Weirdness Elemental
Roleplaying Log: Weirdness Elemental
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Clark Kent runs into Starfish in a precarious situation. He tries to help, she has it handled.

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IC Date: September 09, 2019
IC Location: New York City - Manhattan - Midtown Manhattan
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Posted On: 08 Sep 2019 05:53
Rating & Warnings: PG-13

Moment of sexual harassment by NPC crook.
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* OOC Time: Sat Sep 07 23:40:33 2019 *

* * *

"Ha nice outfit, kid." The words ring with sarcasm, enough that even Starfish can understand it. She's technically an adult now. She just makes some stupid choices. Like wearing what she wears now in a walk down the street in search of another night club. The last one was way too much fun. She needs to know more about them. Then she ran into someone who finds her taste in outerwear either offensive or attractive. She's not sure which. Shows a lot of skin, but it's weird. Barefoot. Not a lot of peeople walk without shoes in the city. For good reason. But she's careful.
"um…" Starfish gazes up at the young man looming over her. He's only about a foot taller, but that's pretty significant when he's right up in her face, leaning one hand against a wall and ensuring she does not get out of his reach. "…thank…you?"
"It'd look better on my bedroom floor." Not the best pickup line, but Starfish isn't sure what to make of it. "Uh… I can … make you one just like it.." she offers, moving to slink away from the rather intimidating person, who moves to block her from getting away easily. "Come on. I can buy you a drink, we go back to my place, you show me the rest of that bod…" Starfish balks.

* * *

What a lovely, lovely day in New York City!

Though the problem with New York City is that for those with ridiculously good hearing, like the world's favorite alien, it can be difficult to pick out certain sounds. Good thing Clark is an expert in selective hearing.

The Journalist had just finished a piece with a democratic senator accused of corruption to get her side of the story, which he intends to write exactly as given so that the people can make the final decision.

So what to do now?

Well, thats easy. He was on the way back to his apartment when he notices Starfish's situation with the looming young man. He stays back for a moment, but walks down the street. He's ready to rip open the shirt to reveal the shield on his chest at any moment, but perhaps this is a problem for Clark Kent, not Superman.

But the girl can always say no, though he's still approaching, just in case, but he's not quite there yet to directly interfere.

* * *

"Uh…" Starfish moves to get out of reach again, blocked. She's much less practiced at this game than her opponent. She's also feeble in terms of athletic prowess. "…I uh… mental patient…"
Accustomed to excuses, said opponent laughs. "Fine, we can go crazy in bed together." really bad at pickup lines. But he hasn't heard 'no' yet either.
"…you're um… scary," Starfish utters, ducking down to try between legs escape. He interepts, scooping her up around the waist to get her upright. "oops! gotta watch out for those slippery spots. Come on. I'm not that scary."
"…disagree… scaring me."
"Couple of beers and you'll be free of fear," counter for everything.
"Uh… non-drinker…" Starfish says.
"Heh. Everyone is at first."
"…please leave me alone…" Her voice is more pathetic. To her surprise, she is drawn in closer by the waist, one hand on her cheek. She looks confused. "Why…" she utters.

* * *

Aaaand this is where Clark comes in.

He hears her words, even if the man trying to force himself onto her doesn't hear a single sound that exits her mouth. But he walks up to the man from behind, where did Clark come from?! He puts a firm hand on the young man's shoulder. "The lady said no, son. Go home." This would be a different story if it was consented, but its not, so Clark is being the knight in shining armor.

Of course, he realizes he's going to have to fake taking a punch…or letting the kid break his hand against his jaw. Depending on how the kid reacts.

Clark wasn't a feeble-bodied guy, after all.

* * *

"Look, you're dressed up for it," the young man explains. "I'm not sure I buy the mental patient angle, but you've got a good case for it." He holds her close, moving his lips closer to meet hers. Starfish looks increasingly uncomfortable. and squirmy but she is definitely not a match for anyone who is moderately well-fed and who works out like her new not-friend.
It's interrupted by hand, on shoulder, attention turns. "Hey no harm done." Young man releases Starfish, who stumbles back, meets the wall, curls up on the ground, her face shifting between anger ahd shame in a strange play of which will end up the victor, and a deeper game of whether she punishes her present object of loathing.
Young Man sizes Clark up. The body language tells him Clark isn't liable to put up much of a fight. He balls a fist out of Clark's sight lines, and Starfish sees it. She sees Clark is hiding something. Anger wins. Her face contorts. She gives the loathed one something. He suddenly screams and hands go to his ears. The scream is more surprise than anything, but it shifts from surprise to anguish. Not pained, but something is definitely wrong. He looks confused because no one else appears to be screaming and holding their ears. He shouts some obscenity following "What the" and just runs, trying to get away from… something.
Starfish's anger fades, back to shame. She holds her arms in, legs bent and knees touching her forehead, tightly held together. No underwear to go with the no undervest.

* * *

LOG EDIT: She gives him something that no one else can see.

* * *

Clark raises a brow when the young man suddenly starts screaming bloody murder and runs for his life. Clark wasn't going to kill him, thats for certain. Worst-case scenario, maybe a knock out punch. But…what can you do? Even still, Clark was hearing his heartbeat, and it accelerated when whatever this boy saw happened. He turns around even, seeing if anything was behind him, but there wasn't.

So, Clark walks over to the girl and kneels down. "Hey, are you okay ma'am?" Clark asks in a kind and compassionate tone that he always speaks with. Clearly, by body language and his eyes, Clark meant her no harm. If she was telepathic, his concern is genuine.

He does use his X-Ray vision to see her muscles and bones to see if she was hurt before he got there. Some of these kids lately have super strength.

* * *

Nothing broken. She could stand to eat more. A scrape or two from her sudden movement. There is something… wrong about her internal structure, definitely human but… on the cellular level, she's very damaged. "…no," she utters, on the verge of crying but not letting herself get there. She's not even a little bit afraid of Clark. She glances down at herself. "Um…what…?" she wonders, shifting her legs as she realizes the position they are in, what they are showing, tucking them under her instead of folding them against her. Flash of shame again.

* * *

Its not like Clark was looking there. He was looking at her eyes. He's not a perv.

He notices she's very damaged cellularly, but he's not going to mention it as Clark. More than likely, she already knows, especialy since it was probably her that caused that guy to go haywire. He gets up to his feet and stands at his full height, lowering his hand to her. "Here, letm e help you up."

If she doesn't let him, he'll respect that and leave her be. "I'm glad I got here in time. The city at night can be rough miss, it'd be smart to stay away from alleyways and dark streets."

* * *

With both hands, the girl takes hold of the single hand. It's large enough to overshadow her own, in her mind anyway. Really not that much difference physically speaking. Even as Clark towers over her, no sign of fear, not even discomfort with him. "um…thanks," she says as Clark mentions indirectly his involvement in the resolution. It's genuine. Even if Clark didn't cause the screaming, she can guess that he suspects who did. "JUst…wrong um… everything…" she utters, her voice lowered as her eyes turn down at what she has on.

* * *

Clark isn't judging. To him, she's just a girl at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Can you get home alright? Or would you prefer an escort? I could call a cab?" Now Clark is perhaps showing off his more caring nature along with some mild display of chivalry. He seems pleased that she's not scared of him, it'd make talking and helping her much more difficult.

* * *

"Um…rather…" Starfish quiets, trying to find words that won't make the current situation end up worse. She's been through this before. Not quite with the physical holding but… very similar. "I..don't want…to be seen by um…parents." She stumbles over the sentence. "…yet." She looks unsure at that one. "..make sense?"

* * *

Clark 'ahhs'.

"Well, it may be safer for you to go home, young lady. Even if you intend to party or go clubbing….may be wiser to be done for the night." Clark offers his two cents of wisdom before he picks up his bag and starts to head out. "Whatever you decide, stay safe!"

….he knows he might need to come back as Superman to give a more stern warning but this will do for now. Hopefully she learns quick.

* * *

Starfish remains in the alley a little longer, flat against the wall to make herself less generally visible by passers-by, gradually adding more layers to her outfit from nothing while no one is directly watching that she can see. She emerges much more snesibly clothed, but no less uncomfortable with the situation that transpired before… he arrived. She thinks about the bulky man trying to pass himself off as a non-threat. A photo of him pulls from a pocket on her pants, taken from her perspective earlier. Somehow. It gets study.

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