The Punchline Closes Its Doors
IC Newspaper Article: The Punchline Closes Its Doors
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IC Author: Staff Reporter
Source: Gotham Times
Reach: Local
IC Date: November 09, 2019
Location: Gotham
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It’s not unusual for new businesses to not survive their year of operations, but few make as big a splash as popular nightclub “The Punchline” did in its opening weeks. Gotham favorites Bruce Wayne and Katherine Kane, along with other notable celebrities, made their appearance on opening night and throughout the restored club’s short return to glory.

With its speakeasy feel and quirky entertainment offerings that focused on local Gotham talent, it seemed a recipe for success.

Club owner Lena Zelle made a swift name for herself, too, among the Gotham business and entertainment communities, even going so far as to hosting the kickoff campaign event for Gotham mayoral candidate Lincoln March.

After a pair of feral dogs attacked attendees at a show in September, however, authorities closed the doors and management has been unable to reopen for business. One man was hospitalized and has begun proceedings for a civil suit, although his lawyer has admitted that there have been significant issues in getting the case to trial. Zelle, once the party darling and It Girl of the Punchline scene, was not available for comment at the time of this article.

Investors interested in purchasing the property should contact Mark Haynes at Gotham Prime Realty.

OOC Notes: This is part of the ongoing The Real Punchline plot, and anyone with questions or legwork requests should contact Harley Quinn or the Joker!

Posted by Harley Quinn on 09 Nov 2019 12:13.

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