Fish Crisis
IC Newspaper Article: Fish Crisis
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IC Author: Staff Reporter
Source: Daily Planet
Reach: Local
IC Date: October 24, 2019
Location: Delaware
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Delaware's local fisherman have been complaining of a strange recent development: their lines are empty.

Although weakfish, Delaware's state fish, are commonly plentiful at this time of year with commercial vessels bringing in up to 100 lbs of the fish daily, the Division of Fish & Wildlife has demanded that local fisherman travel elsewhere to find it - as well as other key harvests - as fish populations have plummeted mysteriously over the last two weeks.

Of course, this is not without complication. Many smaller fishing boats that have relied on the local fish populations don't have all of the necessary equipment - or permits - for out-of-state operations.

"We work hard," said Al Cutlipp, skipper of one such boat. "It's time that the state works hard for us and find out what's happening to the fish."

Delaware citizens can expect the prices for seafood to skyrocket as local stock depletes and more is shipped in from out-of-state.

Maybe now would be a good time to try the chicken?

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Posted by Emma Frost on 24 Oct 2019 21:48.

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