New Power Couple?
IC Internet Post: New Power Couple?
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IC Author: Staff Reporter
Reach: Local
IC Date: October 01, 2019
Location: Metropolis
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Several grainy photos of Lex Luthor outside of the Cartouche Hotel, with Emma Frost on his arm, end up on the front page of one of the local Metropolis scandal blogs with the headline screaming in all caps.

The article itself is light on content, but they have a few more stolen photos of the dressed up couple with Emma in her signature big lens glasses and Lex Luthor's private security lurking in the background as he helps her into the backseat of a dark sedan.

Following the near-tragedy of the freak meteorfall over Metropolis, Lex Luthor was caught emerging from the Cartouche hotel with Frost International CEO, Emma Frost, over the weekend. Sources close to Luthor say that the whirlwind real estate deal was struck hours before the private meeting which left hotel guests locked out of the Michelin-rated dining room Saturday morning.

With Frost International's recent appearance on the Metropolis tech scene, does this mean there's a business partnership in the future… or that romance is in the air?

OOC Notes: OOC: The scandal circuit is making trouble again! This is based on the events of

Posted by Emma Frost on 03 Oct 2019 01:11.

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