Ossining Melee Suspects in Custody
IC Newspaper Article: Ossining Melee Suspects in Custody
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IC Author: Byron Wharton
Source: Daily Bugle
Reach: Local
IC Date: February 11, 2019
Location: Ossining, New York
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The Village of Ossining Police Department was the site of a spectacle this morning when a man alleged to have been involved in the violence that took place late last Friday evening was flown into custody by a member of the mutant vigilante strike force known as the X-Men. While the woman referred to herself as 'Phoenix', she has no known connection to the long-time X-Men and Excalibur member of the same name.

INSERT: side-by-side costumed photos of Jean Grey and Rachel Summers. Jean's photo is from the handover: her hair and sash are rippling on a breeze that may or may not have been there, and she is moderately ablaze as she descends from the sky with a robed man floating beside her.

Gardner is being held for questioning regarding his role in the metahuman brawl at Alternative Air Labs, as well as the rumored metahuman hate attack on Warren Worthington III believed to have preceded it. He's the twentieth individual to enter OPD custody in relation to the conflict since Sunday, when sixteen men and women in various states of injury were found on AAL's campus, and three more were found outside of the department's door late Sunday evening. Gardner is believed to have played a role in organizing the events leading up to the violence. While he and the other nineteen subjects have claimed to be the victims of religious persecution, automatic weapons and body armor, as well as symbols consistent with the Purifier movement were found on the scene.

"Daniel Gardner and his people are just one symptom of a society that's been plagued with blind fear and hate for generations, now. He and his followers abducted one of the finest men I've ever met out of a misguided belief that his mutant gift - the beautiful wings he's used in the service of anyone who needed him, since he was a young man - were a mark of sin and corruption," Phoenix said in a statement to the local press, following her handover of Gardner. "They used a saw to try and cut them from his body, and I don't have any doubts that they would have succeeded if the X-Men hadn't come when we did. What Daniel and his followers did was horrible, but it's nothing new; there's nothing novel about ignorance, and this brand of it is especially tired.

"The X-Men were there, the last time that the Purifiers felt empowered to terrorize our cities, our loved ones, our neighbors, our children, to honor their twisted idea of God. I called myself 'Marvel Girl' then, but nothing else has changed: we refused to stand by while they tortured innocent souls for sport, and we didn't rest until we were sure that they'd pay for their crimes. I have faith that Gardner will be occupying a cell near William Stryker's, once the law's run its course. Even though we're just a few weeks away from me and people like me being deemed unworthy of the same degree of privacy and freedom the rest of New York's citizens enjoy, I have faith in the law. All of us do; we have faith in the principles that this country was founded on, even fear tempts the country itself to forget them.

"I call myself 'Phoenix' now, because 'Marvel Girl' died saving her team— her family— from the Sentinels that were built to oppress us just a year before the idea of meta registration hit the table, but I still have faith. That's why Gardner and his Purifiers are here: I know, trust, and believe that they'll face the full force of the law, and I want Ossining and the rest of the world to know, trust, and believe that the X-Men won't rest until the last Purifier's been brought to justice— and the same goes for every other cruel, reactionary symptom of a group or individual lurking out there.

"The X-Men are here to fight for those who need us, and that means EVERYONE - human, meta, alien, or otherwise - whose lives would otherwise be diminished by hatred and fear, no matter what it costs us. Charles Xavier brought the X-Men together because he dreamed of a world too evolved to let those kinds of lines divide us; I can't speak for them, but I can promise that I'm ready to give my life for it, if that's what it takes."

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