Charity Dinner Targeted in Attack
IC Newspaper Article: Charity Dinner Targeted in Attack
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IC Author: Gotham presswriter
Source: Gotham Times
Reach: Local
IC Date: January 29, 2019
Location: Gotham
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A fund-raising dinner held as a capstone for a year-long charity drive by the UCC Group was targeted in an organized hostage attempt Sunday night. A police spokesperson confirmed that the situation was resolved with no major injuries and that they have 13 suspects in custody, with one suspect missing.

A witness recounted the attack as occurring suddenly during the end of the event, interrupting a keystone speech by Starrware Industries CEO Karen Starr. Starr, present on behalf of the charitable Starr Foundation organization, reportedly struggled with the attackers along with Gotham socialite Kate Kane. The attackers were armed with a mixture of firearms and unfamiliar advanced weaponry that apparently failed, another witness said.

A third witness described the attackers as "cult-like" and "quoting scripture about murder."

"We cannot comment on the ongoing criminal investigation," said UCC spokeswoman Margaret Lesauvage. "However, the UCC Group is pleased to confirm no serious injuries among our guests, whose donations helped finish an already successful year in charitable giving."

The UCC Group, formerly the Ultimate Computer Corporation, lists its 2018-2019 charity drive as benefiting urban renewal and social programs in Gotham as part of its decades-long relationship with the city. Starr, a former UCC Group employee, became involved in the drive late last year through the Starr Foundation, a nonprofit that distributes money to orphanages and school programs. Police and UCC spokespeople declined to speculate on connections between the charity and the hostage event. A spokesperson for Starr could not be reached.

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