Buzz Around MDMW 2020 Conference
IC Newspaper Article: Buzz Around MDMW 2020 Conference
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There are numerous tech and medical internet outlets reporting on the annual MDMW conference, which features a wide variety of topics pertaining to the medical technology field. On its conference website, for example, on finds articles such as:


The annual MDMW Conference is often considered to be the conference that will set the tone for the coming year's innovations. This year's conference, held from January 13-16, will likely prove to be no exception.

Of particular interest were several panel discussions about rapid prototyping in the medical field and innovations made possible by advances in 3D printing.

Renowned American prototyper and neurotech specialist Jim Frankowski was supposed to be delivering the opening keynote about the need for more fundamental change in the laws and philosophy around medical prototyping. But a last minute switch in the schedule meant that up-and-comer Alice Dawson—executive director of the non-profit MedCares, which focuses on increasing access to new medical procedures for the economically disadvantaged—was able to speak instead around the need for creative solutions that will keep US firms on the cutting edge of medical technology solutions without making Americans bear the brunt of that development.

Recordings of this year's keynotes and workshops are available to attendees, or by purchasing an access key here:…

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