Bullets and Black Hawks
IC Rumour: Bullets and Black Hawks
IC Details
IC Author: Rumor
Reach: Local
IC Date: January 06, 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen, NYC
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Late on the night of January 6th, residents of Hell's Kitchen report hearing automatic weapons fire near one of the many construction sites in the neighborhood. A burst here or there occasionally is nothing wildly out of the ordinary in the gang-wracked area, but this was long, sustained bursts of fire.

There are even some who say that a Black Hawk helicopter without any lights on briefly flew over the area, hovering over the site of the gunfire, and then departed again, heading out to sea. Generally, those people are discounted as conspiracy theorists and whacks — after all, if there had been a helicopter, wouldn't the whole area have heard it?

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Posted by Frank Castle on 08 Jan 2019 05:05.

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