Brotherhood Statement
IC News Update: Brotherhood Statement
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IC Author: Quicksilver
Source: AP Bulletin
Reach: Local
IC Date: March 24, 2019
Location: NYC
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(The Brotherhood releases a statement to the news media not long after the attack on the Triskelion. Quicksilver is the speaker, and he makes no effort to hide his features.)

We do not see the need for long speeches. The fact pattern is exceedingly simple:

When SHIELD conveniently devises a weapon which targets the mutant X-Gene, on the cusp of gaining access to a registry of all metahumans in New York State, we must act for the safety of our own kind.

(A vial is set down on a sheaf of collected research. The research is too technical for most laymen, but scientific minds would grasp that it is, in fact, research on a substance clearly deleterious to the mutant X-Gene on mere contact: Terrigen.)

This was found in the heart of SHIELD. It can be easily aerosolized, and release would have been fatal to any individual with a mutant gene.

(The vial disappears; the research remains on-screen.)

If you are a mutant — your children are now safer from mass murder than they were yesterday.

If you are not — walk with caution when you choose to do us harm. We are watching.

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Posted by Quicksilver on 25 Mar 2019 00:46.

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