Shut Up and Dance With Me
Roleplaying Log: Shut Up and Dance With Me
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Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon try to unwind with varying levels of success.

Other Characters Referenced: Frank Castle, Starfire, Dinah Lance
IC Date: September 17, 2019
IC Location: Gotham City - Burnside - Club Angelfish
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Posted On: 17 Sep 2019 16:53
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* OOC Time: Mon Sep 16 22:47:39 2019 *

* * *

Club Angelfish embodies everything that a Gotham City nightclub aims to achieve — which is to say a theme that runs so deep that it perhaps overdoes it. Despite the looming arrival of fall, Angelfish keeps its temperatures at a balmy, almost tropical degree to encourage the swim attire the ambiance demands.

Barbara — almost reluctantly — accepted Dick's invitation to get out without an agenda. No bugs to plant, no bad guys to trail. Just a night out without any worries. In a simple one-piece of darkest green and a purple sarong to match. She tucks a bit of red hair behind her ear while she looks around for Dick from the changing rooms.

* * *

Dick definitely decided it would be good for Barbara to just have a night and let loose. No worries, no bugs to plant, no people to beat up, no people to try and shoot you…just the two of them. Questionably a date and even more questionably just two people out having ag ood time, Dick was already waiting for Barbara. He was dressed in a longsleeve loose polo shirt with dark jeans and shoes. His hair is actually somewhat styled, even if long and messy seems to work much better for him.

"You look amazing." Grayson says to her just after she puts a strand of her red hair behind her ear. "Sorry if it seemed sudden, I just…thought it might help to assist in helping you relax a little bit. I know the last time we were at a club scene it was very much so….uh…uncertain." Dick is trying, and maybe thats what matters.

* * *

Barbara has to laugh at the sight of Dick in his classic look, and she steps up toward the bar where she can lean slightly against it while she looks him over from head to toe. "You did notice this club is ocean themed, right?" She nods her head toward where the various pools invite swimming and lounging in the warm interior. She doesn't tease him too long as she offers him a half-tilt of her chin and gentler smile.

"Yeah… sudden, but okay. I could use a break… homeless, still trying to get to work in Metropolis, keep up with my… hobbies." She hedges around that whole Batgirl thing easily enough. Then she breathes out a sharp exhale, and her shoulders roll. "It's nice to get out," she reassures him.

* * *

Dick looks at Barbara and he nods. "Oh, no, I know full well this is ocean themed." He leans in and whispers humorously. "These jeans are one of those ripaway ones. I have riptide swim trunks underneath these." Yes, he was originally just going to give Barbara a mild heart-attack with a sudden pants rip-off, then immediately laugh when she realized it was one of those tear-aways and he was completely covered underneath. But when he is reminded of her situation, he shows al ook of sympathy.

"You know Barb, you can always crash at my place. I'll just take the couch. I mean, its the least I can do. I remember more than a few times where I had to crash on yours after some rough times." Dick tries to offer support and help, but he leans against the bar with her, though while she's on her side, he's on his back.

Dick seems to even smoothly reach into something (nothing on his person) and he pulls out a pink flower, offering it to Barb. "I figured it might look nice in your hair."

* * *

Babs rolls her eyes slightly at Dick Grayson, though there's a playful smile at her lips all the same. "You're impossible, Dick Grayson." Then she's turning toward the bartender that swoops in to the two, and Babs orders herself a cocktail and leaves Dick's order to him. That done, she then turns back to her old boyfriend, and her smile falters a bit.

"I know, Dick. I know you'd give me that if I needed it." She chews slightly at her lower lip. "But, with Dad… he's still taking this whole 'leave of absence' thing real hard, and then the house burning down? I think he might die from shock if I suddenly announce I'm moving in with you, even for a little while."

She props her elbow on the bar, hand sliding fingers through her red, red hair. She's about to say something more when suddenly there's a pink flower being offered to her, and she settles into a warm, almost blushing smile. "You're hopeless," she tells him even while she takes a little sniff from the flower and then pushes her hair back behind one ear so she can tuck the bloom.

* * *

Dick laughs just a little bit as he sees that smile on her face, the sign that she's enjoying herself. When the bartender rolls on by, Dick orders himself a margherita. He always had a weird thing for Magheritas, but whenever he's asked about it, he makes a reference to James Bond. But, he listens to her.

Thats part of what makes their bond special. They listen. They help. They respect. They understand.

"I'll stop by one of these days. Really, I will. Your dad might have a heart attack when he sees me, scared I'm gonna ask him the big question, but he's my friend too." Dick promises her.

When he gives her that flower, and she completes the look, Dick whistles at her. "Damn Barb, you're gonna make my heart stop one of these days. Old habits, right?" he then smiles at her. Before he goes a little quiet. "I don't think I ever apologized for messing up back then you know."

* * *

Barbara just laughs, ducking her head a bit against her hand before she turns, leaning both elbows now into the bar with her arms crossed in front of her. "You know, Dad only likes you now because you aren't dating his daughter. Don't think that he's going to expect you walking through to ask any big questions… unless it is how can you stop me from dating Pete Castiglione." That would be Frank Castle, for those just joining us.

Now Barbara shakes her head, smiling a bit more ruefully over to Dick. "You don't need to apologize. I went to college, you stayed in Gotham. I think we made the right call… you know… and by the time I came back, well." She shrugs her shoulders helplessly.

* * *

"Yeah, yeah I know. I remembered when we dated in high school and I could've sworn he -hated- me. Another rich kid trying to steal his kid. We ended up getting along when his relationship with Bruce Wayne got a little more friendly." Because at that point, Dick was still in Batman's custody. But he looks at her with a frown still when she mentions she's dating Pete Castiglione. "Barb…" She knows his reservations.

More than likely thats a serious argument for another time. Dick had his own problems with Frank. Namely his hole bullets with names on it campaign. But when she tells him when she came back, Dick was with Kory. "And we know how that situation ended. Kory and I are…" he sighs. "Not a thing anymore. I don't have the best luck with that stuff, turns out." He looks out to the dance floor. "But we didn't come here for sob stories." He smiles at her.

* * *

"Oh no. He definitely hated you," Babs reassures Dick. Her smile stays warm though. "Dad hates everyone I'm dating." But then Dick gets that tone, and the redhead sighs out a sharp breath. "Don't." Her voice has a little warning to it. "Don't ruin this whole thing by getting all big brother on me."

Now Dick starts in on his break-up with Kory, and she winces slightly. "Yeah." She hesitates. "I know." It takes her a second before she offers up, almost sheepishly, "We kind of started the Exes of Dick Grayson club." Now it's her turn to look apologetic.

* * *

Dick takes a breath, he knows the warnings. They dated for a -long- time. He knows when a punch or a shouting match is coming, so he just gets off the topic of Frank Castle altogether.

"Life has a different plan. And more like I started the Exes of Barbara Gordon. But hey." He reaches for her hand to take it. "Let?s dance and cut loose. We're clearly either way too sober or way too high-strung if we arn't having fun. So how about you and I go dance? Not another word about the sad, moody past." Dick says with the brightest of smiles. Time to turn a frown upside down!

* * *

Barbara settles back into her elbows again, glancing down at her hands briefly. She has to laugh a bit at the whole exes of Barbara Gordon thing, and she glances over to Dick Grayson. "Hey… I don't have all that many compared to someone else at this bar."

Then she pushes up off the bar, and with a little nod, she hooks her hand around his elbow. "Alright. Let's dance."

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