Avengers Stance on the SRA
IC TV Broadcast: Avengers Stance on the SRA
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Source: AP Bulletin
Reach: International
IC Date: April 20, 2019
Location: nyc
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This speech is delivered by Captain America, who has held a press conference at the Avengers Mansion. For obvious reasons, most newsgroups cover this nationally and quite a few internationally. While clad in his superhero outfit, Rogers is seen without his helm so his countenance can be seen clearly as he speaks.

"Greetings people of New York, the United States, and the World. I am Steve Rogers, Captain America, member of good standing within the superhero team of some of the World's Greatest Heroes, the Avengers. I wish that title would fill you with hope and encouragement, that there are those that want to make the world a better place. However, I know that during this time, there are those that it would cause sadness, fear, and even anger or hate."

"When superheroes came into this world, there was a sense of wonder and awe, as if they were gods. Chosen champions against the wrongs of the world. This unchecked trust was not deserved. While talents and gifts are to be respected, there is often a catch, and always a responsibility. Now, we are living in a time where we are forced to understand the full ramifications of a nation filled with metahumans, talented geniuses, and beings from other worlds. Things aren't as simple as they used to be and we must adapt."

"In light of New York's most recent extra-planar attack and the tragic events of Hell's Kitchen, we learned that power needs responsibility and there are those that would cite occasions where superheroes have 'dropped the ball' or where those with possibly dangerous gifts have been at risk of hurting themselves and others. Battles with the Hulk and Juggernaut, various mutant groups, and even situations in Gotham leave one question: how does the government interact with superheroes? That is a difficult question. One that is hard to answer. Yet during this struggle, one must remember that the American Constitution has allowed states the ability to pass their own laws until they are found by the Federal government as unconstitutional. The state of New York has done just that."

"It will be months, if not years, before the judicial process for these laws settle. In the wake of that, the Avengers have considered the official stance, understanding that we have fought governments and individuals that have endangered personal liberty and sought to use and abuse the abilities of others for selfish gain. However, until it is shown that the Registration Act is immoral, the Avengers will work with the state of New York to ensure the appropriate implementation of the act. While the actions of the DPS in Mutant Town was regrettable and could have been handled more gracefully, we still believe in the importance of supporting local law whenever ethically possible. If superheroes defend the law, they must weigh carefully the idea only certain laws apply to them at any given time. We will work not only with the government to ensure that attacks on SHIELD do not occur again, but also for the people who are required to register that they are protected from any that would prey upon them or unjust attempts to villainize. While we understand and encourage personal views from the Avengers on the issue, all members will be registered or asked to take a temporary leave of absence."

"I will be offering my own personal thoughts soon, but know that they do not speak to the Avengers as a whole. Also be aware that regardless of what the American government chooses to do moving forward, the Earth's Greatest Heroes will always seek to protect the innocent and ensure everyone has a better tomorrow. Thank you for your time and know that the Avengers are here if you have thoughts, questions, or concerns."

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Posted by Captain America on 21 Apr 2019 06:25.

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