Aegis Foundation Announced
IC Newspaper Article: Aegis Foundation Announced
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IC Author: Staff Contributor
Source: Daily Bugle
Reach: Local
IC Date: December 27, 2018
Location: New York City
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At a press conference held early on Friday morning, Warren Worthington, head of Worthington Industries, and Alison Blaire, better known by her stage name 'Dazzler,' announced a joint endeavor to establish and endow a new private foundation. The initial mission of this foundation is stated to be outreach towards young metahumans, and grant assistance for metahuman health and educational services.

"Understanding is the first step towards coexistence," said Mr. Worthington and Ms. Blaire, "and education is the first step towards understanding. So we were told, anyway, by a man who was a great mentor to us both. Our hope for the Aegis Foundation is that it can assist us all in taking these first steps."

Neither made any comment in response to inquiries regarding whether they would enter politics, or take any position regarding the Metahuman Registration and Public Safety Act, at this time.

This announcement comes on the heels of both Mr. Worthington and Ms. Blaire's status as mutants becoming public knowledge, with deleterious effects on both of their images.

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