Subway Delayed Due To Fur
Roleplaying Log: Subway Delayed Due To Fur
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Rahne's first ride on a subway is interrupted by someone who's -not- screaming in terror.

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IC Date: September 02, 2019
IC Location: NYC
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The train to Brooklyn.

It used to be a big steam engine. Today it's quieter, smoother. Not really a bad thing to be on, if you're used to that kind of thing. Of course it's not always the case, and right now there's a bit of a problem.

"No!" the kid says, clinging to the bar. The train's been stopped for two minutes, emptied, and is ready to leave. But some eleven year old who's travelling alone is apparently refusing to disembark. She's already bitten one official, her red hair a flag for spotting her at least. "Willnae!"

"Someone get the cops, I'm not getting flagged for grabbing an eleven year old girl. Nope." Security is apparently not into the possible negatives of that situation. The train isn't moving.

Now what?


The subway was never without incident. It really wasn't.

The simple fact was, though, it was a safer mode of travel than the young man's preferred one. Especially in New York. Here, he had to be careful. He had to be a little more aware of what he was doing and where he'd end up. It was only a matter of time before carelessness would catch up on him, but today wasn't that day.

Today was /also/ a day when the earbuds were just in for show, and that's why he hears the commotion. A hand reaches up to flick one of the buds out of his ears before he stands and makes his way towards the redhead and surrounding security.

"Hey!" a distinctly midwestern voice calls out. "What's the hold up here, huh?"


"Kid won't get off. She doesn't have her parents and we're gonna have to send the tr.."

Security is cut off by a howl from inside the train, sounding for all the world like the kid's being tortured. The fact that there's currently nobody inside WITH her is immaterial.

"Okay, that's it. Lock the car and send the train, we can't hold it up. There's another train coming down the line. She can just suck it up."

The kid sounds so lonely, scared, and through the window she clearly won't let go of the bar she's stuck her hands onto.

The engineer goes to get stuff started, the kid is gonna have to be alone, if she won't let go. Train's gotta move.


Eyebrows raise in unison as that howl catches his ears. There's a glance to the left, and one to the right. "Man. Parents these days, huh? No wonder there's so much crime, people treatin' the train like it's an oversized go-kart. Good luck with that, fellas."

Hand dips into pocket. Fishes around a bit. Seizes on a coin. When the train staff have turned their attention back to the train and the goal of setting it back in motion? Said coin is chucked towards the open door.

As for the man who throws it? He starts in the /other/ direction. Better things to do, or something like that. New Yorkers are always in a hurry, aren't they? That's gotta be it.

…but that earbud isn't going back in his ear. Nope, nope.


As the train door SHOOSHES closed, the kid's noise is cut off. She's whining enough to cause audible pain at this point so the engineer and security are all relieved. "Call the next station, see if they can have someone ready." "Yeah, I don't have time for this."

So things move on, and the kid becomes Someone Else's Problem.

As Rahne Sinclair continues her first subway ride, not even sure how she got onto the thing and utterly terrified. She pinches her eyes closed to block out the nausea and the moving terrain through the windows and howls.


So! Off the train goes. On the train, there's a girl. Not too far from that girl, there's also a penny on the ground. A few moments later? The girl's still there, but the penny? It's been replaced by a boy, now. A boy who's exactly one cent poorer than he started out the day.

Fortunately for him, without anyone /else/ on the train it's easier than ever to see who was causing the problem. Well. She's not being attacked that he can see. She's not bleeding out. So it sounds like the only way to find out what's wrong is to ask.

"Hey — hey kid. You okay?" he asks, bracing himself for another screaming fit. He knows how kids can be, afterall.


The howl in session cuts off by a choking cough as someone materializes in front of her very eyes, and the redheaded chick tries to swivel so she can hide behind the one-inch-wide metal pole. It's adorable but it's also quite serious, as her eyes narrow and she…sniffs the air?

"How did yae dao thet?" she asks, her accent along with the red hair and freckles marking her Dangerously Scottish. So, from out of town then. She wipes her face on the sleeve of her shirt, long sleeves apparently the order of the day, over loose grey pants.

Peering with the power of a thousand suns. Peer! "Thae waus magic! You be a wizard?" Now she's pointing, her right arm stuck out and accusatory. No howling at least.


"Who did I do what?" he echoes. Someone's having a bit of trouble parsing the accent — guess not a lot of Scots visit the small towns of Iowa! Of course, the rest helps him figure out just what she meant. "Oh! You… you saw that, huh? I figured you'd be looking the other way."

A pause. Well. What'd they say she was — eleven? Eleven year olds can't cause him /too/ much trouble, right? "Yeah, you could call me a wizard, 'cause what I do /is/ pretty magical." he replies, offering a grin. "So, you okay then? Nobody's like, trying to steal your purse or somethin'?" That's what happens on a subway, right? Muggings and the like?


The kid listens, but she's also looking around as the train moves. Her eyes are still kind of dilated; she's not exactly 'fine'. "Why is et movin sae fast! Et's dark an' ah dinnae ken whaur ah am anymair! Ye be th' one 'at be doin thes!"

Oh yeah, totally better now. She tries to back away, which means relinquishing her death grip on the pole…for another pole a bit further back in the car. "Witch!" Well, at least she's not sexist. She can call a boy a witch. While making the sign of the cross at him. Oh that's kind of rude.

"Ah dinnae wanna die en a movin' coffin!"


"Slow it down, Ty. Just slow it down." the boy reminds himself — replaying her words in his head just… a little bit slower to try and figure things out. "Uh… subways normally move this fast. Like a car on the expressway, you know? You're under Brooklyn, or close to it, at least. I'd show you on my phone, but I don't get service down here, and…"

…and now he's being accused of being a witch capable of making the subway move? It might be rude… but he just laughs. Maybe not the reaction she was looking for, but it's the one he gives her. Laughing and shaking his head. While he might like to /think/ he could move a train… he's pretty sure that's more than beyond his limits. Though, there is a small moment that he's tempted to try.

"No, no, no. Not a witch, and not moving the train." Pause. "…electricity's doing that, I think. You know, kinda like a remote control car?" Another pause. "…and while I /am/ amazing, I'm not a witch. I'm just Tyler, and I'm /pretty sure/ you're not gonna die in here, but if you really want out… I can make that happen."


"Ah wan' ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!" is the response, and she does howl it this time, as she's crouched down and clinging to the metal pole she's chosen as this week's saviour. Without even a pause or a hesitation, she clearly makes a choice: witches are less scary than the moving thing she's found herself trapped inside!

How she even got on the subway in the first place is questionable, but it's unlikely to get a response to that with her clinging and howling, and it's actually getting creepy. The train's approaching the next station though, and security is there in force. With females, so they'll actually pry her out.



There's a bit of a cringe as she howls out the words in a mostly empty, not-exactly padded for sound subway train. "Alright, alright. Just, uh… don't reveal a magician's secrets, okay?" Tyler replies, before reaching out to try and touch Rahne. Where is less important than the fact that it's somewhere on her. It's a moment later that she'll find herself at the subway stop where she initially refused to get off the train.

…in a stall in the men's bathroom.

Hey, discretion is important!

Of course, Tyler's not terribly interested in meeting up with said security himself, so a couple moments later? The door from said men's room stall — yes, the one that so lovingly had graffiti'd a limerick about the things that occur within upon it — is off of its hinges and taking a tour of the subway. In its place? The aforementioned 'witch', who lands with a soft 'thud' of shoes hitting the ground from about a foot in the air.

"See? No more moving coffin." Pause. "Uh. Might wanna get out of /here,/ though. People might talk."

Besides. His finger and/or handprint is quite literally on her. Taking his own advice, he starts making for the door of said men's room to exit back into the station.


Trigger epic freak-out. Which makes what she was doing a moment before look like a day at the park. "GAAAH!" is the noise out of the little redhead's mouth as she's teleported, yes teleported, and suddenly finds her pole missing and falling and then she's NOT WHERE SHE WAS and have no idea how I got here and and and…

He's walking away, I'm in a stinky place, oh my LORD is stinks! Someone had sex here, recently, and I'm in a toilet and the smells are all around me and I can't make them stop and and and…

Rahne's eyes turn yellow and flash, and then Tyler hears something he probably wasn't expecting behind him. The stall being literally torn to shreds, as a terrified werewolf lashes out with both arms, clawing the thing to absolute bits around her.

Then tries to hide under half of a broken piece of wall, not wanting to hurt anyone. Furry, scared, and sharp. Red fur. Kid's vanished. Conclusion seems obvious, also why she's not had much experience with subways.


No, he expected more 'You're a witch, Harry!' accusations at worst and maybe a 'My hero! Here, have a delicious sandwich.' at best. The sound of claws scraping into and destroying so many fine pieces of modern art and hastily written phone numbers? No, he would've never expected that.

Even /less/ expected is what he sees when he turns around. No kid, just… a /beast./ Did he teleport the kid into a hungry beast's lair? Granted, the morality scale is a bit skewed for a /Gould/ but even that's a little far off the charts.

…but wasn't she a redhead? Isn't that fur…

Could it be? "Little… girl?" he tries, voice sounding a fair bit more hesitant than it did before. Definitely confused. Not /entirely/ scared because he's just a thought away from a train ride, but definitely cautious because he can see what she did to the stall. That outweighs his bravado.

"… are you 'magic' too?" Tyler knows he's not magical. It's the word she used, so he's using it here to try and relate.

The whine that answers his question is more pitiful than annoying, as the were-thing tries to get further away from him. Totally threatening, so very scary, she's trying to push herself back into the furthest corner of the room.


"So saury, didnae mean tae," she says, her accent still recognizeable. Then the fur vanishes, as quickly as it appeared. And the kid's back. It happened so fast, it would be nearly impossible to see when the change actually occurred. But she's taking up a lot less space suddenly, and holding a hunk of badly shaped wallboard over her skull for protection. With the words 'Jennie puts out' scrawled, and a much better penned 'forest fires' beneath it.

Hey, you go Jennie!


In a move that would make a germaphobe freak out, Tyler moves to sit in front of the door. He may not weigh a literal ton, but anyone trying to get into the men's room would encounter some resistance, at least. He might have to burn those pants later, though.

"Look, kid. It's okay. You didn't do anything that the drunks don't do from time to time, alright?" Tyler replies, holding his hands out to try and show that he means no harm. "So, are you like… lost, or something? Why were you on that subway anyways? Folks send you to the store and you couldn't find your way? I know I couldn't the first time /I/ rode the train…"

…but enough about that particular five-hour journey that should've taken fifteen minutes.


The breathing exercise the kid's doing sounds helpful, hiding under her improvised shelter there. It almost takes her a minute to answer though, so there's time to think. And when the green eyes peer out from hiding, there are words attached.

"Ah havenae been en th' city b'fair." Well, duh, obvious point is obvious, but she goes on, sighing with regret. "M' odin.." what? "Esnae aroun'. He be back en Scotlund, an ah ken m'Mam be dead. Ah was jes' trayin' tae get home."

Well, at least that last part was clear.


Fortunately, Tyler's finished with his classes for the day and didn't really have anywhere to /be./ So there's no hurrying of her as she takes her time to answer, and little motion besides. Resting after a 'port is always helpful in case the next one has to be bigger.

"Oh… I get it. The city's a bit of a beast when you're new — trust me, I've only been here a few weeks. You're from Scotland, then?" A pause. "Trying to get back to the airport, or you staying with relatives here? I'm no GPS, but my phone's /got/ one, so I could probably help you get where you're going."


After a moment, the kid seems to at least tentatively accept the offer of help, if not the method. Because she says, almost a whisper, "If ye could jis get us outdoors," before sniffing the air, and whimpering. "If ah coulds jis smell th' air again, ah ken find m' way."

Something that could be solved by a walk up some stairs, if she only knew. Subways are designed to be exited easily.

So long as the wolf doesn't come out again, after all. Because that might actually get noticed. Even in New York.


"Oh, sure thing. Just follow me." Tyler replies, reaching up to grab hold of the trashcan to pull himself up, and then the door to pull it open — if Rahne's paying attention, she might notice that he's leaving handprints on everything he touches. Furthermore, the one on her vanishes as he touches the door. Beyond /that,/ his hands aren't particularly covered in ink to be /leaving/ these prints.

…and yes, he's taking for granted the fact that she can find her own way home by… smelling the air. Why? Because he's seen stranger in the past fifteen minutes.

It's a quick walk out of the men's room and up the stairs of the subway to the city streets, and once they're back above ground, he bows dramatically in her direction. "Another wish granted, by the magnificant Tyler Gould." After a tick he adds, "You… /sure/ you're gonna be alright, kiddo?" Because it's just dawned on him that just smelling the air wouldn't tell /him/ how to get home. A sniff at the air proves his theory.


There's a level of trust. She asked him for help, so she has to trust him…and it's rewarded! Like absolute magic, her face lights up when she's outdoors in a way that being cooped up underground never gave her, never would or could.

And then she's leaning her head back, taking in the air…and the smog, and she wrinkles her nose. But her eyes are still so much happier, so much healthier. And she nods enthusiastically!

"Oh…" she says, "Aam nae a kid." It's a thing, but it's not an important thing compared to the rest. "But yessir, ah ken. Watch." She sniffs the air, then glances left, then right. Then she's gone and there's a full-sized adult wolf in her place. With red fur. WHich seems for all the world to be laughing.

And it turns and trots off, sniffing her way through the city. Toward the scent of fresh air. Not a thank you, not a hug. But a wagging tail and smiles.


"Only in the city…" Tyler murmers to himself as the Rahne-wolf trots off, shaking his head and even offering a soft laugh. He's not going to question what he's seen, though, and instead pops his displaced earbud back into his ear, and heads off on his own journey. Which… is probably to find the nearest hot dog stand.

…and will probably take several minutes longer than it /should,/ due to lacking a nose like the wolf-girl's. Alas!

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