Cap Pushes Delay for SRA
IC Newspaper Article: Cap Pushes Delay for SRA
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Source: Daily Bugle
Reach: Local
IC Date: April 20, 2019
Location: nyc
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Captain America appears shortly after the words given at the Avengers HQ, this time speaking at Prospect Park. The speech while covered in various local news in full, soon appears in the paper the following day:

"Greetings to all who may be watching. While I normally speak to you all on the hope that is within the human spirit and the American Dream, I understand that I have a moral imperative to speak to the American people. People have asked me repeatedly to voice my personal opinions on the Superhero Registration Act, hoping that I would be able to unify the nation at best or at least validate their side. I wish I could have the simple answer in which to settle the matter, but I know that such is far beyond my ability."

"That said, however, I know that there are many great minds out there. I know there are some that are wrestling with the legal ramifications of this law, preparing for a case with the expectation that it will go to the Supreme Court. Still others voice their concerns for mutantkind, understanding that they are both more powerful than humans in some regards yet have little political representation. Still others speak of the inherent risk that comes when those with great superpowers are left to their own devices, free from responsibility to the government. To dismiss any of these voices would be to our own folly. To act as if we knew and understood every viewpoint intrinsically would be foolish."

"Instead, I feel that we must have a committee that is formed; one that has both legislative, legal, and activist viewpoints coming together as one. Instead of arguing against one another, I feel the true answer will come when we work together to address the problems plaguing our nation. The right answer will take time to formulate and the law in New York was made in hasty desperation. That said, I am hopefully that people will not only work to reach across the aisle to encourage understanding, but also demonstrate compassion and mercy to one another as we move through these troubled times. It is not a time to give into fear, but move into the future with a calm boldness. We must understand we must all stand together: Earthling or alien, mutant or human."

"As I await with the hopes and prayers that the state of New York and perhaps America as a whole will take this intentionally thoughtful and respectful approach, I understand that the law must be obeyed in the short term. As Captain America, I understand that the state of New York is currently acting within its rights and I will defend those rights as I have sworn to do. That stated, I hope that the state of New York will heed my advice and that the US government will halt any national legislation on Registration until the matter can be fully explored, allowing New York ample time to not only test, but more importantly refine its legal policy on this matter to ensure God given individual rights are respected."

"During this time, I will be reaching out to various people and organizations with the hope of drawing attention to the various sides of the issue, granting respect and decency to those that deserve it. As always, I am hopeful for the future and have faith in the American people. Thank you all for your time."

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Posted by Captain America on 21 Apr 2019 06:37.

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