Supergirl - Against Registration
IC Internet Post: Supergirl - Against Registration
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IC Date: April 21, 2019
Location: nyc
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Internet news sites start sharing a video on their 'front pages' and TV news starts to broadcast in part or in full the video below. A video of Supergirl in her commonly seen outfit:

As the camera starts recording it shows Supergirl standing and looking off a bit beyond the camera, wind causing her cape to lightly flutter and her hair to do the same. She has her hands on her hips, and the Statue of Liberty is behind her.

"From the very beginning of the Registration act, I have made my voice clear. I feared that injustice would be done to the innocents targeted by this law. Their information was stolen, their lives have been impacted, some have been attacked. None of this is new for those who are different, they have always been asked to wait while everyone else becomes comfortable with their differences and history repeats its injustice while good men and women guard their eyes."

There's a moment where she takes in a deep breath, and lets it out slowly, "The brave must stand against the tide of fear and anger. They must take the relentless beating and hold the waters back, to defend the spaces where hope can live. Hope is fragile, and if it is not defended at every turn, it will be lost. All too often, those who cannot defend themselves rush out to protect others not because they are the strongest, nor the bravest, it is because the goodness within their hearts will allow them to do nothing else."

Swallowing hard, she continues, "Like many, I am not from New York. Like many, I have lost friends and family to ignorance. My story is not unique, like all of you, I am a person. And we have a choice to make. How will we see people? By what divides us, or by what brings us together?"

Pointing back toward the Statue of Liberty, "This was made by the French, as a gift, to honor the protection of Liberty that America stands for, to show a welcoming sight for any who came to this land, no matter their origins. To feel like here, it was not difference that defined each of us, but our shared struggle to do the right thing that brought us together. We have made criminals out of those who have done no wrong just because they are considered different. We prove to them, every day this Act stays in force, that the enemies of liberty and justice have been right all along. All any person wishes is to be able to live with grace and dignity, untargeted, and without fear of persecution."

Shaking her head, Supergirl clenches her fists and closes her eyes, slowly opening them, as she looks at the camera directly, "Join the path of justice, make the Registration Act voluntary, give support to those in need, to allow each person to learn to use their abilities to best aid everyone. Make friends of those from another place, welcome difference to make us all stronger. Be brave against the growing tide of ignorance and fear. For once, delay the enforcement until it is fair and just, instead of hoping someday it will be."

As she stands there she walks closer to the camera, "I am tired of hiding. Somehow thinking that will keep people safe. I am tired of asking those who cannot hide to be the targets we all stand behind. If you are going to target anyone, target me. My name is not Supergirl. It is Kara Zor-El of the House of El. Daughter of Zor-El and Alura. Protector of those spaces that offer hope instead of fear."

A small pause as her tone turns soft, her expression slightly distraught but with open clear eyes, "It is easy to follow orders, it is easy to obey an unjust law, and I wish I was not asking all of you to do such a hard thing. Those who can stand up, those of you who have already given so much, I ask of you to stand up, one more time, against the waters so that we do not all drown. I am filled with hope each day by the regularity of those willing to reach out and help another without asking where they are from, or what they can do. I will not stop opposing injustice, I will not stop defending those who have done no wrong. And I will not hide."

The video then closes, and on many sites the comments and shares are already starting to pour in.

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Posted by Supergirl on 23 Apr 2019 04:39.

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