Attack on the Triskelion
IC TV Broadcast: Attack on the Triskelion
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Source: AP Bulletin
Reach: Local
IC Date: March 24, 2019
Location: NYC
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Midtown Manhattan - New York

[on screen, multiple cuts of shaky camera phone footage. The Triskelion surrounded by scarlet energy and green. The scarlet energy is shredding into the structure, disintegrating all it touches, assisted by periodic flashes of what looks like white lightning. The building starts to crumble. People offscreen shouting, yelling, "Oh my God, oh my God". Then, the green energy dissipates and the entire structure collapses.]

[Then, a sandy haired man behind a desk, looking stunned and serious.]

"Breaking news tonight. An attack on SHIELD headquarters, known as the Triskelion. The entire building has been destroyed as well as one of their new space crafts known as a helicarrier."

[A helicopter shot of the Upper Bay, a wreckage strewn about the water and crashed right into Liberty Island.]

"The mutant rights organization known as The Brotherhood has claimed responsibility for this attack, on the grounds that SHIELD had allegedly developed a virus fatal to mutants."

[The sandy haired man flips a paper.]

"SHIELD has offered no comment on the attack so far, however have confirmed multiple fatalities and injuries. Rescue crews are on the scenes."

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