Localized "Earthquake" injuries dozens in Gotham
IC TV Broadcast: Localized "Earthquake" injuries dozens in Gotham
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IC Author: A Journalist
Source: An Eyewitness
Reach: Local
IC Date: February 05, 2020
Location: Gotham
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Several dozen people have been found injured in a warehouse that collapsed on the docks this evening. Police on scene said it appeared to be some kind of localized earthquake, possibly connected to an underground fight that was allegedly taking place at the location.

Regardless of the reason why about fifty people have been brought to the hospital, some in critical condition. Witnesses to the event said the warehouse started to shake before it collapsed in on itself- one witness claiming they saw a missile come striking down on the roof.

First responders, however, have not verified such claims. If you know anything, please call our studio at the number listed below.

OOC Notes: Contact Crush if you're curious, also see the 'Punch Club' cutscenes!

Posted by Crush on 05 Feb 2020 20:02.

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