Dinner Date
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Dick and Kory have a dinner date to catch up. Amidst merciless teasing and threats of claiming the bounty on his head, and perhaps other more legitimate reasons, he considers her request to spend more time with his old team.

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IC Date: September 05, 2019
IC Location: A Cozy Diner - Manhattan
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So, the time had come.

It was time…for the dinner-date! Well, was it a date? Who knows. Dick was just passing through New York City and decided this was probably the best time he was going to have outside of his detective work to cash in on his hangout with Kory.

So, after sending her a text, Dick goes to the diner where they had one of their dates. It was an old, ma and pa styled place. The food was delicious and the company was even better. Plus it was a place where snobs wouldn't fawn over Kory or try to ask Dick to wingman for them. So…now Dick waits.

He's nervous, really. Its been awhile since he could just be with Kory. No doubt a sign of both of their busy lives.

* * *

It's definitely true that Starfire always had an interesting take on the notion of a 'secret identity.' Intentionally or not, her choice of adopted human persona and career put her under a considerable amount of public scrutiny, complete with the occasional burden of nosy paparazzi and tabloid rumours. This was something she and Dick shared, in fact, though there were some considerable differences. He always seemed quite adept at disappearing when his work required it (or disappearing into it, for that matter). But subtlety was not something that came naturally to her, and less so deceit.

Also she had a great deal more to hide.

All of this yields a certain relief at spending time somewhere off the usual circuit of hot Manhattan eateries. She arrives in very non-heroic fashion via taxi, fashionably but not elaborately dressed in an off-the-shoulder white top and floral skirt, likely not long off work. After emerging, she's quick to find Dick by the entrance, and leans to kiss him on the cheek no sooner than she's approached. "Oh wonderful, I remember this place! It has been quite a while." As usual, she's full of sunny exuberance.

* * *

Dick looks up to see the beautiful Tamaranean as she arrives at the diner and the smile that he gives her was as warm as the sun. He was easy to disappear because his skin wasn't orange and he didn't look like a megababe. But, live and let live, right?

When she kisses his cheek, he lets her, though she may feel his hand reach into her hair, accepting fully of her affection. Perhaps there is still quite some romantic feeling between them? Either way, he looks at her. "You look amazing, Kory, as always. Please, sit. I remember too. Its the same place that I kept spilling drinks because I was so nervous my hand was shaking."

He winks at her. "But how are you? Its a been a solid week. Anything exciting happen?"

* * *

Parting without lingering overly long, Kory's expression is full of not just its useful mirth, but a touch of teasing mischief as well. Even setting aside the particular emotional attunement of her people, by this point, she knows Dick well enough to translate most of his moods quite well! At the same time, it seems she is playing at least a touch of the hard to get- even that perhaps something that is more an acquired skill after spending the last several years among humanity.

Once seated, she shoots him an amused if vaguely dubious look across the table. "I am certain you will manage the drinks more dexterously on this occasion, Richard. You have not lacked in confidence like that for a very long time."

With that said, she settles in a bit more comfortably, waiting on the waitress to come and bother them for their drinks first before getting into too much discussion. Because who wants a waitress showing up when you're discussing your recent crimefighting antics?! Though in fact, she has less to remark on that account. "I would not say exciting. I have been busy with work and Tim always finds things for us to do, but nothing that has proved a meaningful challenge. Have you handled the trouble in Gotham? I did see something on the news, I recall. In fact," and she offers a very amused and teasingly threatening toothy smirk. "I think I am permitted to collect a bounty on you. Perhaps it is best you not displease me."

* * *

Grayson seems to be rather amused with the hard-to-get playful mischief that Kory seems to be egging on at him. Its one of the things that made her adorable. He leans forward a bit, resting his head on his hand, his elbow on the table, but its all to show that he's sincerely interested. Dick was always a master at body language.

When she speaks about his confidence becoming much better, considering their relationship took off to amazing heights and experiences, Dick chuckles a little bit. "I gotta say, I'm a bit more used to being with you." Though when she tells him its business as usual, though when she tells him she's allowed to collect a bounty on him, Dick's eyebrows raise. "A bounty? From whom?" He smirks a bit.

"Well…have I ever displeased you?" As much of a flirt as its genuinely an honest question. He knows their friendship, or relationship, has never quite been a smooth one. "I've handled a bit of the trouble in Gotham. But…you know."

* * *

"You did not see?" Kory seems surprised at this, and clearly a touch more genuinely worried, since the playful tact drops suddenly when Dick doesn't seem to get what she's talking about. "In Gotham… I do not understand the politics completely, but someone new is in charge with the police? He has offered rewards on vigilantes." Obviously she's not actually going to clunk him over the head and drag him in to the authorities no matter how much of an ass he ever proves to be, but the notion that someone else might try it does seem to concern her. "I would not be surprised if yours is very high."


However, she soon breathes a sigh and seems to put the worry somewhat more aside. "Of course it is not like this is the first time something like this has occured, and people are always, or at least very often looking to cause people like us trouble. But I hope you will be careful." The question of whether he's ever displeased her draws a more deadpan look. Really, Grayson? "You are lucky my job pays well!"

* * *

"I know, I know…One of the reasons why I'm in New York, actually. Lay low for a day or two before I head back. Been in need of a vacation for awhile, solid." Dick teases very softly. He notices that look on her face when she gives him that deadpanned expression. Yeah, Dick knows. He knows.

"…too soon?" He says with a nervous smile. She was stronger and faster than him, but he had perhaps a great deal of experience dealing with people stronger and faster than him. So he wasn't exactly scared of her. But at the same time he was scared of her.

Chronological proof, okay?!

"I just hope it blows over soon."

* * *

Kory wouldn't be much of the occasionally planet-conquering, fleet-destroying, alien warrior Princess if she couldn't put on a properly intimidating 'royal glare' when the situation required. Although in this case, there is always still a touch of warmth behind it. One just has to keep their bat-lings well trained! "Soon or not, I am not sure there is such a thing as a statute of limmitations on displeasing behavior, Richard. This is the correct term, yes? Fortunately, that also means there is always time to make ammends as well." Perhaps nostalgic dinners count!

Speaking of which, their waitress does make her return eventually. Kory's order is mostly normal other than it being a lot of food. Oh, and the 'a lot of extra mustard on the side.' Yum.

"It makes sense you would come here," she concedes, when he explains his plan for avoiding the present situation. "And please let me know if you require any assistance. I am aware the Gotham sorts prefer to handle their own business, but I am not pleased at the idea of those I care for being openly hunted, either. It is a most serious affront." There's the warrior princess again. "Do you plan to stay at the tow- Mall?" That's *still* hard to get used to.

* * *

She had a scary poker face when she wasn't being the happy-go-lucky Tamaranean. But for some reason, even when she gave Richard that kind of hard stare, she always had something warm and non-threatening behind it. Its often the reason why Dick trusts Kory so much. They've been through everything, shared everything, and experienced everything together. There are few people more deserving of Nightwing's trust.

When the waitress arrives, he just orders a simple hot dog. He wasn't extremely hungry, nor did he share the impossibly huge appetite of the warrior princess sitting across from him.

"I know Kory, and I really appreciate it. And hey, by the by, its a two-way street. If you need me, I'll be there. Even if I have to walk away from Gotham madness for a day or two." he winks at her. "Probably. I haven't figured it out yet." he shrugs as he clasps his hands together in front of him.

* * *

Dick's meal may get a somewhat dubious look. So puny! Of course, Kory also uses her bowl of mustard as dip for everything, including a few items that should definitely not go in mustard by any kind of normal human standard. Judge not.

"Of course it is not as if things are perfectly safe for vigilantes or other heroes in New York either," she admits, continuing on about this ongoing existential hero threat. "But I suspect it is nonetheless a wise decision. Gotham's usual suspects are never fond of you, but with this, you will no doubt discover new foes encouraged to make their fortune, or even civillians hoping they might get some reward for the smallest tip. In New York, at least, you are a little less infamous. And the government here seems more concerned with the roasting of the larger aquatic life." English idiom, still her kryptonite.

"If safety is a concern, you should absolutely stay with us," she then asserts, a little more firmly. "The location is out of the way, well hidden, and between the rest of us and Tim's obsession with robots and lasers, I think very secure. And besides, it will allow a bit more of the catching up… with all of your old teamates, and meeting some of our new ones as well."

* * *

Dick nods. "With registration fallout and all that still going on, not sure its the safest place to be at all. But-" Then Starfire is asking him to stay with her and company over at Titans Tower. Dick seems a little at a loss for words, chuckling a bit. "Well, I doubt my old room is still there. Who would I be bunking with?"

Why does he have a sneaky suspicion that Star would volunteer. Not that he'd have any kind of complaints if that were the case.

"I dunno Star. Not sure the new team would like another babysitter to make sure they don't do anything too stupid." He grins.

* * *

"Well, none of our old rooms are there, considering it is at an entirely new location," Starfire is quite ready to point out, again putting on her more aloof-seeming royal character as she stares down at Dick over a piece of mustard-slathered broccoli. Woah there Grayson. "But the mall is extremely spacious. I believe there were over a hundred stores when it was in operation. So I am certain you could locate any of a variety of suitable accomodations. Perhaps there is a mattress store that no one has taken. Or you could hang from the ceiling somewhere."


And while maybe it's not the exact invitation he was hoping for, again, her expression does soften, if maybe more toward concern. "Please do not use the youngsters as excuses. They ignore Victor, Wally and I when they choose to, because we are older, or the quadrilaterals." Kory makes a show of a disinterested shrug. "But that does not mean they do not benefit from our experience, or that it does not do us good as well, to see reminders of what we started as, and be inspired by their idealism. Family exists in generations."

"So it is an excuse," she finally declares. "If you prefer to live like the bat, that is fine, but it… leaves one feeling like they are grasping at shadows, to be close to you."

* * *

The Mall.

Dick remembers the mall. It was nice, nobody ever showed up there, and the only thing that Dick had to really worry about was some demolition crew coming through and wrecking up the joint. But its Starfire's words that she finds it difficult for people close to him to BE close to him.

Its that sentiment that makes Dick truly question if its wise to push people away. He reaches his hand out, intending to take Kory's own and squeeze it. "I want you to be close to me, Kory. I do. Its just…" he exhales deeply. It was the curse of the bat clan to have secrets and to protect those closest to them. "Force of habit, I guess." he looks at her apologetically. "If it would really make you happy…" he's implying that he's accepting her request.

* * *

When Dick reaches out, Kory readily takes and squeezes his hand, but her response is slightly more stern at first. "Dick, I do not wish for you to do something against your preference simply to make me happy, I just wish to… I think you do not understand just how distant you are. And that it affects everyone who cares about you." Her voice here remains earnest and concerned. "You always wished to be separate from your mentor but you are such a good student you cannot help but take after him. Yet to me, I cannot help but remember that you always seemed happiest when you were surrounded by friends instead. To me this only seems like common sense, but perhaps this is one of those cultural differences."

In this case, the alien seems very human.

"Perhaps just consider it a vacation," she finally suggests, when he seems agreeable, seizing on language from earlier in the conversation. "You are laying low, and have taken the opportunity to spend time with old friends. If you feel like an old man who nobody wishes around after that, then it would be hard to fault you, but I think you will find things more to your liking. And it will have the small additional benefit of our being able to see each other a little more often than like the old friends reconnecting, hmm? Who knows what may come of that." And now she's back to mischief in the twinkling fire of her eyes.

* * *

Richard sighs. She was right about this. How come its when Dick is looking for peace and quiet that Kory suddenly sounds extremely human, despite some grammar differences that Starfire is still getting down. He listens to her, he does, his thumb rubbing her palm affectionately as they allow themselves that bit of physical connection.

"Alright, alright, its a vacation then. Then after we can get up to any extra stuff." Dick smirks, apparently on board wit hthe reconnecting.

…and whatever the hell the two might be implying in the middle of it.

But Dick then looks Kory in the eyes. "I missed you, you know that?" Sure, Kory was his star-crossed, but that doesn't mean she doesn't hold a piece of him that she'll never lose.

* * *

"Oh yes, I am certain there will be opportunity for many other sorts of activities," Starfire agrees in more suggestively-laced tones, staring back at him with the full intensity of her strange green eyes. "… Such as the combat training. It has been a while since I have been able to match the Okaaran battle-staff with those little sticks of yours." It seems she never grows tired of teasing him, either! Yet the mirth and warmth is genuine, and there is no doubt of the happiness his agreeing has ultimately brought her.

"Most Joyful news," she concludes, in an echo of that agreement, giving his hand a final squeeze before that moment fades back into the more mundane details of their dinner. "I have missed you too."

After that, Kory proves that despite the pile of mustard-slathered food, she still has ample room for dessert in whatever number among her nine stomachs remain vaccant. And no doubt there is much more in life for them to discuss beyond the bounties on his head, the smaller details that fill in everything between, ample catching up to be had over late night baked goods and icecream.

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