Hellraisers Attack Christmas Ball
IC Newspaper Article: Hellraisers Attack Christmas Ball
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IC Author: Staff Reporter
Source: Daily Bugle
Reach: Local
IC Date: December 19, 2018
Location: NYC
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Chaos reigned at Councilman Harold Jennings' Christmas Ball on Tuesday when about thirty members of the Hell's Kitchen gang known as the Hellraisers attacked guests and staff at Chelsea Piers. While neither NYPD nor the Councilman's office has released a statement, witness accounts from guests and venue staff from inside the party report that the Hellraisers were easily identified by the demon skulls and bones they use as body armor.

The party—which was well attended by well-known community members and celebrities from Gotham and New York City—was expected to be Councilman Jennings' first major public event. The Councilman has had a wide spread of celebrities in attendance from across the Tri-Cities: world famous illusionist and stage magician Zatanna Zatara, Tim and Richard Wayne of the Gotham Waynes, Warren Worthington III of Worthington Industries and recently registered mutant, and alien royalty Koriand'r. The most surprising of these attendees was Tony Stark.

Of the nearly one-hundred fifty guests, 28 are dead, 15 more are missing, and another two dozen were seriously injured by the Hellraisers' attack. It is believed that those missing were part of the dismembered remains that were found in the gallery. Mutilation is a new characteristic of the Hellraisers, as is the obvious transhuman changes that some of the gang-members underwent.

Guests at the party report that the tragedy could have been much worse is not for the helpful intervention of some of the party's attendees as well as notable arrivals of Midtown vigilantes and heroes. Witnesses report seeing Daredevil arrive soon after the chaos broke out, and even Tony Stark lent a hand in stopping the terror inside the venue. Some accounts are contradictory—from spotting Batman to the Hell's Kitchen Punisher to aliens. While none of the guests came back with obvious narcotics in their systems, some of their accounts suggest that there may have been hallucinogens involved.

The Chelsea Piers have been closed until further notice while investigations are ongoing. It is unsure when the docks will be repaired enough to return to normal operation.

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