Catch Up If You Can
Roleplaying Log: Catch Up If You Can
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Flash and Impulse catch up for the first time.

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IC Date: September 01, 2019
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Things are different now. Barry Allen, known to most as The Flash, spent quite some time in the Speed Force. He doesn't even know how long he's been gone. After finally returning to his own time through a crazy event of doom, running back to Central City to make sure everyone he knows was okay, he's decided it is time for another run. One where he can try to figure out what in the tarnation has been going on since he's been gone.

According to his friends, though, he's only been gone a few minutes. That's not how it felt in the Speed Force.

Anyway, with all that handled, The Flash is back in his costume and racing all over the globe, sparking ripples through that connective speedster tissue that is the Speed Force along the way. No particular direction. No specific destination. He's just running. Which turns out to be the best way to clear his mind, most of the time.

And to also not think about… Zoom.

* * *

Don't do anything you or anyone else will regret. Think before you act. These are things that don't come naturally to Bart Allen, but one might be surprised at how much tends to really sink into him when you think he's not paying attention. It might even surprise him, really.

Ever since the disturbance in the Speed Force, he's been greatly distracted. He's come to realize that there really is a whole lot he just doesn't know about it, even though he'd thought he'd been aware of at least that much for the times he's caught Max Mercury in his odd states of meditation. The sensation of that strange connection is still sharp and clear in his mind, especially unpleasant for how hard it had hit him once that mysterious being made up of whatever maelstrom of energies it had drawn from it had just as suddenly been dispersed.

And then there's the more important matter of the Flash. Not Wally-Flash. There's only one other Flash he knows, and while he's always been excited of the prospect of meeting him, Bart finds himself both eager and somewhat anxious. What all can he say? What all might they know?

There hadn't been a specific day and time set for their little run-chat, and perhaps neither had really thought about it for everything else that had been on their minds. And still it manages to work out, perhaps because of the Speed Force and it's particular draw and connections. It's a reverberation, a sixth sense. It's the Force (capitalized) with an extra adjective. Bart feels it. Bart follows it.

It runs in the family. Hah. But no, the need to just…move and keep going with no direction, no intent but to run. Maybe that's just how some Speedsters are wired, feeling the need to be in their element. And so Barry will find another figure coming in parallel beside him, a red and white blur of electricity and movement to those without eyesight particularly attuned to such movement. A lanky teen with yellow goggles and a carefree look of bliss because out here he could be free of those heavy thoughts.

And then he sees he's not alone.

* * *

"I wonder which one of us is faster."

That. That is how Barry Allen is going to open up this conversation with the other speedster that's moving so fast that only he can see him. Barry doesn't even know what town or city they are in right now but it doesn't matter. Their movements are so fast that even the repercussions of their speed may not even be felt in regular time.

There's a good chance they've entered Flash Time.

It takes him a moment or two to realize the way that might've sounded so he's already following it up with, "Not that I want to race. Just out of a more scientific curiosity." That should clean up things a bit. Maybe not. It's always weird when meeting another Speedster. Especially after the shenanigans that happened the other day. That Barry Allen is taking complete responsibility for.

"By the way, uh, sorry about the other day. I definitely did not mean to bring uh… /that/… with me. I'm glad no one was seriously hurt." Barry's rambling a bit right now, in his own blurred state of red and yellow electricity to the ones that are not keeping up with these two speedsters right here.

* * *

Eyes blink behind the yellow tinted goggles, and for one of the few times in his life, Bart is at a loss for words. Proper greeting for someone who is potentially your grandfather had never actually been worked out. The Flash's greeting of sorts is followed up for clarification, and Bart has to wonder if the guy is just as confused as to what to say as he is. It makes him laugh, helps disperse that frustrating knot that had disrupted what should otherwise be an easy flow of conversation.

"Nah, it's… Well, not like you planned for that to happen. And people were there to help take care of it at least, so it all worked out," he replies, smiling easy reassurance. They may as well be the only two in the world now. Or rather they're in their own world for how apart from the rest of it they are as they rush through unnoticed, unseen.

"Also I'm probably faster," he adds, grinning. A sufficient follow-up to the opening statement.

* * *

"… Only if I jog."

Barry is not so good with the quips as he is with the science. Which is probably why he's not exactly doing a good job at tossing such confident in his speedness back at Impulse. But that's okay. He's got a lot more important things to worry about than who is the faster of them.

"So. We should probably talking about the elephant speeding through the room, huh?" Not that Barry really knows what that elephant is. All he knows is that there's another speedster that's running alongside him and that he's not evil. So that's definitely a good sign.

"Most other people running this fast are usually trying to kill me. So this is a nice change." Barry follows that up with a teasing joke. "… This isn't a trick, right? Because I really don't feel like fighting. I still have a headache from the other day."

* * *

When it sinks in as to what Barry might be implying, Bart's eyes go wide and he flails his hands in a decidedly 'oh-no, never!' gesture. "Whoa! I wouldn't- why would I? That'd be like… counterproductive!" Frankly he looks horrified at the suggestion that he might try to kill Barry.

"Anyway, I know other speedsters, and they're good guys. I'm even related to some of them," he continues, looking proud at the last. It's fleeting, the look of hesitation that follows, although not so much the deliberate break of eye contact as he looks frontwards again. Probably a good thing to do anyway, considering the speeds they were traveling.

"…I'm Impulse. I train under Max Mercury, but I'm not actually from…around here."

* * *

None of these names are ringing bells for Barry but he's able to raise a hand and give a bit of a mock salute anyway. "I'm The Flash." He can return the name favor because that's how introductions work. And he's pretty good at being a person that can introduce himself to others. Even if those others are not from around here.

"Most of my training comes from myself and the dozens of mistakes I've made." Humble Speedster is Humble! "Define… not actually from around here?"

Barry just spent a lot/no time at all in the Speed Force. He's pretty okay with the possibility of other Heres.

* * *

Bart has to grin when given the introduction in turn. Who else would you be? he'd say, but it would all be in good nature. "It's nice to finally meet you," he says instead, because that's also true.

"Heh. I didn't really have that luxury. I needed to at least learn the basics or else…" He shrugs. "You know, um, hypermetabolism and all that?" He knew how to go fast and that was about it. The scientists overseeing his development didn't seem to care that he was aging much too rapidly in the process.

There's that hesitation again, an unusual thing, this time more noticeable. Is this how it is to try being careful, responsible, even?

"….I'mfromthefuture," he expels, wondering if that might be too much info already.

* * *

There's a noticeable stumble in the running that's happening from The Flash when that verbal bomb is dropped on him. It's only for like a nanosecond but for Speedsters, they notice that kind of thing. Which puts him a half-step behind Impulse for a while due to the shenanigans of his mental processes shutting down for that brief moment.

"From the where now?" Barry heard what Impulse said but didn't exactly want to just immediately believe it. "Like… tomorrow future or like… /future/ future?" These are very scientific inquiries you're making, Barry. Really smart questions. Yup.

"Wait, is that how you knew to be there when everything went down? Do you know what's going to happen before it happens? Is that how your speed works?" Inquisitive Mode Activate!

* * *

Ohg/shwhere'dhego — For that fraction of a fraction of a second Impulse wonders that he'd lost the Flash before he'd even really started. He visibly breathes a sigh of relief when the other speedster catches up again.

"Er, the future-future," he clarifies, amber eyes flicking over towards Barry again before he adds on. "…like, thirtieth century."

The barrage of questions, is this how it feels to be on the receiving end? Blinking rapidly as he processes the things Barry asks, Bart shakes his head frantically. "What? No, I had no idea that was going to happen, I just—" He moves his hands about as though trying to shape the answer from the air in front of him. "I felt something going on and followed it, and that's when I saw you go flying and that thing come out after you."

* * *

"You felt a disturbance in the Speed Force?"

Okay, even Barry Allen has to smile at this own joke that time. He's even calm enough now to catch fully up to Impulse and regains his speedster jog beside him.

"That's pretty cool. I mean, the thirtieth century thing and the Speed Force feels. I get that too sometimes. A lot. That feeling, I mean." He mentions this so that the Impulse doesn't feel alone in the Speed Force of Feels.

"So, the future-future, huh? Are you like stuck or…?" Barry doesn't know how these conversations with future people are supposed to go. So he's just winging this tuff out here. Have they gone around the world a second time, yet?

* * *

Bart's own grin is crooked but he appreciates the reference. "I so did," he laughs. It helps to alieviate some of the awkward, as well as Barry's admission to sensing the same. But then should that even be a surprise? Just how far back was this Barry? Speedsters and time and realities are soo confusing.

"I think if you're connected to the Speed Force then it's definitely a Thing. Sensing others through it. Like, if they're in trouble or something. …ooor I guess in the off chance that someone or something's screwing around with it." He frowns at that, thinking about the living energy tornado.

"Are you like stuck or…?" Bart shakes his head again, not as vehemently as before. "No, more like…" He trails off, thinking. "It's better for me here," he says, looking for a moment just a bit sad. Here he's apart from his mom, but the reasons for staying went no further than that.

They might already be on the third circuit by now.

* * *

Barry Allen is a man of loss so he knows loss or sadness when it shows up. Even for however brief an instance. He almost has a flashback to his own tragic past before realizing that he should probably be comforting. Or try to be, anyway.

"Well. Whatever the reason, we're lucky to have you around." Flash reaches out (yes, they are still moving so fast that they can do stuff like this while still moving that fast) to place a hand on Impulse's shoulder. Reassurance can even come in the silent form of just being there for a Speedster that shares the Speed Force with him.

"Do you… are you like, okay? Otherwise? Like, do you need a place to stay or anything like that?" Barry has no idea what to offer another speedster but friendship and anything else he can give. He just wants to /help/.

* * *

It's a small gesture, but it speaks volumes to him. Bart glances at the Flash, offering a faint, appreciative smile. He's come a long way, and he knows he's still got a lot of things to work out whether he'll openly admit it or not, but it's a bolstering thing to have the Flash say something like that.

It also stokes the curiosity of the one question he hasn't yet allowed himself to ask nor broach, ever burning in the back of his mind.

"Huh?" He has to focus again. "Oh, I'm… Yeah, I'm fine. Great, actually. It's not like I just showed up- that was a real mess but no, I've had a lot of time to adjust and get things worked out and stuff," he assures. "-but thanks for asking." He means it, his smile a little brighter. "I'm with the Titans- we've been laying low because of the whole thing with New York and the Registration Act but we still do what we do." How to ease into things, how to work another subject into the conversation for a smooth transition—

"Are you Barry?"

Oh yeah. So smooth.

* * *

Even Flash Time slows down at this point. Or speeds up. It's always weird how moving so fast makes everything so slow. Craziness. But there's only a moment where the Flash might as well be standing still because he's being asked a question that he might as well give the answer to.

"Uh." And in that next moment he's reaching up with the slow of the motion in fast motion to pull back his cowl and lets it drop to the back of his neck. The reveal of his identity happening with ease. He's going for trust here. Which normally ends up biting him in the butt but this time he has the feeling it'll be different.

"I am." And just in case this whole moment isn't clear enough, he goes the extra mile. "Barry Allen."

* * *

He knew it.

He knew it he knew it he knew it heknewit

And yet the confirmation still manages to be something of a shock, especially when Barry goes so far as to unmask himself. Behind those goggles, eyes go wide, mouth opening in similar fashion. It's a look that melts into something of elation, which to Barry may or may not vanish quite suddenly. The reason for that being that Impulse just suddenly stops running, which may put quite the distance between them depending on how fast the Flash realizes what's happened.

If so, then he'll see it if he doubles back; they'd been crossing another ocean. Stopping over open water just lets gravity get a hold of you again, and water isn't exactly the most solid thing to be standing on. It's almost anticlimactic for the *bloop* of a splash as the younger speedster sinks under the surface, like a moment straight out of a Looney Tunes short. Except he won't be coming up depending on how far he's allowed to sink, because of the simple fact that he. Can't. Swim.

* * *


By the time (which is no time at all) Barry doubles back, he's pulled his mask back down and is running across the water to realize what is actually happening. Speed Force kicks in and he's going right into the water to snatch Impulse up and get them to shore before any damage is actually done.

There's a shore nearby, right? If not, hopefully his speed can just get them to the closest one.

No time for any mistakes here because the whole running on water thing is easy but if they have to cross an entire ocean, it might take at least a couple of seconds. "Maybe I should've left the mask on?" Let's hope joking will keep the drowning (again!) down!

* * *

Bart's sputtering is mostly a delayed reaction from his earlier dunking. For a moment he'd practically seemed to reset himself as he blanked out after realizing 'oh hey, I'm under water.' Which would be a lot cooler if it weren't simultaneously a bad thing for someone with lack of swimming skills.

He's got solid land of a sort beneath him once again, thanks to Barry's quick thinking and faster action. While Bart has no idea where they are, he's just glad not to be in danger of drowning and that Barry had come back for him. He pulls down his goggles and mask down around his neck to let the water trickle out from behind the lenses, mopping his face off with the back of a hand as he works on catching his breath. It doesn't work that well when he expends a little of that effort in a brief laugh at Barry's joking.

Looking up at Barry, he wastes another couple of breaths in a big, relieved sigh, right before he just kinda leans into a hug, throwing his arms around the guy. This isn't totally weird, is it? Okay, maybe it is. But in his head it's fine, because he's finally getting a chance to meet him. Barry Allen.

His grandfather.

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