Spider-Man: Idiot, Menace, or Both?
IC Newspaper Article: Spider-Man: Idiot, Menace, or Both?
IC Details
IC Author: Staff Reporter
Source: Daily Bugle
Reach: Local
IC Date: September 15, 2019
Location: New York City, NY
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Late Friday night, the masked terror known as Spider-Man aided four of his fellow criminals in the robbery of a jewelry store heist in Tribeca.

Three of those criminals were apprehended at the scene by registered metahuman and self-made superhero Jessica Jones in conjunction with the NYPD, but Spider-Man and one of the new faces narrowly escaped. One of the hostages was killed in the early minutes of the encounter, but the rest escaped unharmed thanks to Jones's timely arrival.

Spider-Man was seen trying to escape with a cash register, but hit one of his accomplices instead. When he discovered the register was empty, he fled the scene.

Charles Browster, 27; Cherise Amhearst, 35; and Chester Holcomb, 52; are half-siblings are now in custody at the Raft and all face numerous charges as a result of the incident. They have lengthy criminal records spanning a decade outside of New York. However, it wasn't until Friday evening that their status as mutants was made known after they were tested under the new MRPSA regulations.

OOC Notes: OOC: This is a follow-up to the scene found here: http://commondescentmush.com/log:989. Follow-up should be directed to Ursa via +request.

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