The Ives of March
IC News Update: The Ives of March
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IC Author: Spencer "Spin" Shay
Source: AP Bulletin / LNN
Reach: National
IC Date: March 24, 2019
Location: Metropolis
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Professor Anthony Ives, formerly of Ivy University in Massachusetts, can now call Metropolis home. Sources indicate that at a quiet brunch meeting early Friday afternoon, Lex Luthor himself sat down with Professor Ives to discuss his potential future with a company like LexCorp.

Professor Ives was the Head of the Cellular and Structural Biology department at Ivy University. One can only assume that Lex Luthor's interest in the professor's work is based in the latest benefits rollout package of the esteemed privatized healthcare option offered by LexCorp to Metropolis residents: LexCare.

While no official statement has been made by LexCorp about this recent acquisition, a source did manage to get a quote from a LexCorp representative regarding LexCorp's move to add more talent to its already overflowing pool of great minds.

"Mr. Luthor understands what it means to be the best in the world at something. Which is why he even met with Professor Ives. As a company, we at LexCorp want to provide Metropolis, and the world really, with the very best in everything. We're looking forward to working closely with Professor Ives and championing a new future of discovery and longevity."

Perhaps unrelated, a generous donation of 1 million dollars was made to Ivy University late Friday afternoon along with the name and contact information for Dr. Sekon Best, another leading doctor in the field of Cellular Biology.

Dr. Sekon Best could not be reached for comment.

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Posted by Lex Luthor on 24 Mar 2019 11:59.

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