thought.

"That would be ideal." Lex responds to the words befitting the whole nature of the 'playing hero' game. "But. Our priority here is keeping you alive so if the gauntlets have to suffer so that you may live, then you let the gauntlets suffer. Us innocent people need you around."

Lex offers a smile in Daisy's direction.

"I need you around."

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