Worthington and Blaire Found Dead
IC Newspaper Article: Worthington and Blaire Found Dead
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IC Author: Staff Reporter
Source: Daily Bugle
Reach: Local
IC Date: October 21, 2019
Location: New York City
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Warren Worthington III and Alison Blaire have been found dead in the former's Upper East Side apartment, in an apparent murder-suicide.

The bodies were found at about 10:30 PM by Worthington's personal assistant.

The circumstances leading up to this are not yet clear, and police are conducting a thorough investigation. Evidence thus far suggests that Worthington fatally shot Blaire, before turning the gun on himself.

It is speculated that this tragedy resulted from Worthington's reported increased mental instability after the recent amputation of his wings, and the subsequent reveal that there will be an upcoming vote by the board of Worthington Industries to remove him from control and declare him unfit to lead the company.

More uncertain is why Worthington elected to kill Blaire along with himself. It has been known for some time that the two were engaged in a high-profile relationship, but there have been no indications of strife.

Alison Blaire, better known as 'the Dazzler,' suffered a career-ending backlash when her mutant nature was revealed violently at a concert, resulting in the light burns of a significant number of attendees. Her career never recovered. Staunch Dazzler fans are shocked and saddened that their idol has met an end in such senseless violence.

OOC Notes: http://commondescentmush.com/log:1088. Inquiries to Warren and Ali.

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