Registration Enforcement Escalates
IC Newspaper Article: Registration Enforcement Escalates
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Source: The Daily Bugle
Reach: Local
IC Date: April 01, 2019
Location: NYC
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Violence erupted on multiple fronts over the weekend and on Monday morning, as an enforcement operation by the newly-formed NY Department of Public Safety in District X (colloquially known as Mutant Town) turned deadly, and the subsequent press conference held by the NY DPS similarly devolved.

It is reported that during the Mutant Town operation, Captain Marvel of SHIELD fired upon a young mutant girl who was allegedly impersonating a Brotherhood terrorist. In the ensuing chaos, several DPS agents and mutant denizens were killed. It is not known if the mutant girl survived.

Afterwards, Director Amon Bell, of the NY DPS, held a press conference Monday morning to speak on the progress of registration thus far. The Director also went on record as saying he would have "done the same as Captain Marvel," which incited a riot among the already-restive protestors present.

The riot was swiftly quelled by the deployment of five Sentinels.

Heretofore a classified project developed by the military contractor Trask Industries, it seems that the Sentinel — a humanoid robotic platform designed for the management of hostile metahumans — will become a major part of the NY DPS's enforcement arsenal.

(OOC: Logs: When They Came for Mutant Town and Rise of the Machines)

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