Dark and Foggy Night
Roleplaying Log: Dark and Foggy Night
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Dead Girl goes for an end of summer swim. Merlin the famous mage shows up with a nifty staff.

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IC Date: September 17, 2019
IC Location: Gotham Cemetery.
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Posted On: 17 Sep 2019 22:50
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* * *

Another lovely, foggy, Gotham evening in perhaps one of the creepiest parts of Gotham. It's a perfect night for a swim in the pool! Never in her life did Dead Girl think she'd find a place with a pool to live. Luckily, she's dead.

And, apparently, living her best life despite the total lack of life. She's just floating, as one might expect a corpse, with a little bluetooth speaker nearby playing music from a phone or computer that must be somewhere near by- most likely the mausoleum that, apparently, has the lights on. A number of cats sit at the edge of the pool- apparently happy to just watch the crazy girl float in the water, dressed in her summer's best one-piece, complete with hair protecting swim-cap.

* * *

While the average person may have a healthy bit of fear, or at least hesitancy, regarding walking through a foggy cemetery at night, there are those who are foolhardy enough to do so. One such person being the sorcerer known as Merlin, although he'd say he was more realistic than foolhardy. After all, he's been to many a cemetery and a good portion of the time, nothing has ever happened.

He wears a robe this evening, as opposed to his normal jean jacket and pants and white shirt. He finds robes more comfortable, and there are certainly times of day, as well as places, where people just don't seem to care what a person is wearing.

The music catches his attention. It's not something he's accustomed to hearing in a cemetery. Turning slightly he begins to walk in the direction he hears it coming from, deciding to search for its source.

* * *

"Ooh, a walker in the mist…" Dead Girl says, sitting up in the pool.

Those eyes are impossible to miss, even in the fog. Red. Angry. Glowing like the balefires of the underworld to lead the Dead to the afterlife.

And then the feeling- necromantic energies. A powerful locus of the stuff, focused where those eyes gaze out. Like the frost on the windowsill in dead winter- spreading around her and into the night.

And yet, there is no tinge of other-darkness to this death energy- as if the font were somehow… natural. Part of the world like the sun and moon.

"Who's that out there? You've disturbed the ghosts, you know."

* * *

A staff, held in his right hand, is leaned upon by Merlin as he stops close by. He stares toward the shockingly bright red eyes that cut through the mist. "Curious." He murmurs softly to himself.

When he's hit with the feelings of necromantic energies, his eyes narrow for a good moment. It's a form of magic he's never quite been a fan of, although this time it feels a bit different from all the other times before. Far be it from him to leave something that intrigues him before he learns what it is and how it works.

"Ghosts? Is that what you are?" He asks, a hint of amusment in his voice. "Is there more than one of you there?"

* * *

"Sometimes." Dead Girl replies, as her body goes a touch faded and she floats out of the water- hovering over it as if that were a perfectly normal thing to do. "I mean, ghosts often hang out around here. They like the ambience. That, and most of them have no where else to go. Mostly the ones who are still confused about being dead."

"I'm Dead Girl." she offers as she lands at the edge of the pool and takes off the cap. WIth that little trip into the astral she's wholly dried off. The water didn't follow her across the boundaries, it seems.

"Oooh. That's a neat staff. I like it- very wizardy." she offers as she approaches- bare feet padding against the stones around the reflecting pool. "And no, just one Dead Girl- though there are ghosts. Gotham is a hotbed for the dead."

* * *

"Yes, I suppose that's so, isn't it?" Merlin nods solemnly, gently stroking his beard as if deep in thought. "Spirits, or rather the ghosts of the dearly departed, do sometimes get confused by their non-corporeal states. The transition from solid to not…from life to after life, can be rather disconcerting, so I'm told." Not that he's experienced it, in his over 15 centuries of life.

"Dead Girl?" He raises an eyebrow. "Well, I suppose that is rather an apt name." His British accent is quite obvious. "Is that your preferred name? Although, I suppose if you've given it to me, that must be. Unless you'd rather a person not know another name you'd go by. But that is neither here nor there, since 'Dead Girl' is the name given." He smiles, seeming unphased, for the time being, by the fact that he's talking to a dead person who is he can somewhat see through.

"One way or another, it is nice to meet you, though I apologize for bothering you. It wasn't my intention, by any means." His ears wiggle a little bit. "I am Merlin." He responds. "And I am truly sorry for interrupting your swim. I hope I haven't bothered any other ghosts either. I'd hate to think I've been the bearer of unrest."

* * *

"I wouldn't worry about the ghosts. They're always bothered by something. It takes a certain obsession to remain after death." Dead Girl offers, "I try to help them move on, you know, but it's not always easy. Some of them are hundreds of years old, barely remember being alive. Sad, in a way." But, she shrugs.

"And yeah, Dead Girl is fine. That's what I go by." she explains with an easy smile- at least she's friendly! "Oh, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm not bothered. I just usually don't see people here at night- so, you know, thought I'd got for a swim before the pool freezes over."

"That's a nice name. I'm way into that Arthurian stuff. It's very cool."

* * *

"I'll attempt not to worry about them. I suppose unless they make themselves known, there's not much I can do, eh?" Merlin chuckles, tapping the side of his staff. "Oh, and thank you for noticing the staff. It is rather 'wizardy' isn't it? But then, maybe that's the point? It's here for a wizardy purpose."

He shakes his head sadly. "A shame, those ghosts that have a hard time remembering being alive. Although," He smiles again. "Clinging to life when one is no longer alive seems a bit silly, too. Might as well embrace one's non-life and make the most of it, eh?"

He glances to where Dead Girl was swimming. "Well, I suppose I can understand that. A nice swim before winter can do one good in life…or un-life, in your case, I suppose."

He lets out a little laugh. "You're into the 'Arthurian stuff', are you? Well," he chuckles again, "what if I were to tell you that I was the self same Merlin from the 'Arthurian stuff'?"

* * *

"Sure, why not!" Dead Girl offers to Merlin, "I mean, far be it from me to disbelieve you. You got the robe, the staff, the name- I'm a walking corpse- who am I to question that!" Dead Girl says with a friendly, welcoming smile. "So! Are you here for a reason? Out for a spooky walk?" she wonders, "Because I've sort of claimed the cemetery as not particularly a great place to do magic stuff. Nothing personal, it just seems everyone who comes here with a magic reason is up to no-good."

* * *

"I'm glad you believe me. Many these days seem to thing that the stories of myself and Arthur are, well, just that. Stories." Merlin shakes his head at the question. "No, I'm not here for any particular reason. I just like going for walks. I often go on a random walk and see where my feet guide me. I find I go on the most wondrous adventures by doing that." He explains.

"So, this evening my feet seemed to guide me to this cemetery. I honestly had no clue as to where I was headed through all the fog, but here I am, and here we are." He lightly taps the top of his staff and says, "Light be bright." It lights up, giving him a bit more visibility in the darkened day.

"I offer that I intend no harm with my magic. I am merely here to enjoy the night." He offers to her.

* * *

"Ooh. Fancy." Dead Girl says as she looks at the staff. Nodding to herself, "Well good! I'm glad to hear we've reached an agreement regarding magic in the cemetery. I had to chase some kids out the other day with a black cat, it was pretty bad. I mean, who wants to hurt a cute little kitty?!" Dead Girl asks.

Judging by the number of cats around her, it's clear she enjoys the company of cats.

"So, what's it like? Being Welsh, I mean."

* * *

"If I were to have a black cat, it would certainly be as a pet and not to perform some magical ritual." Merlin seems appalled at the idea. "No, you were right to chase them off."

"Welsh? Hmm. Not many people think to ask me that. But Wales is a beautiful place. There a many kind people there."

He tilts his head. "Might I ask how it is being dead?"

* * *

"I also kept the cat!" Dead Girl says proudly, "He's got lots of brothers and sisters now here in the graveyard!" She says, voice lilting with pride. "They're my babies."
"Oh, boring mostly." Dead Girl replies, "I don't sleep, or eat, or breath. Used to love having sex, not so much now. I mostly just sit and stare at the roof of my mausoleum and do things around town- you know, look out for people who need someone to look out for them."

"I help the ghosts. I've started like a group therapy session for them- sometimes they come, sometimes they don't." Dead Girl gives a shrug, "That's life, or death, as the case may be. Oh! And I tend to scare people who abuse other people. You know, really give them a fright- teach them that there *are* monsters out in the dark and they don't prey on naughty children- they prey on wicked adults."

* * *

"You did, did you? I'm sure he appreciated the new home! I've had one or two cats in my time. An owl, too." Merlin pauses and thinks for a moment. "In fact, I've had a few animals in my time. They make for good companions!" He says with a little smile. "I can tell you really care for the cats, which is a good sign."

He listens intently, nodding along with the words. "I suppose it takes some getting used to, doesn't it? Not being able to do the same things you did before? Especially what you enjoyed?" He says with a little frown. "But it seems you've made the most of it by helping others when you can."

He can't help but smile at at her comments about scaring people. "Well, you really do help, then. You do good in this world, frightening those who deserve it. I must say, you're doing the world a service by taking care of the wicked adults in the world. The world could use more like you, who help those preyed upon by the wicked."

* * *

"Yeah, well, someone's got to look out for them. The world forgets the people who are meek, sometimes. It allows the victims of murder and abuse to go unpunished. There are people who try, yeah, but I mean.. It's just important for someone to focus on kids and women and men who are being abused."

"Aaaanyways, I should probably get back to it." Dead Girl says with a smile. "It's late, and dark, and foggy.

* * *

Dead Girl says, "It's the perfect night to be a monster…" Dead Girl adds with a little grin- wiggling her fingers before she sinks right down into the earth, almost as if it wasn't there at all."

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