Monster in the city? Or just lights haywire
IC Internet Post: Monster in the city? Or just lights haywire
IC Details
IC Author: Bob, the journalistic youtuber
Source: Civilians and reports
Reach: Local
IC Date: January 03, 2020
Location: Gotham and New York
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Associated Plotlines

Music plays for a moment with a cheesy logo popping up on the screen before Bob, a semi known news youtuber pops onto the screen

"Ladies and gentlemen, I asked a couple of days ago to share weird and wacky things that you've seen, and dang, do they get weird. Lets take a look at some of the clips." he says as the screen divides in half to show him and the clips.

The first is a fire truck being driven recklessly through Gotham with clowns driving it. The interesting part of that statement is some big black monster ripping the roof of it off with its hands like its candy. The fire truck swerves around the corner as an ethereal wail fills the air.

"Oh wow, normally, I would think something like this was photoshopped, but if you check the date of the video, and reports. There was a bombing in Gotham not to long ago." Bob mentions as he continues on to the next video.

The next video is actually from a court case where two thugs are protesting that they were attacked by a giant black cat thing outside of a bar.

"Coincidence! I think not!" Bob says excitedly as he quickly moves on to the next video.

This one shows a food truck shaking back in forth with Impulse open-mouthed staring inside while trying to reassure people that everything is fine. Lights are flickering frantically in this video, but one can catch a glimpse of purple whispy lights inside of the truck before it stops moving.

"Look!" Bob says as he pauses the video to look at the grainy purple lights "Something was in that truck, this is in Gotham by the way, the next is in New York." he states, the next video already starting to play as he takes a sip of his double cream latte.

This video shows two thugs beating up some poor dude in the park under a lone light. The camera catches off in the distance a giant of a man walking with a really short ball of clothing that waves good bye and walks off. The thug stops briefly to look into the camera, talking crap about this is what happens to mutants. Then the lights start to flicker before a monster with purple lights blurs into view, smashing the dude still beating up the poor supposed mutant. That guy goes flying, his friend in front of the camera turns around to be slammed by the blurred image. The image stops blurring to show a giant cat skull with floating purple lights where it should have eyes screaming an ethereal wail at who ever is holding the camera. The thing disappears in the next light flicker like it was gone the entire time. The guy holding the camera drops it, showing some tumbling before it finally hits the ground. Showing the guy holding the camera sitting on the ground, soiling himself and paralyzed in fear.

Bob takes another drink "This could be faked, as this is in New York, but I'm not so sure, with all of this weird stuff happening. Something, somewhere, is out there. Is it real? Is it fake? Who really knows, but those who've seen it say its real according to people on some forums I read, links down in the description. At any case, I can say take care when your walking and the lights start flickering, it could be after you next…if you liked this video and enjoyed the news, like and subscribe for more! have a great day, Bob signing off." he says as the video ends with video suggestions and a robotic voice saying that they should subscribe to him.

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