Go To Hell
Roleplaying Log: Go To Hell
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On second thought, take me back to New York.

Other Characters Referenced: Danielle Moonstar, Warren Worthington
IC Date: September 05, 2019
IC Location: New York City, Limbo
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Posted On: 06 Sep 2019 00:09
Rating & Warnings: R for some language
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Last night had been ..interesting. And unexpected. Though it had also highlighted the recent growth of problems inherent with New York City since the Department of Public Safety rolled into town.

It's not a safe place for metahumans to be.

Domino was 'lucky' enough to be in the right place at the right time but the commotion had effectively kicked the hive, the streets have been swarming with DPS patrols ever since with the occasional Sentinel sighting overhead.

She had spent the night hunkered down waiting for the place to cool off, but it hasn't. It hasn't and she still needs to get out of Dodge. So, it's a good thing that she remembered to pack an X-Men issued communicator.

"This is Domino, I could sure use an extraction. Is anyone receiving? Someone had better be receiving. Pull a teleporter off of lunch break if you have to, it's gettin' a little toasty out here."


Illyana possesses an X-Men issued communicator, although you wouldn't know it from how rarely trying to summon her with it actually works. Today might be Domino's lucky day, for not only is the X-Men's semi-resident sorceress in the right dimension, but she has her communicator switched on, and she actually bothers to answer it.

This might have more to do with her not wanting to miss getting in on Dani's promised bear-slaying than being a good little X-Man, but small steps and all that.

A voice that Domino possibly won't recognise comes back across the commlink. "I'll have to charge you double if you're making me work over lunch." There's not a lot of urgency in the voice's tone, but at least Domino isn't left waiting long.

There's a flash of silver-white light, and suddenly Domino's no longer alone. The new arrival has long blonde hair, cold blue eyes, and she's dressed in a somewhat gothy ensemble of skull-motif top and shredded, skin tight black jeans and heavy boots.

"Pick up for one?" She asks, with a smirk.


Charge double? "Sure, what's double of nothing?" Domino flatly teases. At least someone responded, and someone with her kind of sense of humor!

Trying to figure out just who answered the request can wait, she'll be here in person any second — yep, there she is. And—

"Huh," the albino plainly states with a blink from behind the sights of a semi-automatic pistol. One which is just about kissing the other woman's nose the instant that she appears. It's a goth picking up a goth! But how the hell did Dom even know where to aim?

"And here I thought I had that market cornered."

At 'pick up for one?' she points the sidearm skyward while reaching back with the other to catch the handlebar of a motorcycle parked beside her in the alley. Call for a teleporter, get a teleporter. The odds of this being a perfectly timed ambush are exceedingly low even for someone like her. "Plus baggage, if you can manage."

"So..hey. I'm gonna go ahead and be a little ignorant here. Who are you?"

An X-Person, clearly. But Neena doesn't remember seeing this one's profile before…


There's no reply to Domino's quip, but somehow the dead air over the commlink seems amused.

Illyana had one advantage over Domino, at least she knew what her prospective passenger looked like, courtesy of scrying for her on the way through Limbo. As much as one can be said to have the advantage when they materialise to find the muzzle of a handgun pointed at their nose. Most people would be startled, offended, or possibly both. Illyana's lips just curl up in a smile and she slowly, almost mockingly, raises her hands, before tilting her head to one side to look past the gun at Domino. The comment about having the market in goth covered gets a snort from the sorceress, but she doesn't say anything until the gun is taken off its target.

"Just so you know, you're up to triple of nothing." Illyana tells Domino, before she offers any information that might actually be useful. "I'm Illyana. Or Magik, if you're one of the formal ones." Her tone eloquently describes her opinion of the formal ones. Those icy blue eyes flicker to the bike and back again. "Baggage won't be a problem. Ready to go, or do you want the secret handshake too?"


Maybe Dom's just playing with the blonde, pushing buttons to see what kind of a reaction she gets. She also might be a paranoid sort who gets through life with a hand on a weapon more often than not. Whatever the case may be she seems to be enjoying Illyana's reactions. At triple of nothing the mercenary smirks. When the secret handshake is brought up there's a moment where pale blue eyes are looking straight at pale blue eyes before Domino starts to laugh.

"I think I like you, Illy. Neena, for the formally opposed." Which Illyana clearly is.

The sidearm is given a lazy roll around a crooked index finger on its way to an open holster while Dom's motioning street-side with a head-twitch. "Place is crawling with Deeps." She's probably referring to the DPS. "Unless you fancy making it onto the evening news I suggest that we make with the GTFO'ing."

Then suddenly her confidence is replaced with a bit of uncertainty. "Do you need me to …hold your hand… or something? How does this work?"

Every teleporter is different! They really oughta standardize these things.


Illyana doesn't laugh, but there is a flash of a grin that shows even, white teeth. "Don't commit yourself, Neena. You haven't got to know me yet."

Those cold blue eyes brighten when the DPS is mentioned, and Illyana leans in the direction of Domino's head-twitch with apparent interest. She doesn't go so far as to actually stick her head out and get spotted, which suggests she's mostly doing it for effect. "It'd serve Dani right for not arresting me when she had the chance…" Illyana says, in a tone that's a bit too exaggeratedly thoughtful to be entirely serious. "Another time, maybe." She says, sounding far too amused.

Blonde hair swings as Illyana looks around sharply when Domino asks if they're supposed to hold hands, and that grin flashes across her face again. "Well we don't have to, but you might lose some extremities if we don't…" Her serious tone is completely at odds with that grin. "No?" She says, cocking her head, then shrugs. "Suit yourself!"

And a pool of silver-white light appears at their feet - and around the motorbike, and rapidly surges upwards before blinking out, and leaving the place they just were empty.


To Illy's quip about not committing herself Neena air-kisses at the other lady.

Then things get properly interesting. Magik's sudden -interest- in the DPS is a curious and unexpected twist, though not half as much as what she has to say regarding Dani and having not made an arrest. It raises all sorts of new and potentially dangerous questions! Though rather than jumping to the potentially excessive and unnecessary response of 'should I not be trusting you?' Neena twists it around, smirking anew when she offers "I about took her head off from a quarter mile out when we first met."

Since then Dom's kind of gotten to be fond of ol' Moonstar, but once again it comes down to focused button-pushing. How's Illyana going to react to this news? If she's got a mean streak to her and is gearing up for a war, those are mindsets which the albino can absolutely get behind. But if she's going to go off the handle to the point of feeling she -should- have been arrested, that..could get a little dicey.

Wanting it and deserving it are two different matters. Gods know Neena probably deserves it.

Might lose some extremities..? "You're a real damn riot," Neena deadpans.

And then she's a real damn riot somewhere else with a mercenary in tow.


Dani Moonstar is one of Illyana's oldest and closest friends, and she doesn't have many. How does she react to the news that her new acquaintance Neena nearly shot Dani in the head (the shooting bit is an assumption, but given the gun pointed at her nose earlier she thinks it's a fair one) when she first met her?

Illyana looks delighted. "She has that effect on people, but she's not so bad when you get to know her." It's a deeply unfair description of Dani and Illyana doesn't care in the slightest. She's such a good friend.

Illyana had considered making the stopover in Limbo nothing more than a blink of an eye before sending the pair of them on to the X-Men's base, or possibly the mansion. But Domino's determination to play things cool prompts her to make another decision.

When the silver-white light fades, Domino is definitely somewhere else. Somewhere -very- else. The air is hotter and drier, and she's standing on a star-shaped balcony that projects from the side of a towering, many-turreted castle. Illyana's perched on the broad stone parapet at the edge of the balcony, her back to the land beyond - which is mostly an arid, craggy wasteland - and silhouetted against a sky of reds and oranges that just doesn't exist anywhere on Earth.

"So I was lying about losing your extremities." Illyana says, without an ounce of repentance. "And I probably should have told you about the stopover on the way home. But…" She smirks. "Where's the fun in that?"


Interesting. Delighted? "She really does," Domino grins to the summary of poor Dani.

So far Illyana here is full of sarcasm, showing signs of confidence that she's ready to back up her words should such a need or desire arise, has only moderate homicidal tendencies, and—

—a somewhat unusual sense of humor.

This..is not Xavier's. This is not Westchester. Or New York.

This is not -Earth-.

Illyana may not know what Neena had very recently gone through with the demon bear fiasco but one good look at the skyline is all that it takes for the albino to duck, tense up, and almost magically summon a nine millimeter into each of her hands.

"Okay, what the fuck." Blink blink. "Your stopover is in HELL?!"

She's only assuming the location based upon available information. Lots of oranges and reds. Medieval castle. Arid climate. Total freaking wasteland. Honestly it doesn't get much more -Hell- than this.

At least it isn't that cold, dark, barren New York City sort of wasteland. She's had enough of dealing with the cold and the shadows and the psychic torment and all but poor Domino can't even be sure if this is real or another psychic hallucination! The demon bear had certainly done a stellar job of making it all seem real at the time!

And so the pale mercenary squares up good and proper with Magik, fingers wrapped tight around the grips of her pistols. They're held low at her sides but she gives a clear impression that they could be pointed anywhere else at an instant's notice.

"You need to start talking, Magik. Right now."

Oh if only she had read the blonde's profile beforehand…


Illyana's had her own run-ins with the Demon Bear, and not just recently. She knows what it can do, and it's done things to her that weren't exactly pleasant. If she'd known that Domino had been dragged through its shadow-games she might not have pulled this particular stunt on her…

…oh who's she kidding. They've both been trying to push the other's buttons since the moment they met. Illyana was never going to back down until she got a reaction from Neena.

And in her own, not entirely normal way, Illyana quite likes Neena. There's an element of trust involved in this little test, too.

"Hell's as good a name as any for it, but I prefer Limbo." Illyana's tone is as relaxed and conversational as Domino is… not. Behind Illyana, high in the sky, something black moves across the clouds, against the wind. There's a distant sound like a scream, and the black shape banks, spreading leathery wings, revealing a very draconic silhouette, before receding into the distance.

Illyana doesn't even look over her shoulder.

In fact, as Neena squares up to her, she's… humming? Incongruously it's from the musical Chess, the song One Night In Bangkok. And the line she's humming?

'Can't be to careful with your company/I can feel the Devil walking next to me'

Illyana breaks off when Neena's tone makes it quite clear her patience is getting pretty frayed. "Magik?" She echoes. "Does this mean we're not friends after all?" The smirk hasn't left her lips, despite the arrival of the pistols. Illyana spreads her hands, which are conspicuously empty, possibly as a gesture of conciliation. "You asked for a teleporter. This is how I do it. I can bring you here from anywhere in the world. From here, I can send you anywhere you want to go. But the 'here' bit is non-negotiable." Illyana allows a moment to let that sink in.

"Want me to send you back or… not?"


Point to Illyana. This is a difficult performance for Domino to one-up. Sure her luck could wind up doing some pretty crazy things but if Illyana teleports through a completely different realm, one like THIS, then there is probably nowhere left in the cosmos that good OR bad luck could take Illy where it would leave her feeling so unsettled.

Not like how Neena is in this moment.

"I always figured a Limbo would be a little ..less populated…" she says with some amount of hesitation. Partly because she's distracted by the creature flying overhead. Also that she's suddenly feeling like danger could beWOULD becoming from any and every angle at once. It's a lot for one person to keep track of!

The humming of the song, while a clever twist, is lost to the albino. Just in case she didn't already have enough to think about.

"You tell me," she challenges in regards to them being friends. Illy's description of her ability does help… On one hand it isn't some ploy or trick, it's not a psychic intrusion or any of that nonsense. On the other hand they're still -traveling through Freaking Limbo.- Although, Magik must have explained the situation enough that Neena doesn't feel the need to be staring -quite- so hard at the blonde. Besides, there is PLENTY else to see around here.

And plenty of reasons for her to keep her guns out, as the monster in the sky has so effortlessly proven.

"I'm not looking to take root down here if that's what you're asking," she replies in a level tone.

But this is just— WOW. It questions a whole lot of what she's come to know and understand as being accurate and true about the world. Reality. Even her own twisted beliefs. And Illy's treating all of this like it's so ..benign!

"I..have..too many goddamn questions," she mutters under a breath. There's also an unhealthy curiosity which is growing alongside a healthier sense of paranoia.

Domino turns back to Illyana and motions off to the horizon with one of her guns. "We need to have a good long conversation about this later but I'm already meeting my crisis quota this month."


The main reason Illyana's not watching the sky? Other than that she's seen it all before? Watching Domino's reaction is so much more interesting. "Oh no. I have plenty of company. I just don't let many of them in here. Some of them aren't very house trained." Illyana is being so terribly matter-of-fact about it all. But she does relent.


"Well, you asked for my help and then you pulled a gun on me." Illyana reminds her reluctant guest. "That makes you a lot more fun than most of the people I meet. And I brought you here and you still haven't shot me. It's not a bad start." It's twisted but Illyana might -actually- be trying to make friends. It's always hard to tell.

"Questions are good. I can't guarantee you'll like any of the answers." Illyana offers, in what sounds like a frank tone. The sorceress slips down from her perch, landing lightly despite her heavy boots. "But one crisis at a time."

Illyana looks past Domino's shoulder, into the shadows of the castle's interior. "It's all right, S'ym. She's a friend…" There's a twitch of her lips as she says that word, "…but she's not staying." In the semi-darkness, something huge and vaguely purple shifts and moves away. Illyana walks briskly past Neena, and as she steps inside, torches flare into life around the large stone chamber within. There's a large throne at one end, but Domino's bike has pride of place in the middle. Untouched.

Illyana walks around the bike and spins back to face Domino, the bike between them. "Mansion, base… or somewhere you can get a drink and forget this ever happened?"

That grin is coming more often now.


So..so many questions…

Does Warren know about this?

Why aren't they making better use of this?

Why not teleport all of the Sentinels into Demon Town and let natural selection do its thing?

Hell let's throw all of the DPS down here, too!

"That's something you should probably get used to," Domino explains as far as getting guns pointed at her despite trying to help. If Illy finds that to be fun, then..well, it greatly increases the odds of these two actually becoming pals, as it turns out.

"If you shoot the teleporter you're a lot less likely to get to where you're wanting to go. Questionable about being in one piece."

As far as not liking any of the answers go Neena still has that dead level tone when she admits "I usually don't." Not that it's ever stopped her from trying. In her mind a bad answer is better than a giant unknown.

As Illyana starts walking inside Neena stands her ground and it isn't long before she's feeling like it was the right course of action as 'S'ym' makes its presence known inside. That's grounds for a muttered "Oh my fuck."

The decision to -again- put her guns away is much more resistant this time around. Illy can probably see the albino fighting with herself over the matter before both pistols eventually get jammed into their homes. It takes another conscious effort to remove her hands from the grips. Only then does she follow after Illy, knowing acutely well that she's about to step into the lair of something much larger and much less friendly than the pale lady is.

And yet… Setting into motion, walking into what could have been one very fatal trap for anyone Illy wanted to destroy, the swagger comes right back to the mercenary. She's -not- going to be timid about this. Heaven, Hell, Limbo, she's still walking with good fortune. The guns aren't even necessary, they're more of a creature comfort. Illy's made her point. Now Dom's getting back down to business.

Up to the bike she strolls, fingertips playing across the matte black on matte black surface of the performance machine. She's not looking at the vehicle, however. That honor is all Illyana's.

"Why would I want to forget this? You're potentially the biggest asset that we have in this war. I want to know more. And if you're friends with Dani then you must know what's going on with her. So let's talk strategy."


They're all good questions.

Some of them would probably be better answered by people other than Illyana, since people seem to turn a blind eye to the implications of having an individual with her own hell dimension… who's not exactly the Illyana Rasputin they used to know… running around not only free, but nominally part of the team.

It's Neena's practicality that finally draws a snort of quiet laughter from Illyana. "If you change your mind, and decide to shoot me anyway? Don't do it here." She waits a couple of seconds for emphasis, before adding, "It took me years to find my way back out of here, the first time."

She doesn't mention having to defeat the demon lord who was the previous owner first. That's a whole other story.

The blonde demoness smiles to herself at the quiet 'Oh my fuck'. She knows S'ym will be annoyingly pleased with himself later, but it's still worth it.

Illyana eases back a half step from the bike as Neena reassures herself that it's undamaged - and possibly that it's really there. Her expression - every smirk, every grin - has been well controlled, this entire time. But there is a flicker of surprise in those ice blue eyes when Neena dismisses the easy option, and it looks genuine. It's gone in the blink of an eye, but it was there. Wasn't it?

"I probably know more than she wants me to tell you. But that's what she gets for making me fight bears again. Let's go somewhere that doesn't make you want to pull your guns every couple of minutes."

She'd been so good about not mentioning it so far, too.

Light flares around them, and the room is empty. The throne room. Illyana's throne room. Domino was wrong about one thing - this isn't S'ym's lair. It's Illyana's. All of it.

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