Reporting Some Coffee
Roleplaying Log: Reporting Some Coffee
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Clark Kent and Trish Walker literally bump into each other. They have more in common than they thought and get coffee.

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IC Date: September 13, 2019
IC Location: New York City - Manhattan - Upper East Side
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* OOC Time: Fri Sep 13 17:49:32 2019 *

* * *

It's mid-afternoon in the Big Apple, and the streets are as busy as usual. Business people line the streets, hailing cabs and meeting other business people for meetings. Tourists can be found wandering around this neighbourhood, maps turned around every which way as they try to find their way to the sites. Some wanting to go to Central Park, others to the various museums, others doing a 'tour of the stars' type of search where they try to find the homes and apartments of the rich and famous. There's rarely a quiet or dull moment in this city, that's for certain.

For her part, Trish Walker, wearing a ruffled white blouse with a black skirt, heeled shoes, and a business casual leather jacket, has just stepped out of the Frick Collection museum where she had a brief meeting of her own. She adjusts the straps of her purse over her shoulder and pulls her cell out of her pocket. She looks as if she's attempting to make a decision of some sort.

* * *

The Daily Planet's favorite fumbling, yet somehow amazing, reporter arrived in the Big Apple after getting off a Metropolis train. Clark Kent straightened out his glasses and stood up tall. New York reminded him a great deal of Metropolis: People EVERYWHERE, traffic was horrible, and people were often times too busy minding their own business to take notice of the world around them.

Thankfully, Clark didn't bring his car with him. When you can fly faster- yeah, you get the point. But, because he's Clark, he has to make it work. Including his more…fumbling and clumsy nature. So imagine that when Clark finds himself on the same street as Miss Walker?

Chances are, he's going to run into her unless she's paying enough attention to side-step.

* * *

Unfortunately for both of them, Trish is paying more attention to her phone at the moment than she is to the street around her. The hope is that people will just step around her as she attempts to make some plans via an app on her phone. Plans that, unfortunately, get interrupted as she's bumped into and her phone is dropped.

"What in the good gravy?" Is her first response. Years of being an idol to the young and impressionable means, on occasion, when she swears, she doesn't really swear. Though that's mostly just in public. As she catches her balances after stumbling off to the side briefly, she blinks, looking around for what, or who, ran into her.

* * *

Of course, Clark wasn't really looking where he was going either, but he felt the contact, so he makes a show of pretending to be pushed aside and stumbling and fumbling around, almost losing his glasses. "Oh goodness, I am - so - very sorry ma'am." He talks like he's from out of town and with an actually…sincere tone. But since she doesn't reach for it, Clark kneels down to pick up the phone and offer it to her.

"It doesn't look damaged. I'm very sorry ma'am." He pauses for a second as he looks at her. Even tilts his head. He recognizes her from -somewhere- just like she might recognize him. She was basically famous, Clark was just a well-known reporter.

* * *

"Oh, no…really…I'm sorry…" Trish murmurs as she glances at the man who she apparently bumped into. "I was paying attention to my phone. I should have…" She smiles. "I should have been paying attention to where I was going, or at least stepped aside." Accepting her phone from Clark, she turns it around in her hand, looking it over briefly. "I guess it's sturdier than I'd given it credit for." She chuckles softly to herself.

"I really am sorry, though. Usually I'm way better at watching where I'm going." She explains. "I hope you'll forgive this one act of clumsiness." She says while pocketing her phone. "Are you okay? No bones or…phones broken?" She's mostly joking.

* * *

Clark smiled lightly at Trish when it seems that she is completely fine and her phone was completely unharmed. Whew! Given, Clark's the kind of person to give his insurance information so she could get another one, but….you know how it goes.

"I mean, so am I, but I guess the business of the city kinda got to me. I'm used to Metropolis, but New York feels like a completely different social monster altogether, you know?" He tries to tell her that it was an accident and he's inexperienced.

"Oh, no bones broken here. I'm tougher than I look, I promise. Cell phone's in my pocket and even though its just a regular smartphone, not anything fancy like the Iphone 8." He rubs the back of his neck a bit, humoring her.

"How about I make it up to you? Buy you a coffee?"

* * *

"I know exactly what you mean. Both Metropolis and New York are busy cities, but they're completely different." She shakes her head. "It doesn't help that we're right in the middle of a busy area that's a mix of both tourists and business types. If it was just one or the other, it might have been a bit more manageable, but what're ya gonna do, right?" She rolls her eyes jokingly.

"It's good to know that we're both…well, you know. Okay." She says with a tiny smile. "Oh, a coffee," she nods firmly. "I could actually go for one right about now. You're on!" She then holds out her hand, as if to shake his. "I'm Trish, by the way. Trish Walker."

* * *

"I know right? Its crazy." Clark smiles brightly. It was nice to know someone who went through the same city experience that he does. Even if they are not - completely - the same since Clark is an alien with hyper-sensitive hearing. But, when se apparently seems to accept that they are definitely going to get coffee, Clark smiles even wider, looking a little dorky as he straightens out his glasses.

He wears those, a blue flannel shirt, tucked in at the waist, with blue jeans and some nice shoes. New York approved? Might be a farm kid or something.

"Good to hear!" Clark reaches and -gently- shakes Trish's hand, though she may feel like it was just a nice firm handshake, brief as it is. "Clark Kent. Nice to meet you, Miss Walker." He offers Trish his arm like a gentleman, intending to walk with her side by side. He won't be put out if she says no, just proving that chivalry isn't dead yet.

"So, are you a New York native?"

* * *

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kent." Trish glances at the arm. She's so unaccustomed to men offering their arms like that, for a moment she doesn't know what to think. Brushing it off with a quick shake of her head, she accepts the arm, looping one of hers through it. "What a gentleman. We could use more men like yourself here in New York."

To his question, she offers a little nod. "Yes. New York City, born and raised. It's a huge place to grow up in. Almost overwhelming! It can take its toll on a person." She chuckles. "And yourself? A Metropolis native?" Though she asks, there's tiny bit of skepticism on her part. The way he dresses, the way he acts, the way he speaks. It could be Metropolis, but it feels like something different to her.

"You said your name is Clark Kent?" She continues the conversation. "That sounds very familiar. I feel like I've heard your name before. What do you do, Mr. Kent?"

* * *

Clark looks at Trish as she takes his arm and he walks with her down the street. "Well, I find that gentleman arn't very…gentlemanly these days. But things change with time, you know?" but he seems to blush lightly. Nobody really compliments him much like that.

"Maybe one of these days you could give me a tour? I'm not as accustomed to the city as I would like, just been around the major areas like Times Square and visited the Statue of Liberty once." he chuckles a little, feeling perhaps slightly ashamed. He brightens up. "Oh, I'm from Smallville, Kansas. I don't know if you've heard of it, we're a pretty….heh, as the name suggests…small town." But it seems as though she recognizes him.

"I work as a reporter at the Daily Planet. Took a trip here to try and pick up a story that my boss decided was worth pursuing. You might've read a piece or two of mine in the news, but other than that, I have no idea where you might've heard me from."

Honesty is the best policy.

* * *

"You've got a point. And that makes your gentlemanliness even more gentlemanly, in my opinion." Trish offers, smiling. "If more men were as gentlemanly as you, the world might just be a nicer place."

She clucks her tongue a few times. "I suppose I can't fault you there. Time Square and the Statue of Liberty? They're pretty big draws to the city. They're, obviously, some of the bigger tourist attractions." She scratches her nose lightly. "Maybe I'd be willing to give you a tour of the city, though. There's plenty more to see than just those two attractions. I could give you the uh…the locals tour." She grins.

"Smallville, Kansas?" She responds to the name of the town he's from. "There's a town called Smallville? That does sound pretty small to me. I've wondered what it was like to live in a small town, though. It's gotta be quite a bit different than Metropolis and New York, huh?" Though that's probably the understatement of the year.

"The Daily Planet! Yes! Okay, that makes sense now." She offers with a nod. "Yeah. I like to occasionally read the news from sources outside of New York, like the Gotham Times, or that Daily Planet of yours."

* * *

Clark smiles at Trish. "Anything to help make the world a better place, right?" Seems Clark was that kind of guy. Compassionate and kind for the sake of compassion and kindess. "Couldn't help it much. I've seen the Empire State Building, but uh…I'm not sure if I want to try and take the stairs or elevator." is he implying that he has a fear of heights? He's obviously not, but he's always been able to sell the Clark Kent thing really hard. He wants to live among humans, after all, not be constantly seen as one who is in but not of.

"Well, imagine being raised on a farm. Smallville just a couple miles out. Everybody knows everyone, and its probably the most patriotic place I've ever been. I think you'd like it. I think…homely is what would be the best word for the place." Clark clearly thinks very fondly of his home, big cities never changing his opinion.

"Yes ma'am! The daily planet. Speaking of, what do you do for a living Trish?" After all, she was dressed -very- nicely, so she -must- have a job and/or work. But as he asks this question, they walk right up to the door of the coffee shop, and Clark opens it for her to walk through.

* * *

"Anything to make the world a better place." Trish repeats. "I couldn't have said it better myself." She gives Clark a look of curiosity. It's hard to believe that there's someone so genuinely kind. That is to say, so genuinely kind in such an upbeat way. She knows of people who help others and are kind, certainly, but in slightly different ways.

"It's hard to imagine a place where everyone knows everyone." There's an obvious amount of wonder in her tone. "There must have been quite the sense of community there." Or that would be her guess, anyway. "Who knows, maybe I'll find myself making my way through there some day. Stranger things have been known to happen."

She offers a smile. He told her what he does, it's only fair she mention what she does. "I'm a radio talk show host. My show is called Trish Talk, on WNEX." With the door to the coffee shop opened for her, she steps through, glancing back at Clark to flash him a little smile to say thanks.

* * *

"Its a really cool place, to be honest. People don't judge you, at least not outright, and we stick to very old-fashioned American values. Help your brothers and sisters…and thats in like the 'we leave no one behind' kind of thing, say your prayers, and stand up for what you think is right." Clark tells her that in the upbeat tone that he remains to carry. When he opens the door for her though and she gives him that smile, he bows his head softly and turns into the door to follow behind.

"Trish Talk?" He ponders. "OH!" he laughs a little bit as they get in line. "Thats where I know you from. I've heard some of your material. I really enjoy it." Along with most everyone else, of course. Goodness. But Clark doesn't look like a superfan 'OH MY GAWD, SIGN MY FOREHEAD' kind of person. He just looks like something interesting and fun happened today.

* * *

"Well, it sounds like a lovely place. The heartland of America, pure and true." Trish moves her attention to the menu board for the coffee shop. "What to get, what to get…" She sighs. "There's always so many options and I like almost all of them!" She furrows her brows as she figures out what she wants to order.

"Hmm?" She chuckles softly. "That's kind of you. I try to make it so that I have a little something for everyone. Of course," She shrugs, "that does mean I do some fluff pieces, but it also means I'm free to do some more hard hitting stories, which I really like to do, you know?"

When they get up to the cashier, she glances up at the menu and says, "I'll have a medium mocha, please. Thank you." She steps aside a bit to let Clark order.

* * *

Clark smirks. "I tend to be extremely…uh, what do people call it now? Basic? When it comes to my coffee. I'm a simple guy. But maybe I'll get black coffee. Giveme a boost." For lack of taste, it certainly does overregard the energy bit. But when she orders her coffee and steps aside to let Clark order, he's true to his own thinking-out-loud mumblings.

"I'll take a black coffee please. Thats it." The cashier looks between the two of them, and Clark seems intent to pay for his coffee and hers! Unless he's stopped, of course. Damned gentlemen.

But then he looks to Trish. "So, any fun hobbies that you like to do?" Yes, making small talk. Why not? Trish was a friendly and kind woman (at least on the surface). Why shouldn't he get to know her a bit better?

* * *

When coffee is paid for, Trish steps to where the pickup counter is, right next to the cashier, and turns to Clark. "Sometimes a good regular black cup of coffee is just what a person needs." She has no judgments there. She's certainly had her share of straight up black coffee with nothing added to it. Sometimes it's just the boost she needs.

"Hobbies? Oh, I um, I read a lot. When I have a free moment." She clears her throat. "When I have the time, anyway. Honestly, I work…a lot." She might as well be honest about this. "I'm usually either at work or at some sort of charity event or gala opening or some event or another." She explains. "I guess you could say that I'm quite the busy bee."

* * *

Clark looks at Trish and he shrugs a bit. "Very true. and, well, what kind of books do you like to read?" He gets his coffee and offers Trish the one she ordered before he gestures with his hand to a booth in the far corner - with a nice view of the stupidly busy street of New York just outside.

"I like reading fantasy novels, to be honest. Not so much Game of Thrones, but more Lord of the Rings and the like." Yes, Clark is a dork and a nerd. Its nice to get lost in the imagination sometimes.

* * *

Taking her drink and heading to the booth, Trish takes a sip of the drink before answering. "I've read the Lord of the Rings books too. Although I'll also admit that I've read the Game of Thrones books. I read a lot of what I guess would be labeled 'Young Adult'? Like the Hunger Games and books like that." She explains. "Helps me to escape my day to day, you know?"

Another sip of her drink is taken as she glances out at the busy street next to them. "I'd like to say that working with charities and going to charity events is a hobby of mine, but that would just be more of a humble brag than an actually hobby, and I should really leave the humble bragging to other people." She says with a tiny grin. "Do you have hobbies outside of reading, Mr. Kent?"

* * *

Clark takes his sheat at the booth. He can't pull out a seat for her because its….a booth. But he doesn't put his elbows on the table, his wrists instead wresting on the tables edge. So he's not breaking manners, but he's also putting them in a good place to reach for anything that might come his way.


Saving people. Fighting against Evil. Being who he is.

"I like to write poetry and walk my dog." Clark says with a smile to her. "I'm a pretty busy bee myself, but I really like it when I can sit down and do just that."

* * *

"Writing poetry and walking your dog, huh?" Trish listens intently, tilting her head slightly as he speaks. "I guess that makes sense, if you're a writer. It's not too far of a leap. But it is nice to find a more modern man that's willing to admit he writes poetry." Leaning back slightly, she looks Clark over again.

"So, Mr. Kent. What is it that brings out all the way to this…humble city from Metropolis? You said something about a story or some such?" She asks of him.

* * *

Clark chuckles a little bit after he swallows his coffee (so you know, it doesn't go everywhere). But he nods "Yeah…I like poetry as a whole. Romantic Poetry, philosophical poetry, observational poetry…writing just to write.." he shrugs. "It lets me kinda calm down a bit with the insanity that is my life."

He says good-naturedly, of course.

As she asks, he shrugs. "Well, there's a politican I was instructed to get an interview with. Corrupt democrat, or at least thats the rumor. Going to find out if its true or not." He shrugs. "Other than that…eh, kinda like a relaxed visit."

But then he hears something. States away.


So, Clark looks at Trish as he pulls out his phone. "Oh man." Clark sighs. "I'm sorry, Trish, but I have to go. But…uhm…may I have your phone number? I'd like to see you again." Clark being rather subtle with the intention, but its an honest question nonetheless.

* * *

"Writing for writing's sake can be quite nice, so I hear." Trish offers with a little nod. "Maybe I'll have to try it myself, sometime." She perks up at the mention of the politician. "A corrupt Democrat, you say? That is interesting." But it's his story. She'll can't be greedy with all of them. She has to remind herself to hold back, at least in this case. She'll be nice. She can report on it after he has. Let him take the lead.

She frowns. "You have to leave? So soon?" She shakes her head. "Well, that's fair, I suppose. Life must carry on!" She offers in a smile. She accepts his phone and types her name and number into it. "I'd like to see you too. Don't be a stranger now, you hear?" She sips on her drink again as she watches him leave. It's been an interesting day, and she wouldn't have had it any other way.

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