Best Yacht of the Year!
IC Internet Post: Best Yacht of the Year!
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IC Date: June 27, 2019
Location: Madrid, Spain
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The press release begins popping up on numerous luxury lifestyle sites, especially those for the yachting community.


Frost International's S/Y Sea Diamond Receives Accolades

Frost International is pleased to announce that its 2019 offering from its Atlantic shipyard, the S/Y Sea Diamond, won the highest award at the International Superyachters Association Annual Luxury Sailing Gala Awards in Madrid this week.

Praised for its elegant interior design and engine room innovations, a pillar of the Frost International brand, the S/Y Sea Diamond won Best Sailing Yacht 60 Meters and Above, and Best Yacht of the Year.

At 102.8m, the Sea Diamond boasts the world's largest glass facade among yachts, while still maintaining an Art Deco aesthetic that provides an enviably classic sensibility. Etched windows and sumptuous interior cabin design made the ship a favorite among this year's panel of judges.

COO Richard Lark was present to receive the award, and spoke briefly on the unwavering dedication of CEO Emma Frost in leading the company in her edict of unparalleled excellence in technology and design in its luxury transportation brands. "But most of all," he concluded, "I thank the engineers and crew who refused to compromise on quality and made fantasy and luxury tangible, and the owners who came to us with nothing but an insatiable desire for the best and trusted us to deliver. They are the real recipients of this prestigious award."

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Posted by Emma Frost on 07 Jul 2019 13:45.

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