Sentencing for IGH Financier
IC Newspaper Article: Sentencing for IGH Financier
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IC Author: Staff Contributor
Source: Daily Bugle
Reach: Local
IC Date: December 03, 2018
Location: NYC
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Donald Kaminsky, 47, is to be sentenced this week, in connection to various crimes ranging from money laundering to metahuman exploitation.

Kaminsky was the CFO of the R&D firm known as IGH, recently exposed for harvesting metahumans to develop a drug that would bestow temporary powers to those who use it.

He was convicted several months ago, and since then has been awaiting sentencing, though legal commentators pessimistically observe that judging from the trajectory of the case thus far, the punishment is unlikely to fit the crimes. The ongoing legal matter has been met with protests on each side, with some of the loudest voices expressing outrage that the proceedings have largely ignored the metahuman victims involved, and concentrated on fear rhetoric against the creation of mutates, and adding more unregistered powers to the streets.

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