MUSH Rating

Common Descent MUSH is a game intended for adults, but the theme is generally rated PG-13. Occasionally, however, the rating may go so high as R for violence, language, and 'adult themes.'

Violence, crime, adult situations, references to drugs and prostitution, and occasional strong language may occur.

The administration is not, nor desires to be, your parents. We are expecting you to act like reasonable adults and keep this general rating in mind when out and about on the grid.

If TS happens, we do not want to know about it. We do not want it appearing in public spaces. We do not want it appearing on the wiki. Please, please, don't make us have an awkward conversation with you about this.

The age old 'fade to black' is a wonderful tool for handling extreme violence or sexual content, and we expect it to be used.

Additionally, where R-rated content appears in posted RP logs, we ask that it please be noted at the beginning of the log in the summary box so a reader can make an informed choice to continue reading.

Thank you!

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