IC Internet Post: #registereveryone
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Reach: International
IC Date: March 28, 2019
Location: nyc
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News article, current events.

In the news, registration continues to be an ongoing hot topic. Most recently amidst the ongoing special policing efforts, a large group of people voluntarily gathered to register themselves! Good for them! The group was SO large however that it overwhelmed the facilities provided for this effort in the district.

Led by a hero by the name of Clover, this group felt that they wished to step forward and register en masse, and were entirely polite and peaceful in their efforts. The area was forced to pull from other districts in order to process the group. Systems are still trying to collate the gathered data and deal with the logistics of there being so many more heroes in the New York area than originally thought.

Online forums are linking this to the group #registereveryone, whose goals are to render the system useless by having literally everyone on earth registered, making it essentially just another meaningless data group. However, with no real evidence, this is being taken as a nonhostile group and treated with courtesy and discretion. Police have not become involved. Let's keep it clean, folks!

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Posted by Secret on 21 Apr 2019 20:42.

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