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IC Author: Asma Rahimi
Source: Daily Bugle
Reach: Local
IC Date: February 13, 2020
Location: New York City, NY
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Late afternoon on Wednesday on the Upper East Side a series of apartments were serenaded by a completely unplanned and unexpected heavy metal concert by several northern European heavy metal bands.

A crowd in excess of a thousand had shown up for the event, most in Norse viking costumes apparently in order to summon famous Avenger Thor.

Thor himself, along with long-time ally and SHIELD agent Peggy Carter, attended the event and there are eye witness accounts that the outdoor event goers pledged fealty to the God of Thunder in a rebirth of what some call Norse Paganism.

The authorities arrived following a plethora of complaints by local residents. Officer Neil Vitt stated, "This concert was not approved by the city. There were no permits authorized and a great number of individuals are armed with illegal weapons."

Before the NYPD had to escalate the situation to break up the crowd, however, Thor and Carter persuaded the metal caravan to move into Central Park where currently they have made an encampment at the Alice in Wonderland exhibit and still remain as of Thursday evening. The office of the mayor made only a brisk statement, stating that their official stance is to let the winter weather force them to break camp and leave. Authorities suggest avoiding the encampment and continue to monitor the area.

A spokesperson for the Viking rally, Gunnr Henrikson, had this to say,

"For too long our faith has been trampled under the heel of the Church and Kings! Our God lives! He again defends Midgard against its foes and He again shows us the path to Valhalla! Sons and Daughters of the North, join us as we once again follow the Odinson as we did in the old times!"

More as it develops.

Posted by Carol Danvers on 17 Feb 2020 15:02.

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