"Come Together." -- Lex Luthor
IC TV Broadcast: "Come Together." — Lex Luthor
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Source: AP Bulletin
Reach: National
IC Date: April 22, 2019
Location: Metropolis
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Lex Luthor stands in front of the spectacular visage that is LexCorp Tower to give this statement. A statement that, undoubtedly, will circulate through the various press and media outlets. Especially those owned by LexCorp.

"My friends. My people. We are at a crossroads. At a time when there's an opportunity for our fears and worries could do us more harm than ever before, I seek to offer my support and my guidance to help usher the world into this new day. I refuse to stand idly by while the ramifications of choices made by others could have a potentially devastating ripple effect throughout our entire world."

"I stand here before you today to say that I, Lex Luthor, do not believe that this Superhero Registration Act is as cut and dry as it may seem. I do not believe that it is intended to do more than protect those that are on the list as well as those of us that may be caught in the crossfire of any of the strange occurrences that may befall our cities. Metropolis, Gotham, New York, Chicago, Central City… we are all searching for the right path in these interesting times. And I believe that no one person has all of the answers. There is no single option that will make everything that has happened be alright. There is no single choice that anyone can make that will provide all of the answers. We can only come together, work with each other and decide exactly how the future will play out. What's next for all of us in this Brave New World?"

"I stand by the sentiment of one of our nation's greatest champions, Captain America and I support his suggestion for taking this opportunity to form a committee and talk these changes in our world over with each other. I stand here today to extend my hand to all those that feel a discussion is in order. I offer my offices here, at LexCorp Tower, as a safe and neutral location for us to meet and discuss this Superhero Registration Act and everything that surrounds it. The good, the bad, the complicated. I offer my impartial judgement as a mediator to ensure that everyone has a chance to allow their opinion to be heard. As a man that has no dog in this race, I only want what is best for nations all across the world. Including ours."

"Our differences are what make us unique. Whether that be blonde hair, no hair or the proportionate abilities of a shark, these are the differences that will allow us to bring this topic to a discourse and thus put us on a road to a decisive victory as opposed to tearing our world apart at the seams. We can do this. We can do anything. We just have to do it… Together."

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