Starfish and Trajectory Hits the Club
Roleplaying Log: Starfish and Trajectory Hits the Club
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Starfish sneaks into a club and meets Eliza, then gets drunk. (to be cont.)

Other Characters Referenced: Supergirl
IC Date: September 09, 2019
IC Location: A Club in NYC
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Posted On: 09 Sep 2019 10:11
Rating & Warnings: G
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Previously in Night Club… lots of screaming and evacuating and police called and hyena attack. Starfish had to do something extremely difficult for her, which is to ask around and find more such magical places. If it were just the hyenas, then she could visit a zoo. Those are in lots of places. It's on her list to look into visiting the local one some day. The idea of watching caged animals does not really appeal to her however. That's what made the hyenas so special. No cage. Ensuing mayhem. And then there was the gun-toting guys which aded to the interest, danger of situation completely missed by Starfish.
When she finally locates such a club, it's really selective about who gets in without being a member. The bouncer turns people away a lot. He would definitely turn away Starfish, she realizes. If he got the opportunity. Instead he gets distracted because he hears a rather nasty comment come from someone that gets his attention, and he engages that person for a few seconds while the poor innocent has no idea what has made the bouncer so unhappy with them. Starfish walks past with someone he let by already, using the permitted as cover.
That was so much easier than Starfish thought it would be. Her eyes widen at the look of the place. Very neon, but well coordinated. A relatively calm atmosphere, lots of tables, people talking, having drinks, a section for dance, a live band adding a swing jazz background to the people who aren't dancing and rhythm for those that are. Starfish moves out of the way of further entrants, and does draw some attention simply because of her apparel, her hair style and colouration.

* * *

It's likely the tat the bouncer would have stopped Eliza as well has he the opportunity. The speedster has simply "walked" past him at the door while he was telling off some poor unfortunate in last season's jeans. He barely even noticed hte blur. Truth be told, he wasn't qualified to bounce supers. Nor, indeed, would one expect him to. Superheroes are great for business when they aren't destroying the place.
So it is that Liz is everywhere inside this building. One moment, she's having a cocktail, the next she's on the floor, zipping between partners at a ridiculous (albeit, human) pace and all but bouncing off of the walls. She steals a few dances along the way, and the bartender proves completely incapable of keeping up with te speedster's demand for cocktails. Everyone is fortunate that she can't get drunk drinking while active. The tender is unamused, however.
In short, Eliza is either the life or bane of the party, dpeending on how much you enjoy controlled mayhem and ripping dance moves. Soon enough, she's bugged most everyone interesting near the dance floors. And that leaves… Starfish. The Speedster is standing nearby, wearing a blue dress that's somewhat mroe appropriate for the setting than Starfish's own attire. She's furthr coloured pink and purple by the strobing lights.
"Hello!" This is accompanied by a cheerful wave. "You look new here. Are you with someone…?" The Brazilian's gaze follows Starfish's toward the dance floor, perhaps looking for a likely partner. "Anyway. If you keep standing over here you are likely to get trampled. Wnat to come get a drink?"

* * *

No strange stage show, no tough guys in middling expensive gangster suits, and probably no hyenas waiting to be released. Starfish takes inventory of the things she does not see, frowning just a little in disappointment. The music is nice at least. She focuses on that as something to take away from this whole perplexing gathering. It's memorized insofar as Starfish can recall it for later, more the impression and some memorable samples than the entire piece from start to end. She snaps out of a form of focused daydreaming when she is addressed by the lady in what would be blue if not for the lighting that distorts everything.
Rather than try to make herself heard at natural volume, Starfish just makes herself seem to be heard. As she talks, what she says comes across clearly even though her volume is not enough to overcome the din of the club. "No, not with someone. Um…Hi." A bit out of order, one hand raises in part of a wave. "Huh? Uh. Okay." She heard trampled clearly, and the body language of the lady in blue is inviting instead of the unpleasant sort of probing she has become all too familiar with when she goes out in public and gets asked things like where she got her outfit and if she is lost on her way to the circus. She chooses to go where Eliza leads, her own body language somewhat guarded.

* * *

Eliza hardly seems to notice the guarded nature of her companion, turning and leading the way through the crowd with a practiced ease. She moves in an ungainly way, her gestures bombastic and steps a bit unsteady. This might be something Starfish is used to seeing around clubs and bars, though in Eliza's case she can at least avoid slurring her words. It's almost like her actions are crowding echother by simply being cued up too quickly to be executed.
"Come on!" The brunette calls, waving Starfish forward and over toward the bar. "Hey, Phillip! This lady needs a drink." She glances back at Starfish. "Malibu Sunset good? Good. Two Malibu Sunsets." The poor clean cut, smiling young bartender looks vaguely unsure of what he is doing as he lays out the cups. Rum, pineapple juice, and grenadine with bits of pineap-ple and marachino cherries.
The extremely pink, cheerful cocktail is being offered to Stardust as Eliza hops up onto a barstool. "I'm Eliza. Is this your first time here?"

* * *

One might get the impression Starfish does not generally visit bars, clubs, birthday parties, really anything. She looks at all times lost here, eyes widening with every new thing then shfiting back to vague uncertainty. The way the blue lady moves, that's new. She has seen drunkenness before, but this is definitely not that. Or at least not the sort Starfish is accustomed to seeing when her ventures take her through the streets at night. Whether because of apathy or ignorance, her age is not in question about the drinks requested.
The colouration of said drink is fascinating to the weirdly dressed girl, who takes it in hand with the sort of uncertainty she wears almost by default. Pink is not typical for flavoured things. Usually it means high sugar content when applied to what is supposed to be food. Starfish doesn't mind high sugar content. "Um… yeah. First time. I'm Starfish." She samples the drink, then takes a larger mouthful, experiencing its varied ingredients as a single whole and trying to discern what they could be. "Thanks," she adds.

* * *

The drink is, indee,d extremely swee.t It's the sort of slightly cloying sweetness that serves to almost entirely mask the presence of alcohol, which explains its popularity at many parties like this one, where the goal is less to drink and more to be drunk as soon as possible. Despite this it is absolutely composed primarily of rum. In other words, Starfish will consume a fairly large quantity of alcohol within a few quick sips.
Eliza doesn't seem to consider that somethign is wwrong. she overshoots in reaching for her glass and bumps it, sliding it across the bar toward a young man who scoops it up and promptly hands it to the girl sitting beside him. The Brazilian woman glowers at him and he flashes her the widest, most innocent blue-eyed grin. If looks could kill Eliza would likely cause his head to explode. She might desire to request some assistance from Supergirl in that endeavour.
Lacking the ability to cause spontaneous combustion Eliza is left to watch as her drink is taken and instead turn slightly in order to face her companion. While brown eyes study Starifsh from head to toe fingers rap out a progression that sounds much like a drum beat. It is, in fact, the Fibonacci sequence rendered at nearly a dozen beats per second, and thus indistinguishable to most human ears.
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…
It won't take Liz long to get into the hundreds and beyond. "No problem!" Liz replies brightly . "You lookedk ind of lost, so…" She pauses before asking blithely, "How did you get in anyway?"

* * *

Having little sense of restraint regarding sweet thing once in hand, Starfish has consumed the entirety of it in an unhealthy amount of time, taking the cherry last as she sets the glass down. Something looks off about her then, in how she moves. A bit of a twitch here and there, and her face looks to be trying to figure something out with a glance at the now empty glass with pink residue. "What…was that?" she asks, using the stool she stands by but has not hoisted herself into for support. "Uh…just…walked in." It's true, if omitting of any number of details. "Sorry…not feeling well…" She loses equilibrium, dropping to the floor and sitting awkwardly with her legs splayed in an unladylike fashion.

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