Street fight in NYC!
Roleplaying Log: Street fight in NYC!
IC Details

A group of metahumans tries to rob a jewelry store in NYC. It doesn't go well.

Other Characters Referenced: Mister Freeze, Killer Frost, Penguin, Kite Man
IC Date: September 13, 2019
IC Location: New York City, NY
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Posted On: 14 Sep 2019 14:38
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 (Violence & Language)
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NPC & GM Credits: NPC Cops, Hostages, Zephyr, Boreas, Notus, and Eurus by Ursa.
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As the sun sets in New York, lights begin to flare to life and give the hazy, overcast night a soft sort of glow. A full moon shines behind the clouds, unseen, but it doesn't seem like a terribly different sort of night.

…Until it is.

Or maybe it isn't, depending on your paint of view.

After all, these have been days filled with fear and violence. What is one more?

It seemingly started simply enough, ten minutes ago, as a silent alarm went off in a upscale jewelry store in Tribeca. A robbery in progress. But then, nine minutes ago, one of the hostages was forced through the plate glass window and security bars.

It ended about as well as you'd expect for the man in question, bones crushed and skin peeling, as he's forced in front of the line of cop cars screaming to a stop to form a barrier by means of a large, thick river of ice that gushes out of the store.

Detective Grayson was filing out some paperwork when he picks up the silent alarm (okay, he hacked the police network). Finally happy to be rid of the stack of penmanship he was about to delve through, Grayson quickly excited the building, put on the suit that identifies him as the vigilante Nightwing, and he pushes a few buttons on a holographic device on his wrist.

The Nightcycle rolls around the corner and Nightwing mounts it while its still in motion. He's moving straight for the crime scene!

"I swear to god if its Killer Frost or Doctor Freeze, I'm getting my Schwarzeneggar on." He mumbles to himself as he spots the cop cars already in sight.

Jessica Jones usually doesn't screw around with robberies.

It's just not her thing. She focuses on people who are missing or who are dead, or perhaps on helping people who have asked her for help with other specific items. She rarely goes 'on patrol,' though she checks in on properties that her friends own. This is for a few reasons. One, she usually doesn't think a little stolen property is worth getting all worked up over. Two, she can only focus on so much. Three, this crap is usually the sort of thing the cops can handle.

Key word: usually.

She is making her way home from a day of surveillance via the rooftops, running and leaping in a sort of cheater's Parkour that isn't Parkour at all, just her own style of demented grasshopper conveyance.

She stops, crouched at the edge, going perfectly still at the horror at the sight of the poor hostage getting torn apart.

The damn cops aren't going to be able to do shit about this.

She leaps over the side of the building to land next to one of the cop cars, staring at the ice. "I'mma guess you guys need a hand with this," she says sourly. "You gonna shoot at me for trying or am I clear to start kicking ass and taking names?"

A simple bystander with a slightly outlandish look (Compared to the fashion show she participated in without being invited, repeatedly), Starfish stops her forward progress of yet another of her wanderings through the city searching for… something. Always something, never the right thing. Knowing what she sought would certainly help. It's not trouble, she's almost certain of that. Her various brushes with trouble have been all very unpleasant. Not nearly as unpleasant as the man who gets pushed through a security barrier made of bars and glass. She has admittedly never seen that in her movie watching experience, though some have shown a similar effect from the other side. She focuses on watching every tiny detail, less out of a perverted glee than a better understanding of physics.

She is among the crowd that starts forming behind the line designate by police as 'do not cross', hands in the overcoat's pockets, marveling when she notices the ice too. It takes her longer to notice the ice for some reason.

As Ryan is walking through the streets with his just thinking to himself all that has happened to him these past months, with starting to learn more about his powers and his that day it all changed back in New York almost 10 years ago.

As he walks, he hears the sirens of the cops in the distance and he instinctually jumps into the shadows to hides. after waiting a few moments he realizes that they are not here for him and wonders what's going on. Letting his inquisitive side get the best of him, Ryan reaches out with his mind in the direction of the sirens to see what is going on while staying out of sight, lingering in the shadows.

Ren isn't very much a heroine. She is, however, something of a part girl- and while 'drunk off your behind' is probably not the best way to show up to a crime scene that is, unfortunately, exactly what is happening now as Ren stumbles up behind the police line to look out with wide eyes when ice appears from a store front. "Oh, shit.. that looks seri-ice…" she snorts, "No.. seriously though…"

And then her eyes fall on that poor guy who's in bad condition. "Oh…this was in bad taste." she whispers to herself, covering her mouth.

A grim specter of vigilante justice has arrived on the scene. He scourge of criminals everywhere after sun sets! He is the terror that flaps in the night! He —

"Ohhhh wow okay these lenses really need some bedtime hours correction."

— is Spider-Man!!

Tremble, villains.

To be fair, Spider-Man is usually much more of an all-day superhero ( / wanted vigilante). With a lot of side time spent at night. And morning. And basically all the time. However, since becoming a wanted vigilante ( / superhero), he's been finding himself having to dabble more and more in the intensely copyrighted realm of what he dubs the Batwitching Hour.

He'd go on about how that makes him think of bat sandwiches and how that can't be healthy from a rabies perspective but it's a whole thing and we only have so much real estate for pose writing.

And so it is that Spider-Man, the Spider Knight, the Spider'd Crusader, the World's Greatest Spidetective (he's still working on that one, shut up), lands, perched on a building neighboring that Tribeca jewelry store. Lenses funneled into dangerous slits (of DANGER) and certainly not squinted in an attempt to focus past the dull lamp post haze of night time, the young webbed menace takes in the very harrowing sight of that fallen man and the cop cars coming to a screeching stop in front of the building. That — that's going to be a problem. Cops don't like him, /and/ they have guns. And more than that…

"Huh," breathes Peter behind the mask as he spies that winding river of ice. His lips purse. "… do I have any ice rogues? … Mister Freeze? No he's — right, he's a Gotham thing. Okay. Yeah. Okay. The Penguin— no god Gotham again, get your head in the game Spider-Man!"

Silence lapses.

"……… Kite Man? Wow why am I on such a Batman kick tonight?"

And so, bravely shaking his head, Spider-Man just looks for a silent and sneaky means of ingress into the building for him to silently and sneakily slip within, completely free of any urge to compare himself to Bat—


— now DEFINITELY COMPLETELY free of any urge to compare himself to Batman before he makes his sneaky leap.

As Ryan reaches out with his mind to find out what is going, picking up bits and pieces of what is going on. Ice in the area, hostage, person thrown through bars, other people arriving. Ryan thinks to himself "what the heck is going on, should I help the police?" Ryan contemplates on if he should help and expose himself or just ignore it.

As he decides if he should help or not, his father's words come into his head "always help those who need help. For if we do not help those in need when we can, who will?"

Ryan sighs to himself and says quietly to himself "you're right, Dad. I should help." Ryan then thrown up his hood over his head to help cover his face and pulled his scarf to give himself a makeshift mask t hide his face and makes his way over to the police barricade but staying out of sight to get more information to decide how to act.

At least one of the cops is quick enough to tell Jess, "Yeah, sure, okay. You have fun with that one, lady." She's certainly gotten enough visibility in recent months that he knows her, and her registration status, without having to think twice about it.

Of course, what the law enforcement officials don't know has a very real ability to hurt. A young woman with long blonde hair and a Seattle grunge aesthetic that comes about 20 years too late comes out of the jewelry shop, out of the front door, her small and delicate hands in the air. Guns shift in her direction, and she comes to a stop… without looking particularly upset. Her green eyes take in the flashing lights and she smiles a bewildered sort of smile.

"Good grief, Zeph," bellows a nice from inside as a lumbering form comes out, a man bald and broad, the air distorting around him in the way of hot sidewalks in summer. "Could you wait for the rest of us?"

"But you were taking so long," she says, pouting.

And all of this, of course, gives plenty of time for the cops to start being very official about it, barking commands for the two to stop. To keep their hands up.

Which draws the two pairs of eyes in the direction of the line. 'Zeph' tilts her head. "Oh, dear," she sighs.

Spider-Man (aka 'iamthenight'), for his part, will find that there is a roof access door that might not be the most convenient thing to access ever… unless one is a human spider. A spider human? Regardless of what branding would make of the Spider-Man, he will find that the door will deposit him (once he can break the security latch on the inside of the door), into the back corridor of the jewelry shop. It leaves him at the lovely point where he has an office to the left, the vault to the right, and the main shop in front of him. There a roughly half a dozen voices coming from that direction.

First it's the people emerging from the place where the police are blocking off, some kind of jewelry store. Those are always getting robbed to kick off plots. This, Starfish reminds herself, is life, not a plot. Or whatever.

She draws back some of the loose hair that make up her bangs, mulling over the notion that her life is almost definitely not just some written series of words forming a kind of loose narrative… oh hey there's someone breaching the barricade that … looks completely like a normal person. Her attitude catches Starfish's interest. The way she talks to the police, the phrasing. Brazenness. That seems like the right word for it. Starfish's eyes shift to slightly down as a little nagging voice suggests she will almost certainly never have the courage. Reminds her really.

Nightwing dismounts his motorcycle and LEAPS over the cop cars until he lands in a perfect spot. Nightwing is unregistered, but then again, he's just a regular human so its not like it REALLY matters. Or at least thats what Grayson would tell someone if they questioned if he was enhanced/registered according to that same annoying Law.

"Mind another one?" Nightwing says to Jessica and the cops, specifically, before he straightens out and cracks his knuckles, looking towards the lumbering form that comes on out. "Oooohhh. He's big." Yes, thats an insult. So deal with it.

He's already pulling out a batarang (birdarang, in Nightwing's case) from his black utility belt. Explosive.

Jess opens her mouth to tell the cops to just move back and get out of the way, but here they are, being all cop about it. They're likely going to be targets in about twenty seconds. Great.

But here's Nightwing. She shakes her head and smirks a little. "Not at all," she says. She hasn't talked to Nightwing much, but it's not like she hasn't seen him around in her forays to Gotham.

As an aside to him: "I'mma get their attention off the cops."

She leaps atop that ice wall with the full force of her strength, intending to just shatter it while putting herself directly in front of the two that she's real sure aren't helpless harmless hostages.

"Hi," she tells Zeph and Baldy-the-Heat, in a hard voice. "If you're planning on attacking the police, plan differently."

Has she spotted any of the other would-be heroes? Tough to tell. If she has, she's given no sign of it. Either because she totally hasn't, or because she totally has, and wants to give them all the time they need to get into position without alerting their bevy of bad guys.

"In fact, if you're planning on doing anything other than surrendering? Plan differently."

Ren's eyes are wide- she looks to her hands, those metal hands- and then up again as heroes show up. "This looks well in hand." the drunk woman says as she hurries away, best to get out of the area!

And so the spider snuck stealthily into the —

"Aw jeez that doesn't look super great."

This observation comes just about when Spider-Man has half-sunk his way into the building proper after very quietly snapping free the security latch with a mantra of "sorrysorrysorrysosorry", utterly quiet in the aftermath save for that bewildered and very wary utterance. You see, he has an intuition about these things. A sixth sense. A Peter tingle no don't call it that please don't.

And right now his ~~Peter Tingle~~ sixth, spidery sense is telling him there's all sorts of not-great things going on with the two that have just emerged from the jewelry store.

"Who does grunge anymore? Like, as a lifestyle?? Why do I know what grunge is??? Oh wait hey that looks terrible."

Lenses widen. He notices the faint distortion in the air like ambient differences in heat bending light as it rises. Behind his mask, the vigilante's lips tug into a tight line.

But for right now, he's just going to have to trust that Jessica Jones aka Scary Lady and the Super Friends can handle things outside; resolved, the arachnid slips his way inside through that access door, and flipping nimbly and silently onto the ceiling of the jewelry shop. He looks towards the left, and then towards the right, and then straight ahead. Oh hey. Voices. Promising. Or very bad. And so he focuses on the voices — and, most of all, focuses on his Spider-Sense — as he starts his ceiling crawl towards the main shop where those voices are growing louder.

… wait a minute was that Nightwing there what is Nightwing doing in New York City oh god is he going to serve him a lawsuit are the Bat Family that litigious—

"…nice costume…" Starfish muses mostly to herself at the sight of Nightwing, taking a long look. Here and there, she had seen images of persons who take to making themselves appear in a form of avatar totem whatsit. Her first live view of one. Under the overcoat, her body becomes covered in something strikingly similar. The change is sudden but very few eyes are probably on her in light of what is going on with the strong lady. Well, lady-masked. Starfish serruptitiously closes the overcoat when she notices her clothing change, reaching up to feel for a mask on her face. None there.

Ryan finally arrives a the scene of the disturbance, making his way up onto the roof of a nearby building giving a good view of what is going and jump in if necessary but still stay out of sight for the moment.

Ryan seeing the lady and the man just outside the broken into the store an surrounded by police, along with a man in a costume and a lady looking to confront these to individuals to which he has never seen before, He reaches out with his mind to try and find out who the girl with the green eyes and the man with her are, what they can do and what are there real intentions are.

The young woman looks to Jess, but not in the way that would make anyone at all feel that she is a threat to anything. She breathes another sigh, low, and there's a simple and very strange feeling of peace that should absolutely feel out of place considering the present scene. "I don't think I've really done anything worth surrendering for," she tells the other woman with bright eyes transfixed. "And, trust me, you don't want Notus to get… heated. So perhaps everyone should just let us through."

The volume inside the store is rising, and a woman starts crying. "Please, just… just take whatever you want!" Because there, inside the store, another pair - an older man and a middle-aged woman with red hair - are presently doing just that. Well, the woman is piling in rings and pendants. The older man, his hair greying in spontaneous patches, is presently playing with puffs of mist that he forms with his breath.

"Once we finish here, we'll take the vault. Next person to try to make a run for it… Well. There's another window, isn't there?"

The cops nearest to Nightwing when he appears cast a glance between them, and finally one mutters from behind a car door, "I told you that vigilante law would drive 'em this way. We're getting their loonies next, you wait and see. But right now? You owe me twenty."

"Stuff it, Sam."

It's not easy at first for Ryan to target in on the duo, but they do - for whatever it's worth - seem to just be intent on clearing the way for two others inside by whatever means necessary. The green-eyed girl's calming presence radiates across the connection, although she doesn't seem to notice at all that she's being telepathically spied upon.

Jessica Jones is immune to mindreading and mind-altering effects. That sense of calm doesn't touch her at all. What does happen is she starts seeing blooms of red in her mind, and any who are trying to touch it directly will start feeling some pain in direct proportion to what they're trying to exert on her directly. The woman's indirect effect might not count, but if poor Ryan is trying to pick up Jones' surface thoughts he'll have a bad time.

"Notus? Seriously? That's what you're going around calling yourself?" Jessica asks him, a sour look on her face. "The good names really are all taken."

Yes, it is HE.

The amazing…the unnaturally dashing….the Ayotallah of Rock n' Rollah….the former boy wonder himself…


Play theme song here.

But seriously, Nightwing glances over at Jess and he gives her a smirk. "Good to know!" he throws the timed-explosive shuriken at the two baddies, hoping that it will hit them and explode. Especially the big guy. He looks like a natural pest to deal with.

Then his eyes notice that inside the store the volume is getting a little bit higher, so rather than immediately run headfirst towards the big bad guys out here, Nightwing is trying to get into the store so he can stop that incident before it gets any worse. Wait a second, is that Spider-Man? AWESOME!

Oh, hello, new rogues gallery!

From his ceiling perch, Spider-Man takes in the unfamiliar faces. A middle-aged woman, and an older man. One playing with air in a way only a bored superhuman with air control powers would play with air. So. Super powers? Check. Group theme? Check. Planning a dangerous heist with hostages for jewelry even though their superpowers probably make them some level of invaluable in any number of lucrative financial markets? Check.

Wow. This is actually kind of refreshing, Spider-Man thinks. A robbery!

… what has his life come to that dangerous life or death situations with hostages are considered refreshing, what is wrong with you peter parker

That said, he immediately sees his window of opportunity — and you'll see the clever play on words there soon enough, don't worry, dear readers. Because you see, it's right about when one of the members of the super midlife crisis duo (tentative title) says this:

… Well. There's another window, isn't there?

That one might hear the soft sound of a *thwip*

"Wow you're right, that's a great idea, I almost didn't notice that!"

… as twin lines of webbing seek to ensnare both the man and woman around the waist in a pair of very sturdy, very sticky lassos —

— perfectly prefacing the way the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man than proceeds to -lunge- out of hiding and straight towards that window towards the outside world.

Hopefully, with both super criminals in tow.

Which is why he does this very quickly and with the element of surprise on his side, because he doesn't trust these people to not to have some sort of 'immediately destroy all webbing powers' like ninety percent of the supervillains in NYC.


Ryan realizing now who the real enemies are Ryan starts to push his mind into the building as to see what else may be going on in there. all the while thinking to himself "if these two are trying to clear the way, what are they clearing the way for?"

As he begins to push his mind into the building he sees a man in a spider costume come out of the building and webs the two bad guys up and attempt to capture them.

"ok well maybe I am not needed here after all," Ryan says to himself and decides to just try to get more information from what's going on inside the building and if it needed to relay the information to one of them or intervene himself.

Second costume, with spider motif. May have seen him before. Starfish tries to remember. Nothing specifically shouts at her. Probably glance at news other people were watching. It's where most of the less interesting stuff comes from and she tunes it out faster than the blandness of food. Watching in motion, that's got her interest. Something she can never hope to personally replicate but for her exploration and memorization of how things move in the world? Fascinating. Priceless.

Starfish creeps closer, and at the same time, moves to the side just in case of accidental flying things headed down the center of mass where all the people gathered. Accidental or deliberate, it seems likely given the events so far and the number of people who do not want to be arrested involved.

Oblivous Zeph looks to Jess and continues just placidly regarding her. She looks then in the direction of the police officers, and she sighs a heavy, bored sigh again. The effect begins nearest her, when guns start being lowered without an argument despite all logic. It begins to clear an area of the line, even with the other officers yelling to keep weapons trained.

But then Nightwing. He throws his exploding shurikens and Notus moves to interpose himself between them and the much smaller woman beside him, and everything goes sideways. A burst of heat - not explosive fire, but raw and desiccating heat - explodes outwards. It melts the cascade of ice and sends it sizzling across the sidewalk as it cracks. Let's imagine for a moment what a couple hundred degrees can do to an explosive shuriken before Nightwing can get there.

When Spider-Man comes flying out of the front window with two baddies in tow, there's bellowing. The man opens his mouth and exhales, but what comes out is more like a projectile vomit of ice and he moves to turn his head in Peter's direction. The redhead does nothing of use, save to reach out for Zeph as she passes by. Their hands miss each other, and the blonde looks confused by this turn of events.

Meanwhile, inside the store… Hostages are absolutely taking to heart Spider-Man's suggestion and booking it in a hurry for the backdoor.

"DUDE! Grenades? In a hostage situation?!" Jessica bellows after Nightwing. "Fucking Hell."

But there is Zeph. And she is definitely doing mind control bullshit. With this confirmed, with the assault definitely happening before her eyes, she acts at last, abandoning the 'use your words' technique in favor of simply trying to grab her and fling her against the wall to knock her out, even as heat washes over her. She blinks a little, trying to keep her vision clear against all of that, but is far more worried about mind control girl than fire guy.

Ryan now realizing that there possibly a telepath among them and seeing the women run for the women through the heat, decides that now he needs to intervene.

Ryan using his telekinesis makes a jump from the top of the building and lands right into the scene using his telekinesis to soften his landing and keeping his hood and scarf covering his faceal features not wanting anyone to see who he is. Ryan then stretches out his right hand and lets out a great telekinetic push towards the guy creating the heat to knock him back and off his feet, making the pathway clear for the women to get to the supposed bad telepath.

See, Spider-Man would have liked to have a badass catch phrase all lined up for when he flung himself and his new evil entourage out the window. But air at proper acceleration has a way of making vocalizing hard. And also he couldn't think of anything. So he does the sensible thing and just extends the very last sound of his suggestion as he comes flying out into the foray proper, which means, more or less, that the NYC vigilante legend barrels boldly into the night sky with a daring cry of,


as he goes.

It's not great. But hey! He saved the day! Almost. That's pretty good, right? It could be worse.

This is what Parker reassures himself with appropriate levels of dramatic irony as one of his captives starts to inhale. He is still shouting as he feels the tingle of his Spider-Sense at that more primitive part of his brain, twisting about to see the older man, cheeks puffed. Lenses widen. And he finds a suitable ending to his catchphrase:


Well done, Peter.

well done

Instantly, the arachnid avenger (not Avenger, it's a long story, he never got an invite, he doesn't like to talk about it, shush) lands and -springs- off the street. The spew of frost and ice washes over and under him as he tries to twist through it; part of the deluge clips his arm, the rest grazing his calf, shards of ice cutting the material of his suit and scoring a painful gash. He sucks in a breath, exhaled in a shiveringly thick plume of frost as the cold works its way to a trembling fit through his body. Fighting through it, he bends backwards in mid-air, working with the momentum to springboard off some of that ice in a short backflip before freeing his hands in order to point one towards Mr. Frosty (legally distinct from Mister Freeze).

"H-hey, duh-duh-don't you know-ow-ow it's ruh rude to buh-breathe out of y-your mouth??"

And then of course immediately tries to web the man's mouth shut, as you do.

"H-hey, Scary Lady!! And uh vuh-various others! Who asked for the Earth, Wi-ind and-and F-Fire and Coba-bain reunion, h-huh?? Th-then again, that dude was more i-ice than wind and I don't really know what the other two do………………….."

"c-can i get a redo on that joke, i'm just very cold and"

He's trying, okay.

"THEY ARE HARMLESS." Nightwing shouts back to Jessica, but its alright, he's more than likely to figure out a witty response to her at some point later. He leaps forward and tries to knee Zeph right in the forehead. Come on, knee of JUSTICE.

But of course, Nightwing does not have superstrength, so he could totally meet the same fate as Jessica.

As Jess comes racing towards her, Zeph doesn't fight the approach save to gently bring up her two hands in a wordless bid for the raging woman to stop as she manages to get behind Notus and the heat that… actually seems more concentrated in the front where he is presently roaring. That roar grows louder as he's pulled forward and away from the one he's trying to protect. The girl—who can't be more than nineteen—looks a little confused, really, by all of Jones's fury. "Please. Don't. Why—?"

No resistance means, of course, that she hits the wall with every bit of the strength that the PI puts behind it and she crumples effortlessly. She exhales a pent up breath as she lies upon the pavement, and another section of the NYPD's wall lowers their weapons. It will also wrap up Nightwing in that pervasive sense of peace that bids him stop fighting. If unchecked, it will be a heady and altogether comforting feeling.

Meanwhile, unaffected officers are fill the gap in quickly, although now they're spread dangerously thin as they try to both cover and talk sense into their fellow law enforcement officers. Of course, now the meta humans are everywhere, so the strategic value of that line is compromised anyway. The radios crackle to life as the first of the freed hostages make their way down the alley to another part of the police perimeter.

And then there's the matter of Spider-man who just glued the old man's mouth shut. It's surprisingly effective, but the red head turns and calls for him. "Boreas!" Her furious gaze goes to Spider-Man next, and she purses her lips to whistle in his direction. …But not like the catcall variety. Or the 'call your dog' variety. Hers is a fierce and screeching whistle, the sound carried upon a hot blast of air so tight and focused that it could cut if the wall crawler doesn't get out of the way of it.

Starfish winces when Zeph collides with wall, snapping to the present from a future that probably won't come to pass but was certainly interesting to play out in her mind. In the confusion, she takes action, emerging from the line as a uniformed police officer. It just so happens that her badge number is an exact copy of another officer. She even adopts a conservative look, her hair changing to brown and tied in a little bun, eyes taking a hazel recolour. Reaching Zeph in a hurry, Starfish-cop goes to a knee and checks her for breathing.

Hurriedly, Starfish then starts pulling Zeph to a safer location. Out of sight if she can manage it. Anyone who approaches to assist… she'll think of ways to get them good and distracted.

Nightwing seems to stop what he's doing when he feels that feeling of peace come over him and he seems to pause for a minute, looking at Zeph before he shakes his head lightly. "The hell…" He starts to back off, eyes heading forward, getting distance so he can re-evaluate the situation.

This went to crap really, really fast.

And with just a dash of webbing, Spider-Man finds his problems solved. At least, for now.

To his credit, the masked menace does not stumble once he lands again, even as a fresh lance of pain runs up his leg from the ice-borne injury that scores his calf. The grimace is well-hidden behind his mask as he hops into a stand, leaning back on his heels as he squints in the direction of the old man. He thought he was going to get ice blasted again for his 'FOOLISH impudence!!' because that's usually how things go, but… nothing comes.

"Huh," exhales Spider-Man, scratching the side of his head. In fact — Dante's Inferno over there seems to be getting hotter the more he roars in a very one direction-but-not-the-band kind of way. And the younger woman, when she exhales upon being brought down…

"Oh my god! I got it!" declares Spider-Man, lenses widening in realization that somewhat numbs the raw tingling at the base of his skull.

"They've got bad breath!!"

"Like — you know, bad as in evil breath, from like, a moral standpoint, not like — bad breath, you know, though I haven't individually checked each one to say one way or the other on that and I think someone else should probably handle it and oh cheese and crackers my spider-sense is tingling isn't it."


It's hard to see air, save for the distortion it has on the world around it, like debris, or light. Spider-Man's pretty used to dodging bullets by now. Things he -can't- see?

The webbed vigilante perceives the rustle of dirt and the faint bend of light around tightly-tunneled air seconds before it can punch through his ribs or something equally unpleasant. He's fast; not fast enough. Only fast enough, really, to avoid any debilitating damage; instead, he twists at the last second — and that wind punctures an ugly wound at his side, missing anything vital by a hair as a sharp gasp of pain rips from his lips. The force is enough to take him off his feet, blood splattering in a thin trail across the ground he soars over; it's only thanks to that preternatural sense of balance that he manages a recovery, landing in an uneasy crouch five feet from where he started.

"o-oh," he grimaces, "there's Wind. Gnh—"

These people seem human, outside their amazing mouths, and so the webhead once more falls back upon that trusty webbing. He expects she might see it coming. Hopes, really.

That's why the line goes slightly wide, so that she's encouraged to try to avoid getting her mouth sealed up —

— such that the web shot can glob on to an emptied register in the shop inside and -yank- back to bean her across the back of the skull to - hopefully - knock her out.

Lightly. Lightly knock her out. He's not a monster!!

And throughout this, he offers the most helpful advice he can:


He thinks it works rather well!!

Ryan getting ready to square off with the fire guy, hears the spider costume guy yell out "keep them from breathing", a plan quickly forms into Ryans mind.

Ryan begins to charge towards the fire guy while using his telepathy and telekinesis simultaneously in a combo of attacks. first using his telepathy Ryan sends a flash-bang grenade effect to his mind blinding him of his sight for a few seconds while then using his telekinesis to knock his leg out from under him leaving it wide open for a judo kick. Ryan kicks Flame guy right at the exposed knee with much extra force using his telekinesis to increase the strength of his kick to dislodge if not brake his knee and cause him to fall to the ground.

As the fire guy falls Ryan proceeds to do a straight punch with extra force again with the intent to damage his lungs so he can hot breath properly but not enough fore to stop him from breathing completely and a judo uppercut to his jaw to attempt to dislodge it so that he cannot use his mouth and the one last punch to his gut to knock him flat on to the ground where Ryan then grabs some metal debris from the fight and uses his telekinesis to quickly wrap it around his mouth and jaw quickly but leaving the nose free so he can still breath.

Ryan then stands over him with his face still covered by his scarf and hood ready to strike him even more if he tries anything and uses his telepathy to speak into the flame guy who is noe badly beeten "unless you want to get hurt much more than you already are, you will give up now".

"Bug. Focus," Jessica says to Spider-Man. Not without a good bit of muted affection. She's always liked the kid. She's also always given him shit for things like that terrible joke. Then again, he's in good company, since she gives most people shit.

Then all sorts of things are happening. She doesn't quite manage to knock Zeph out, which is a surprise in and of itself. A cop is dragging Zeph away, which Jess thinks is a terrible and stupid idea before she's fully knocked out, and so she just kind of kicks a piece of debris in that direction like a soccer player, hoping to hit the girl's head so she can't mind control anyone else.

Then there's some dude trying to face off against Notus. But…that guy seems probably fine? She decides not to take chances. While he's got Notus busy she just decides to kick a piece of debris in that direction to try to knock that guy out too. Just in case, because really, even though the working theory is that it's all breath weapons, Jess doesn't trust any of this shit.

"Where the fuck is DPS when they might actually be useful?" she grumbles, even as she makes this maneuver.

The cash register comes flying out the front door of the shop and does, indeed, hit the woman beside Boreas full on and send her crumpling, too. The man's eyes open wide, and he makes a sudden and desperate lunge in her direction. …which probably won't amount to much, probably. Two down. One incapacitated. That leaves Notus.

Notus who is suddenly very irritated that all of the jewels they'd been planning to take are suddenly scattered everywhere, that the girl he was trying to protect is assaulted with a cop trying to drag her off, and that he's somehow the last one standing.

His head lowers to a position between his shoulders… and his breath starts coming in bullish snorts as the air around him begins to heat up again. "That was a stupid choice," he rumbles as he steps forward, although his gaze wanders more than it should, considering what about him as he looks for that bodiless voice nestled amongst his thoughts. "You should have listened to Zeph." After a deep inhalation, he forcefully sends another blazing hot breath in the a semi-circle in front of him as he tries to close the ground between himself and the Little Grunge Gal Who Couldn't.

Then Ryan comes in and tries to knock him over. But you wanna know that the really great thing about breathing is? When you get kicked? You tend to exhale. Which Notus does, raising the temperature around him to a sizzling 300 degrees that should chase Ryan back well enough. His own clothes melt a bit, revealing a light metal weave beneath.

"Give. HER. BACK!" More breath escapes.

Only for him to get kicked in the side of the head by a punted chunk of concrete, making for a pretty solid hit. He crumples beside it with a nasty headwound. But he's down, leaving him back to just those breaths that radiate heat… like a sidewalk in the summer heat once more.

Ryan realizing his mistake with punching him in the hut instead of the head and picking up with his Pshichic Intuition quickly jumps back quickly to avoid getting incinerated and gets ready to quickly put up a telekinetic shield to protect him from the heat, sees a chunk of concrete hit him straight in the head appearing to knock him out.

Ryan then quickly scans the area with his telepathy to see if there is any other threat while simultaneously turning to Jesica and nods his head in gratitude for the help there while still keeping his head and face covered with the hood and scarf.

"Hey! I'm focused! I'm so focused I don't even — gagh," winces Spider-Man eloquently as he slightly aggravates the wound he got from being unfocused.

"…… That like — okay, that doesn't even count. (This is why we should institute a mulligan system on jokes and commentary, I swear-)"

But — the redhead is knocked out cold. The guy — Boreas? Is this a theme gang, Spider-Man wonders, OH MY GOD AM I GETTING A THEME GANG JUST LIKE BATMAN — is rendered unable to deliver his chilling mouthbreath. And the others…

… are currently furious and on fire. That's not — yeah that's not great, Spider-Man decides. Feeling the ache of his injuries, his expression curdles a bit in pained determination as he slides backwards on his left foot. The adhesive of his webbings might melt before they even have a chance to dry. How's he going to get close —

— and then Jessica just beans him with a chunk of debris.

Spider-Man stares, for a solid ten seconds of silence, at the fallen Notus. And then just kind of — numbly points at the guy.

"… Yeah! Take that!"

He helped!

And thus, his job done, Spider-Man wipes off his hands and places them on his hips, adopting a superhero pose that immediately reminds him "oh god oh ow ow ow ow my spider-spleen" of all his wonderful injuries incurred in the line of duty. Fortunately — a swift recovery is made, and he surveils the situation with narrowed eyes.

"Ha ha, right? Might as well call them the Department of… Personal……. Suckitude………."

Silence again.

"You know what? That's just — the blood loss — kind of like how I forgot about how all these cops are here oh wow okay yeah I'm just gonna —"

And this is the heroic sound of Spider-Man heroically *thwip*ing away before he can get arrested or shot.



Another chunk of rock headed this way. Coming in low. Uh… Starfish is not great at split decisions. She's not strong enough to just hoist Zeph out of the path. Only one way. She dives in front of the debris meant for Zeph's already concussed head, right on the back, which manages to not break anything! Starfish-cop lies there, gasping as it does knock the wind out of her, which she very quickly learns can happen when something hits you from behind. So it was about as hard-hitting as it looked like it was going to be. Good gambit!

Then she stops letting herself feel that, and retaliates. Ryan can sense it from her, the directed mind influence toward Jessica. Nothing like control. Starfish cannot dictate the thoughts or actions. What she can do, is adjust perceptions, changing little things here and there, or changing very large things. But change it must be. So the ambient sound Jessica hears, changes. A gun cocks behind her, the feeling of something poking into her back. A distraction. No one is there to be harmed.

Starfish moves faster. Get Zeph out of sight. Her understanding of the strong not-quite-lady's murderous nature is moderately overestimated now.


Responds to none of it.

Except to mutter, "Son of a bitch," as those red flowers bloom in her mind again. Starfish might feel a quick stab of pain. Whatever defenses she has exist to ward off any mental effect, including those which mess with perceptions. The woman has had some serious trauma in that regard.

This doesn't stop Starfish from getting Zeph out of sight. For one thing, feeling someone make a mental 'attack' on her is still distracting.

"That goddamn mind controller must have been more hearty than I thought," she grumbles, narrowing her eyes. "And…she's escaped. Shit."

She acknowledges Ryan's nod of thanks, and exhales. As long as the dazed police officers are not shooting at each other, she supposes, this is more or less done with. Save that she now has a woman she's going to have to hunt down later.

As for "murderous," while that is definitely a matter of perception, she has definitely gone out of her way to softball all night long. She scrubs her fingers through her hair and looks at the cops that are still upright.

"Other than the one that got away they seem as wrapped up as they're gonna get," she says. "Think you guys can take it from here?"

As everything seems to be settling down, there is a different sort of siren on the way. The Department of Personal Su— Wait, no. The Department of PUBLIC SAFETY is on its way to come collect. A roar overhead also indicates that there's likely a Sentinel not far away, either, as officials head inward to handle collection.

All around, the affected officers are starting to come round and there's a growing murmur of conversation as they try to figure out what the hell just happened.

Understandably, trained weapons are about as close as they're willing to come.

What was that… Starfish goes over the really unpleasant sensation she just found out existed. Headaches, not really anything new to her. That intense, that coinciding with doing something, that… image? Thought? She won't soon forget. But at least she got a new toy out of it. Every new experience gives her something to share with other people. Big warning sigil plus pain. That might come in handy. Once the pain dies down. Which she stops feeling for now, hopes it subsides soon. First things first. Change. Lots of change. Her outfit. Changes to two layers of overcoat. She pulls one off, getting Zeph into it. Swap her combat boots for whatever is on Zeph. A little manual override. Another pair of combat boots appear on Starfish. Hat. Zeph gets a fedora. Matches that on Starfish. Then she picks Zeph up, thankful she's not the type to work out regularly, and lets the dazed girl use her for support, and exits the alley on the other side. Zeph's shoes vanish into a bin.
Jessica considers Ryan with narrowed, thoughtful eyes. "I dunno. Maybe. The name 'Zeph' isn't very much to go on, and that power she has probably makes it real easy for her to move about undetected. Depending on how good she is with it…well. A lot will depend on what the cops are willing to give me after they're done emptying the pockets of the rest of these assrags."

She fishes a card out of her pocket and hands it to him. "Come by Alias Investigations later this week," she says at last. "We'll chat about that. I don't put people at my back without a conversation. You can wear your…Heroic Jimmy Choo or whatever…"

A broad gesture at his scarf, "But I've got questions. And after we've had that conversation, then yeah. Maybe we can help each other out."

And then DPS is on the way and the cops are acting confused. "For now? I suggest you get the eff out of here."

She doesn't. She's registered, she helped, she was acting within the crisis law, blah blah effing blah. She even got the cop's go ahead to help. She stays, because what she doesn't want to see is anyone who doesn't deserve to get rounded up get rounded up. Like the Incredible Scarf, as she's mentally dubbed Ryan. They'll probably need a statement. Which she doesn't look thrilled to give, but there is also a very dead man on the ground. She won't take off when sticking around and playing ball could help nail that man's killers to the wall.

Ryan sensing the danger with this telepathy takes the card from Jessica and stuffs it in his jean pocket "thanks and I shall"

Ryan then runs towards an ally way away from the police with a combination of his telekinesis, parkour skills, and psychic Intuition to keep him from running into any danger and giving the slip to anyone else who may be following him before the DPS arrive.

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