Terrorist Leaders Arrested
IC Newspaper Article: Terrorist Leaders Arrested
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IC Author: Juniper Lee
Source: AP Bulletin
Reach: International
IC Date: June 21, 2019
Location: Wakanda / Niganda Border
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NIGANDA (AP) - A pair of perpetrators have been arrested in conjunction with aggressive actions and crimes against the Democratic Republic of Niganda.

Tetu, a Wakandan extremist seeking a better Wakanda and Zenzi, a leader in the Nigandan Army, were both taken into custody last night after officials discovered evidence of their treachery and collusion.

Reports indicate that both Tetu and Zenzi collaborated on a joint effort to destroy the peace between Niganda and Wakanda for reasons that have yet to be discovered. Investigations into their motives is ongoing.

This rebel cell of extremists are currently being held somewhere along the Wakanda/Niganda border and will be transported to a more secure facility to await their trial.

While these arrests have eased the civil unrest a bit, tensions remain high in this now volatile climate.

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